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Old 02-16-2009, 10:29 AM #1
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Crossfire Range 3-man Rookie Tournament March 22

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Old 02-16-2009, 09:50 PM #2
cockerman dan
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cockerman dan plays in the MiLP
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cockerman dan plays in the APPA D4 division
Where is Crossfire?
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Nathan Truong
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crazyazain plays in the PSP
crazyazain plays in the MiLP
crazyazain plays in the APPA D4 division
I believe in Lousiana
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Old 02-17-2009, 09:43 AM #4
cockerman dan
Ole Miss Alum
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Location: Oxford, Mississippi
cockerman dan plays in the MiLP
cockerman dan owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
cockerman dan is an NCPA player
cockerman dan plays in the APPA D4 division
aight- thx.
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I'm going fishing
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yes.. baton rouge
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Old 02-23-2009, 05:29 PM #6
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Definitely looking at trying to come out for this one. Sounds like fun. Any idea how many teams are playing?
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Old 02-23-2009, 10:14 PM #7
North MS Baller
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for sure us i think!
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Ducks Fly Together
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i hope to be there.
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Old 03-02-2009, 10:42 AM #9
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So far 14 teams have signed up. Haven't got their entry fees yet.
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Old 03-02-2009, 12:08 PM #10
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Here ya go guys, the rules for the Tournament.

MCM/Crossfire Range Paintball 2009 3-man Tournament Rules.
1. General
1.1Side line Coaching
Spectators and other participants must make absolutely no attempt verbally or non-verbally to coach,
communicate or distract any player on the field at anytime. If so, a negative 25 points penalty will be assessed to the offending team, and player closest to the spectator that is coaching will be pulled out of the game.
1.2 Dead Boxes
There will be two dead boxes (one for each team) on the playing field where players must go when eliminated.
When a player is eliminated they are to proceed to assigned dead box and will stay there until a field Ref. Allows them to leave.
1.3 Filming and Photography of Games
Only authorized media partners of MCM Paintball will be permitted on the field of play for filming or
photography activities.
1.4 Players Eligibility
Players: Players qualify to participate in this event if said Players has not won or played any Recognized Paintball
Tournament- CFOA, NPPL, PSP, etc. Said player must be 10 years or age or
older and must have a waiver signed at Crossfire Range Paintball on day of the event. That being said, this event is
intended for beginner players with little to no tournament paintball experience.
1.5 Rosters
3 Man teams may have up to 5 active players on their roster. No player may be on more than one teams roster
2. Equipment
2.1 Layers and Padding.
2.1.a Players must wear only one pair of full-length pants and only a long-sleeved jersey (long Sleeve T-Shirts
are acceptable). Players may wear only one layer of underclothing consisting of, at maximum; one pair of under shorts
and one short or long sleeve t-shirt. The
Padding in Jersey's will be limited to elbow, forearm, knee, shin, & hips, provided that the padding has not been
modified from the manufacturer’s original form. Any other soft padding in Jersey's is prohibited.
2.1.b Markers and Hoppers cannot have padding of any kind on them.
2.1.c Air tanks are allowed a tank cover unmodified from the manufacturer’s original design.
2.1.d the following additional protective padding has been approved for use, providing that the padding has not
been modified from the manufacturer’s original form.
1.) Forearm and elbow protection 2.) Shin and knee protection 3.) Groin protection 4.) Ball caps or bandanas.
2.2 Gloves
Players may wear a single pair of gloves, with or without full fingers. Gloves may be padded as long as no
alterations to the padding of the original manufactures designs have been made.
2.3 Footwear.
Players are required to wear footwear at Crossfire Range Paintball. No Flip Flops or Sandals will be permitted on the
field of play during games.
Players may not wear cleats or footwear that may injure other players or damage the playing field (e.g., puncture
a bunker). Cleats and Footwear cannot have removable or fixed metal spikes for traction.
2.4 Facemask / Goggles.
Players, officials and any other individuals present on the playing field or chrono station must wear Goggles with
full-face protection manufactured for use in paintball games in its original form from the manufacturer. Goggle
lenses are to be in good condition (No visible cracks or damage). Goggles and facemasks cannot be modified
from the manufacture’s original form.
2.5.a Marker Specifications
Players may use a single, 68-caliber pump or semi automatic paintball marker, which consist of a single barrel
and one trigger.
