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Old 04-07-2009, 02:10 AM #1
Timmy Clan ExPresident
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: new hampshire
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Timmy Clan v.75 - burnin up threads like AIG burns bail out money

This is a club for timmy owners, past and present. We get together on here to talk about our timmys, our timmy problems and other some what related subjects.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO BST- This includes old bst threads, other peoples threads, ebay links, or links to other forums. NO Exceptions

2. To become a member you must be able to prove you are a timmy owner and timmy clan worthy. You can post three or more pictures of the same timmy, or one picture with your username shown on a piece of paper in it.

3.Stay active

4.BE RESPECTFUL this isnt the place you come to flame the regulars. Do it once, and you will be warned, do it twice and we'll see to it that you get hit with the BANSTICK!

5.ST is ok on small amounts.......if you continue to abuse the thread you will be asked to leave.


Vice President



Timmy Clan Legends

Oquinn- Timmy Clan Founder
Spaz 419- Former timmy clan president.
MarkerMedik- Former timmy clan council member, certified Bob Long Tech
JRMiller- Former council member

Resident Bob Long Certified Tech

Guest Members

Attention: If you have not noticed, the member list has been updated. It has been based off of the post count for the past three threads, if you are not on the list, that dosnt mean we kicked you out, it simply means you were not active in the past three threads so you were not seen. If you wish to be added to the list, PM the thread starter and tell them roughly the last thread you were active in and if you are indeed a member, you will be given a new number and added to the list in the order received.

Active Members Main Set-up

User Name ---------Weapon of Choice

1. 1stGenRex - Too Many to List
2. Spaz 419 - Alias, Empire B w/ magna ups, 68/45
3. Zeoalex - X-Fighters Borg
4. Ultiplaya11 - Macdev RX , Velocity, 68/45
5. jrmiller - 2k5 Z, Velocity Jr, 68/45
6. MarkerMedik - One of each
7. excessiveego - Ripper 2.5
8. PaintedToast - SL66,Pump cocker, Purple People Eater 06 ego, Nd timmy ,Dark Timmy
9. TheColiseum71 - Protege, Ripper 2, E-Orracle, Promaster
10. SpyderMan723 - Vice, DM5
11. poloboy821 - custom built ironmen, realtree camo karni
12. gimpy622 - Abomb, 68/3k, Halo V35
13. CTAngel1 - Legacy Droid, Avalance SL74, BW SL66, Yakuza Empire timmy, Ironmen timmy
14. Bloodangel13 -
15. loneperson - Alias velocity, 68/45
16. fishballer06 - ECX, 2k2 timmy, 4 Freeflow SFT's, Promaster, Ton Ton'd SFT, DM6, BKO, Freestyle
17. RoosterNerve -
18. alphanu22 - (BLAST Tech)
19. tatersalad113 -
20. Intimidatorlove - yakuza'd ripper2,rotor, ninja'd ans 68/45
21. evoboy369 - Twisted Ion
22. ionshooter93 - Empire 2, ST Alias, Torque, 68/45
23. Dyeballer610 -
24. 1st2the50 - Dragon
25. AirSin2000 -
26. Paintball$niper - vice, 45/45 empire b
27. biggm28 -
28. PKrebs25 -
29. packdog101 -
30. james carter -
31. Vegard -
32. mny_bgz14 - A-bomb
33. Spyder124 -
34. mrxr250rider -
35. TheSilverBullet -
36. andrew hw99 -
37. Morpheus__34 -
38. B. Little -
39. SparkyGT -
40. $h@key J0nEZ -
41. unknown kids -
42. sp!n -
43. Wonka -
44. ollieleet -
45. Outrageous -
46. zax199 -
47. VAMP1RE -
48. drefish99 -
48. gamer565 - Ripper 2.5
50. android17ak47 -
51. autocockermike -
52. gold glove - yakuza techna'd ripper 2 and stdm5
53. SPRageRemains- lasoya
55. Suxxard - 2k5 Lasoya
56. s4l
57. Killa_X
58. {idf}paintballer- Alias, Empire 2
59. DFSniper- Ripper 2, Alias, BL/SS Cocker, PTP F/X Cocker, TL + Classic
60. necrolyte
61. Tucan9999- Vice, 2k2 Dragon
62. Macris
63. Tipp98chopshop
64. ace2394again
Timmy Clan
R.I.P Rob Kerr (Bloodangel13)
DunkinDonuts Creating backplayers on a daily basis
Originally Posted by 1stGenRex
"IDK that I have something that would accurately measure something that small...maybe I could send it to TJ and he could use the same device he measures his penis with."
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