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Old 11-24-2008, 08:52 PM #1
Join Date: Nov 2008
Another SavePhace review...

I figured I'd register here and post my thoughts on my "Boo" mask since I stumbled onto this forum while trying to research SavePhace before purchasing it. I know there are a few things I would've liked to have known before buying the mask, and as far as I can tell the information simply is out anywhere on the net.

First, let me say that I'm a pretty casual woodsball player. I'm out maybe once or twice a month, just playing with friends or with whomever shows up at the field on that particular Saturday. Up until I ordered my Boo I was using an ancient JT Spectra. My main concerns with purchasing my new mask were anti-fog measures, and some type of camo pattern for out in the woods. I wear multicam so the Boo was a natural choice on the latter front.

Now, I just unboxed my mask and I want to throw out my initial thoughts... and hopefully I can post back in a bit with a review after a day of play.

I've read quite a bit about the fact that this mask is hard plastic. I have to say, that I was a bit suprised by its construction. There is absolutely no flex at all. From a paintball perspective, I really don't care. I don't fret over bounces and skips... its just not that big of a deal (to me ). I will say though, that the super hard plastic just makes the mask "feel" cheap. That's not really a criticism though, it doesn't matter what it feels like, but rather how it performs. The mask is really lightweight though. And construction seems sturdy enough, although the base of the goggle where the foam attaches on the inside is not attached across the entire base of the goggle (it pulls off on one side, pics will follow at the bottom of this post). I'm not sure if this is intentional in design, or a quality issue... either way, super glue will fix it. Beyond that issue I can't find any other initial quality issues. The graphics look just as they did on the site and the strap seems taught and of good quality.

I was suprised (especially because I've not seen it mentioned or pictured anywhere) that the mask is all one piece. I think this offers some Pros and Cons. On the Pro side, the mask is extremely low profile. On the Con side the single piece construction adds to the "cheap feel" I mentioned earlier, and really limits ventilation. Now, this might not be an issue because of the quality of the lens and anti-fog coating... we'll see.

I did also notice the foam/nose issue mention in other threads. I guess my face isn't as long as other people's because even with the mask sitting high on my face (the "incorrect" position according to SavePhace), my chin and mouth were not exposed. Lowering the mask down further covered the lower half of my face, but did push down on my nose... and more specifically my nostrils. I trimmed the foam and now the mask sits comfortable on my face in the lower position.

This is really just an initial reaction to the unboxing and trial fitting of the mask, I'll try to update it later on. As I stated, I'm far, far from a hardcore player, but I'm not showing up once a year and renting a Tippman 98 either. I'm excited to get the mask out into the field and see how it performs. Although when I hold the mask it just doesn't feel like a $80 piece of equipment, I'm still optimistic that it'll perform well out in the field.

Pictures to follow.
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Old 11-24-2008, 09:07 PM #2
Join Date: Nov 2008

That's a pic of me wearing the mask without the foam in, you can see how low it sits on the bridge of the nose... it's blurry but you can actually see my nostril in the pic.

That's where the base of the foam holder can be pulled away on the right side of the mask
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Old 11-24-2008, 10:14 PM #3
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Location: Vancouver BC
So it has a cheap feel, Doesnot feel liek a 80$ mask, Had to Trim foam to fit him the "proper" way. Not enough ventalation. and had to super glue your foam???? do u think it was worth buying
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Old 11-25-2008, 06:57 AM #4
Join Date: Nov 2008
I'm not going to pass judgment on it until I've played a day or two. His post was more just my initial reactions after unboxing. For better or worse, the mask isn't made like any other mask on the market. It means that SavePhace didn't conform to the "norms" of the market. In some aspects this pays off with innovative features, and in others the mask seems to come up short.
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Old 11-25-2008, 07:36 AM #5
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Originally Posted by FLMike View Post
I'm not going to pass judgment on it until I've played a day or two. His post was more just my initial reactions after unboxing. For better or worse, the mask isn't made like any other mask on the market. It means that SavePhace didn't conform to the "norms" of the market. In some aspects this pays off with innovative features, and in others the mask seems to come up short.
What would you define as innovative in these masks? One-piece masks have been done before, graphic masks have been, albeit not too much...what else is there?
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Old 11-25-2008, 11:50 AM #6
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you should be able to remove the forehead protector and put a visor on it, if you prefer one. Was the foam not staying "clipped" on or the piece that it connected to came apart? If you are having trouble with the foam make sure that you are connecting it all the way, I was having a problem with mine at first until I figured that out. Also you can use double sided tape to help hold the foam in place.

Everyone customizes some part of their equipment to make it fit better or look unique. I do not understand why so many people get angry about having to clip away at the foam on the nose.

If you ever have any problems with you mask call customer service and talk to them.

I am not a sponsored player, I purchased my mask like everyone else has.
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Old 11-25-2008, 12:20 PM #7
Join Date: Nov 2008
The foam stays on fine, it's what the foam clips too that comes off on one side
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Old 11-25-2008, 01:57 PM #8
The Real Boss
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We appreciate you posting your personal experience with the mask. As you have pointed out, the mask fits everyone's face/head differently. