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Old 08-29-2015, 03:57 PM #1
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Russian Legion Shocker

I've been out of the game for at least ten years, and I'm a stranger to today's guns. A few buddies and I are trying to get back in to playing, rec ball once a month or so. I've had my eye on a few different guns in the $500 range (give or take a hundo) and happened upon a beautiful green Russian Legion Shocker being sold locally on craigslist for $500.

My question, i guess, is are these shockers still viable and competitive vs. something like an Etek 5? Are there still parts if it goes down? I don't need top of the line, and damn is that RL a pretty gun, but I don't want a $500 mistake either if something newer is THAT much better.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Old 08-29-2015, 08:27 PM #2
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How comfortable would you be taking it apart and lubing/changing o'rings? 'cause there are other markers with less intensive maintenance schedules that can perform just as well.

That being said, shockers are plenty competitive but have older style ergonomics (not necessarily a bad thing) and are a bit more temperamental than most newer markers in the same price range. There are still parts, but most major retailers will seldom sell enough parts (variety) to get all that you need in a single place, you have to know where to look to get some of them. If you're keeping it stock (which I pray you do), then all you need are o'ring kits and maybe an eye kit and detents, which are decently easy to find compared with other older markers.

Shockers are a good "look at me, I have at least half a brain and can perform regular maintenance" marker that can still hang with the best of them on the field. There are also "ay ay ay, what's this button for?" (bonus points if you know what 90's song that's from) markers that will go bang every time you pull the trigger and perform fairly close to a shocker regardless of how you treat it... until you neglect it enough that it suffers catastrophic failure and you have a paperweight that you need to send in to the manufacturer for warranty repairs (seems to be the more popular MO).

My advice is:
"If you like older tech and tinkering, the shocker is for you (along with 'cockers, gen3 timmies, ions, older angels, older matrices and automags). If you want a plug and play marker, look elsewhere (Axe, recent BL, recent PE Geo or Ego, JT impulse come to mind as simpler, similarly priced markers that will give the shocker a run for its money in most areas)."

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Old 08-29-2015, 09:55 PM #3
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Love the shockers and when they work they're Amazin .. When they're down its wtf lol.. If you're looking for a marker I have a new one used 2 games drone dx . Was 500 when I bought it . Was using it as my back up for the luxe now I have a rsx so I don't need it . Will give you a hell of a deal if you're looking for a new marker and it does shoot ropes and one of the quiteist marker I've seen low priced with no recoil just contact me 321-420-2801 will ship for free
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Old 08-29-2015, 11:17 PM #4
proud gmax owner!!!
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To be honest there really hasn't been any huge advancements in paintball gun tech since around 2005. A shocker is as competetive any other marker now as it was in 2003 but now we have lurker eigenbolts! Parts aren't super hard to find especially on the used market. And like taxplosion said maintenance is the key with shockers if you can handle that then you'll be very happy with that. But I'd try talking him down a little from $500 that's kind of on the high end of RL price range.
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Old 08-30-2015, 10:29 PM #5
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Thank you all for your input, and well thought out answers to my question. I come from the era when the Angel was just coming to market, and electronic markers were a strange sight on the field. Tinkering with autocockers was a regular thing for me way back when, so proper preventative maintenance isn't something strange to me.

I've offered the guy $350 for the RL Shocker, mostly because I love the look of it. If he doesn't meet me half way, I'll walk. I've seen a few Ego 11s and Geos on the used market that look nice, so I'll probably try and get my hands on a few different markers and see what's most comfortable.

Thanks again for your input.
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Old 09-03-2015, 05:05 PM #6
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lots of people want bang for their buck but the private label shockers are collectors items in my opinion. of course they shoot great and can compete today, but their rarity is part of the price!
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