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Old 02-01-2011, 01:57 PM #274
Join Date: Aug 2010
i like playing back, really tall and i stick out a bit back is the perfect place! got my pinokio with nose +11 pods= one massive lane!
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Old 03-10-2011, 01:45 AM #275
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Great article.

I love reading about how to play backplayer and in my opinion it was the best position to snipe people from
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Old 03-11-2011, 01:14 PM #276
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great read. i learned to love playing back since most of my friends love being front players and i'm usually the one doing the most communication
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Old 03-31-2011, 09:05 PM #277
toramip23 (Banned)
Join Date: Mar 2011
playing back is cool cuz you got tottal controll of whats going on. its like controling a robot. back players are the eyes and ears or the team
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Old 03-31-2011, 09:06 PM #278
toramip23 (Banned)
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I would like to introduce to everyone this
Pls, have a look to see if it is ok for you.

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Old 04-02-2011, 03:26 PM #279
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good info
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Old 04-13-2011, 11:14 PM #280
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that was some great info, very pleased great job
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Old 04-25-2011, 12:55 AM #281
barracuda illuminati
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Deximate owns a Planet Eclipse Geo
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Originally Posted by Logan09 View Post
Paintball is doing just fine. Paint has gotten cheaper and cheaper over the past 10 years. If people really want to play, there is always a way to get money for it.

was because 3/4 of your posts make no sense at all, and are not very comprehensive.
You're just as - if not more so - incoherent than the first guy. Paint has gotten cheaper for a multitude of reasons, some good, some bad, most indifferent - - but the most important (read: relevant to any diehard player) reason paint has gotten cheaper is that fields are desperate to expand their customer base. Enticing new players (which, if you do your research, is where the fresh money is coming in, which - and I shouldn't have to explain this - is the only way paintball as a sport is going to survive in the current economy) by making things more affordable (your average newb isn't into dumping all that cash for admission/air/paint/gear/etc. before deciding if he/she even likes the game) as a business tactic has its merits, though, of course, the obvious downside is the reduction in cash gain if nobody goes for the bait. Your average paintball field is essentially sinking more or less rapidly in financial quicksand right now - - and like any business that senses its own demise, owners begin to try different ways to wrangle some fresh blood. Cheaper paint is nothing more than three or four completely impact-less factors (such as cheaper paint manufacture) covering up for the big banana, which is that commercial paintball - as a whole -is circling the drain.
Of course, explaining all that to a guy who doesn't know how to use the word "comprehensive" appropriately in a sentence is like spending a decade teaching gerbils to remember the quadratic equation... boring, pointless, and ultimately impossible to try to ram cogent thought into a brain smaller than a grape.

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Old 06-09-2011, 04:17 PM #282
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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cool post
Mike T

"Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment" (Random Fortune cookie)
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Old 06-12-2011, 09:32 AM #283
boomerrw's Avatar
Join Date: May 2011
I will be new to playing back. When i used to play i was a front guy and absolutely loved it. Now i am getting back into pb after 6yrs and a recent injury has left me slightly immobile when it comes to sprinting and such.

I have always had love for my guys in the standups but now i will truly see how difficult the job can be.
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Old 06-19-2011, 02:22 PM #284
Join Date: Jun 2011
Accuracy was always pivotal for me. I rocked out a shocker sport forever and it rarely let me down. The freak system made all the difference when it came out
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Old 06-27-2011, 01:59 PM #285
Join Date: Jun 2011
Thanks. Great tips
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Old 08-15-2011, 08:19 PM #286
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So glad I found this. Thanks
"Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for!?" :D

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Old 08-22-2011, 07:04 PM #287
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glad I found this too!
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Old 08-27-2011, 10:18 PM #288
Grind Hard
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LowKey.Gov plays in the APPA D5 division
Lol I personally respect my back guys.
Do I think its a hard job- **** no
Is it an important job- Hell Yeah
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Old 08-28-2011, 01:59 PM #289
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Front Players (Which i am ) Would be NOWHERE With Out good Back Players !
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Old 10-14-2011, 08:29 PM #290
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Old 10-20-2011, 07:45 PM #291
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anything on mid or playing at home? never know good strategy besides the basics
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Old 10-25-2011, 10:08 PM #292
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great info man very informative.
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Old 11-07-2011, 02:09 AM #293
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Originally Posted by stu-pedasso View Post
how long does it usually take to get a decent back players game. and what do you do when you are a rookie yourself and you have some very experienced rookies and novs on the team. they are younger but i don't want take over and tell more experienced guys what to do or where to go. and if thats not enough what do you do about the guy that doesn't think he should listen to you.
You don't have to tell them what to do or where to go necessarily. Just let them know, "I've got you covered" or "You're clear to move". You don't have to be demanding just let them know that if they want to the opportunity is there.

As for the guy that doesn't think they should listen. Don't worry about them, just call out opposing players positions and do your thing. If they think they know best let them try to make moves and get shot due to lack of information. If they really want to be condescending and/or rude towards you. Maybe you wrap or shoot out the other side of your bunker when you see them going to make their big move.

My two cents:

I switch out between playing front and back. When I'm playing front I love my back player. With that said, I can see the logic in putting slower players in the back. However it's comforting to know that my back player will be fast enough to make the corner. There's nothing more disheartening to me, then making the snake only to hear that my back player got shot out running to the corner.

When I'm playing back corner it's kind of nice to know that I can at least run fast enough to run down the high way or tape line to bunker their snake player once their corner has been killed. I've found that this can be extremely helpful because it keeps your snake player in the game if you get shot or trade out with their snake guy. In some cases during rec ball with no coaches, the other team may even think it was your snake player that did the run through and they don't know he's still in giving him the chance to move up as far as possible and make some important kills.

Also it's terribly fun when playing back center, once we've made a decent to push, to haul *** on up to that 50 yard line bunker to take a few guys out.
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Old 12-06-2011, 10:45 PM #294
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I had a back player in a couple of speedball games the other week and he failed me in two games, though it worked out in the end. In one game I flopped into the snake and he let one of their guys get into the snake with me. Luckily I saw him move into the insert and was able to post up and get him out, but on this field my backy should have easily stopped the guy from getting to the insert in the first place. In the next game, I got into the snake and moved the the 50 and began harassing their world big time, and one of their mids decided to put an end to it since I was irritatingly snapping and had taken out their midfield frontman already. This guy crossed over from the 30 while I was hunkered down, and luckily I was facing forwards when he came across their end of the snake and I put two balls on him while he bounced one off my softcap (ref checked) I went on to pillage the field, but here too was another time when my backy should've been lambasting the crossing mugger.
The point being that if you're playing back and your front is counting on you, you kind of need to do your job and not let your attention wander, even if it's getting dull watching an empty lane. Targets of opportunity will pop up off your lane, but you can't leave it for long or your front guy may get screwed...
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