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2009 AFTS Rulebook

Follows a modified PSP rulebook:
Originally Posted by Katspix View Post
2009 PSP Rule Updates

Updated Formats:

Race to 7 – Three to four prelim matches, one 20-minute period per match, 2-minute timeout between points, highest score or first team to 7 wins

Race to 5 – Four prelim matches, one 15-minute period, 2-minute timeout between points, highest score or first team to 5 wins

Race to 4 – Four prelim matches, one 10-minute period per match, 2-minute timeout between points, highest score or first team to 4 wins

Race to 2 – Four prelim matches, up to three 5-minute points per match, 15- to 30-minute break between points, points played round-robin versus four opponents, highest score or first team to 2 wins

Divisions of Play:

Pro Race to 7 (Formerly NXL)
Semi-Pro Race to 7 (New Division – XBall)
Division 1 Race to 5 (XBall)
Division 2 Race to 5 (XBall)
Division 3 Race to 4 (XBall)
Intro Division 3 Race to 4 (New Division – XBall)
Division 3 Race to 2 (5-man)
Division 4 Race to 2 (5-man)

Intro Division 3 Race to 4:

Intro Division 3 is a new division designed specifically to give teams new to playing back-to-back points an inexpensive, relaxed, fun division to try out repeat-point matches. In keeping with Intro D3’s purpose, players who have appeared on two or more PSP Race to 4/5/7 (XBall) rosters will no longer be eligible for Intro D3. Since participation in Intro D3 is limited to two events, season standing points will not be accrued in Intro D3.

Team-Designated Spectator:

For the 2009 season, PSP will provide a Team-Designated Spectator area between the general spectator area and the field of play. Each team may designate one Team Spectator who may be in the team spectator area for that team’s matches only. The Team Spectator must have a current PSP ID Card and must be listed and signed on the team’s roster as the Team Spectator. Team Spectators are NOT players OR team staff and DO NOT have access to restricted player areas and may not communicate with the team in any manner during the team’s matches except from the Team Spectator area directly to team members on the field of play. Team Spectators must wear paintball safety goggles at all times while in the Team Spectator Area.

Race to 2 (5-man) Scoring:

PSP is bringing match scoring to 5-man! Each team will continue to play eight to twelve prelim games in the now familiar best two-of-three round-robin schedule but will now enjoy the same match scoring of the other Race2 formats, earning one point per flag hang. The team with the most flag hangs at the end of the three games will receive two match points while teams ending a match in a tie will receive one match point each. Teams will be ranked as follows:

- Total number of match points (2 for match win, 1 for match tie)
- Total number of flag hangs in all matches
- Lowest total of game time elapsed in points where the team hung the flag
- Fewest flag hangs scored by opponents
- Highest total of game time elapsed in points where team’s opponent hung the flag

Race2-2 will continue to have 1-for-1 minors and 2-for-1 majors. Teams with insufficient live players on the field to satisfy a penalty will have one penalty minute per un-pulled player accessed against their game time played used for tie-breaking purposes.

Playoff matches that end with one flag hang per team will be awarded to the team that achieved their flag hang in the least game time.

Race to 2 (5-man) Playoffs:

Race to 2 playoffs will consist of head-to-head Race to 2 matches in a seeded, single-elimination bracket.

Rate of Fire:

The Rate of Fire limit will be adjusted for 2009.

Race to 7: No more than one paintball per 80 milliseconds (12.5 bps)

Race to 2/4/5: No more than one paintball per 95 milliseconds (10.5 bps)

Mechanical semi-auto markers are permitted in all divisions, and is not subject to a minimum time between shots. Mechanical bounce, double-action or reactive-force triggers are prohibited. Markers containing any electronics whatsoever (batteries, circuit boards, etc) will be considered electronic markers.


Preliminary round Race to 2 matches that end in a tie will have no overtime and be scored as a tie, one match point per team. Preliminary round Race to 4/5/7 matches will have one 5-minute overtime point. If there is no winner after the 5-minute overtime point, the match will be scored as a tie, one match point awarded per team.
Playoff matches will have an untimed, sudden death overtime period (1st flag hang wins)

Game Stoppage including Inadvertent Buzzer:

After a game stoppage by officials due to player injury, players will start in their positions at the time game play was stopped.

After a game stoppage for any other reason, all live players will return to their team starting station. A 10-second countdown will be placed on the game clock and the live players will restart play as with the start of any point.


Race to 7:

Minor: Live player placed in the penalty box for 1 minute; penalty ends if team loses point

Major: Live player placed in the penalty box for 2 minutes

Gross: Live player placed in the penalty box for 2 minutes; offending player serves 10-minute misconduct

60-second rule: If a player receives a major or gross penalty in the final 60 seconds of a match or 5-minute overtime, the opposing team will win that point.

Race to 2/4/5:

Minor: Eliminate 1 live player

Major: Eliminate 2 live players

Gross: Eliminate 2 live players + offending player sits for 3 points

In the event a team does not have enough live players remaining on the field to pull, the team will instead receive a penalty flag. Up to two penalty flags are removed at the start of each point when a team starts one player short for each penalty flag. If a team has more than two penalty flags at the start of the point, they will start with three players and carry any remaining penalty flags to the next point. If at any time a team has five penalty flags, five penalty flags will be removed and the opposing team will score one point.


Both teams may call a team timeout in the same interval between two points.

Velocity Penalties:

301-310 fps: Minor Penalty
311-325 fps: Major Penalty
326+: Gross Penalty

Rate of Fire Penalties:

1-5 ms under: Minor Penalty
6-10ms under: Major Penalty
11-15ms under: Gross Penalty
16+ ms under: Minor Suspension

Delay of Game:

The Delay-of-Game penalty for not advancing the flag is eliminated.

Flag no longer disposable equipment:

Live players may not discard the flag, but may pass the flag to other live players.
Eliminated flag carriers should drop the flag at the point of elimination and exit the field of play.

Shooting spectator net:

Shooting towards the spectator net during a timeout is now a minor penalty.

Staff clothing restrictions:

Only individuals registered as players may wear pads, packs, or gloves in the pit area or on the field of play.

Equipment restrictions:

Shoes may not have rigid, pointed spikes of any material nor edged (baseball) metal spikes

Hoppers may not be orange, yellow or clear

Hopper stickers may be black, white, red or blue only

Switching sides:

Race2-2: Teams switch sides after 1st point played, flip for side for third point

Race2-4/5/7: Teams switch sides after every odd flag hang (Score totals 1, 3, 5, 7 etc)

Season Standings, Seeds and Rankings:

A team that moves up a division will be seeded based on their total of previous scores that season, with a -50 point penalty applied to each score for each division the team has moved up (but no score shall be counted less than a last-place score). Once the team has played at least one event in the new division, previous scores from lower divisions will count as the score received in the previous division, or the average of scores received in the new division, whichever is lower.

A team that moves down a division will be seeded based on their best score received in the previous division, plus 50 points for each division moved down (max 100). After playing an event in the new division, previous scores will count as the average of scores earned in the new division, or the previous score, whichever is lower.

A team that moves up or down divisions but does not have at least 5 players in common on rosters prior to and after the switch may not keep any seed or ranking points from prior to the move.

Seed and ranking points may not be transferred from Race2-2 to Race2-4/5/7, except to break ties after all other tiebreakers are exhausted.
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