2.5.b Max Rate of Fire
Markers may shoot uncapped semi-auto.
2.5.c Firing Modes
Semi Automatic - 1 shot for every pull and release (cycle) of the trigger.
2.5.d External Adjusters
Markers with electronic firing systems must have a method of locking the settings. The player will NOT be able
to adjust dwell, debounce, shooting mode etc. while on the playing field. Markers with any form of external
velocity adjusters must be modified in such a way that the velocity adjuster is not readily accessible during the
course of the game. Depending upon make or model of the markers, some may require locking tournament caps
or may require multiple locking tournament caps. All regulators require locking tournament caps such that they
cannot be adjusted without a tool with the marker gassed or degassed. Locking tournament caps are devices used
to lock down or prevent field adjustments.
2.5.e Inspection
Markers are subject to inspection at any time during the paintball tournament, provided that the markers
are taken for inspection prior to tournament completion.
2.5.f Marker Velocity
Markers may not exceed a maximum velocity of 300 feet per second.
2.6 Packs, Pods or Tubes
Players may carry any number of packs, pods, or tubes. Packs may not be constructed in such a fashion that they
constitute padding. Pods or Tubes are considered “dead” once they have been throw down and back by a player.
If a players Pods or Tubes are hit while in a players hand or pack said player is eliminated.
2.7 Squeegees
Players may carry multiple squeegees and or swabs.
2.8 Paintballs
all paintballs fired must be purchased from Crossfire Range Paintball on the day of event. A team will forfeit
points from any game that they are found using Prohibited Paint.
2.9 Prohibited Equipment
Players may not use any listening devices, communication devices or any form of electronic surveillance. Players
may not wear or display clothing or any other items with obscene or offensive pictures, words or logos anywhere
on-site at Crossfire Range Paintball.
3. Chronographing / Paint Checks
3.1 Chronographing
Each Player is responsible for chronographing their own gun before entering the playing field. Marker may not
shoot greater than 300 feet per second.
3.2 On field Chronographing
On field chronographing will be preformed by a ref randomly at the beginning or end of each game. Each game, any
where from 1-3 players per team will be asked to shoot over the chronograph at which point said player may fire
a maximum of 2 clearing shots followed by one over the chronograph.
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3.3 Paint Checks
Paint checks are performed by referees for the purpose of determining if a paintball has broken on and marked a
player. Paint checks are performed by a referee when the referee has observed a player taking shots, or when
shots are directed into an area occupied by a player that the Referee cannot directly observe, when the physical
location that a paintball may have broken on is not visible to the Referee, or when the Referee is directed to do so
by another referee.
3.4 Player Requested Paint Checks.
Referees may, but are not obligated to, perform a paint check after a player has requested one. Players who are
hit in obvious locations, which are easily verifiable, may not call for a paint check. Calling for a paint check
under such circumstances constitutes continuing to play on.
3.5 Flag Carriers
No flag carrier will ever be stopped and declared neutral for the purpose of performing a paint check.
3.6 Finality of Calls
Referee’s calls during a game will stand and cannot be changed.
4. The Game
4.1. Game Start
Goggles must be worn at all times when entering and while in the playing Area or chrono stations!
4.1.a before the start of each game all the players for a team must be at the starting station with their barrel bags
4.1.b Choice of sides
when in dispute, the sides of the field will be determined by a coin flip.
4.1.c A Ref on each side of field will ask players to remove barrel bags. Players are then allowed to fire a few
test shots at the ground to ensure their equipment is working properly.
4.1.d Each player must have the barrel of their marker touching the start station in a downwards angle
4.1.e The Head Ref will then ask each side if they are ready. Followed by paintball in 3, 2, 1, "5 seconds"
starting the 5-second countdown. Player's cannot fire their marker during the 5-second countdown. At the end
of the 5 Second countdowns the Head Ref will signal the start of the game by "horn" or yelling “go, go, go”.
4.2 Game Time
Game Times will be limited to 4 mins each.
4.3 False Start
In a situation where a false start occurs due to a Referee mistake or outside interference the head ref may stop the
game and restart as if the game had never started. If players from only one team leave the starting station the
Head may restart the game. If any players from both teams leave the starting station and begin play, the game
will continue and will not be stopped.
4.4.a Hits
A player will be eliminated if the player is marked with a paintball shot out of a paintball marker by any live
player, including members of the opposing team or a player’s own team.
4.4.b Obvious Hits
Players who are hit in an obvious location are expected to immediately signal their elimination by announcing,
“HIT” or “OUT” and/or raising there hand in the air at the time of such elimination. Obvious hits are those which
impact and break on observable places on the body or equipment. This includes the back of a player’s body or
anywhere on a player’s equipment.
4.4.b Old Hits
It is each player obligation that old hits are cleaned off before each game in the staging area. Refs cannot be held
responsible for calling players out due to old paint.
4.5 Eliminations
when a player is eliminated they are to proceed to assigned dead box and stay there until told by a ref. They are allowed to leave the dead box.
Players must do so in a non-aggressive or non-distractive manner with no communication, verbal or
non-verbal to any team member.
4.5 Eliminated while Carrying Flag
A player eliminated while in possession of a flag will be expected to drop the flag at the point of elimination.
4.6 Flag Hang with a Hit
If the player hanging the Flag is found with a hit the following penalties will be assessed.
(1) Negative 25 points.
(2) No points will be awarded for the flag hang,
4.7 Game End
4.7.a A game ends when the flag is hung, time expires, or the head referee calls a game over for any reason.
4.7.b All remaining live players must report to the other teams starting station where the flag is hung or to a Field
Ref for inspection, if any hits are found during inspection the Head Ref will be notified, and proper penalties will
be assessed. If a live Player does not report for inspection he will not be counted as a live player.
4. 8.a Game Format
the game format for the 3-Man event will be center flag. At the start of the game a single flag will be placed in
the center of the field. The object of the game is to capture the flag and hang it in the opposing teams’ flag
station. Game time will be limited to 4 minutes.
4.8.b Number of players
Three players on the field per team.
4.8.c Rosters
Teams may have up-to 5 active players on their roster.
5. Tournament Rounds of Play
Tournament Rounds of Play are dependant on total number of teams. Schedules will be provided on day of event.
6. Score / Score Sheet Procedures.
6.1 Score sheet
(1) The score sheets will be filled out by the head referee of the field and shown to both team captains.
(2) Nothing on the score sheet may be crossed out or written over by the players.
(3) It is the responsibility of each team captain to check the score sheet. If a team captain finds a mistake on the
score sheet, the Head Ref will make edits.
(4) When both team captains agree on the score sheet, they will sign it and the score sheet will not be modified
even if mistakes are discovered afterwards.
(5) If a team captain refuses to sign the sheet because of a disagreement, the head ref will make the final call on
the games final score.
(6) The original copy will then go to the score keeping area.
6.2 Tie Breaker
Tie breakers will be broken by a head to head one game competition.
7. Game Scoring / Penalties
7.1Games Scoring
The following point will be awarded per game
25 Points first flag grab
30 Points for flag hang
10 Points per opposing eliminated player
5 Points per live player at the end of game
Total 100 Points Maximum per game
7.2 Penalties
Scores will be deducted for any one of the following offences.
7.2.a Standard offences
-10 Points playing with an unobvious hit
-20 Points hot gun
-25 Points for sideline coaching and elimination of one live player.
-30 Points playing with obvious hit and double elimination
-25 Points for being late
-25 Points safety violation
-100 Points unsportsmanlike conduct or arguing with an official
-100 Points and playing one man down the next game for illegal firing modes or excessive trigger bounce.
7.2.b Deduction of 25 Points for any of the following
Aggressive play after being marked
Wearing of padded clothing/non-staining
Illegal equipment
7.2.c Deduction of 50 Points for any of the following
Verbal abuse
Physical contact with opponent/referee
Deliberately shooting a referee/spectator/eliminated player
Wiping or other form of cheating including freight training
Dead Man’s walk
7.2.d Any Other Minor Violation: Deduction of 10 Points
i.e. – Blind Shooting etc.
7.2.e Any Other Major Violation: 25 Points
7.2.f Cheating
All points earned during fame are removed for blatant, aggressive cheating. Second cheating offence results
in expulsion from the event.
7.3 Forfeiture
all paintballs fired must be purchased from Crossfire Range Paintball on day of event. A team will forfeit points from any game that they are found using Prohibited Paint.

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If any team in Mississippi want's to sign-up for the tournament give MCM Paintball a call at 225-272-0101 or PM me your information.

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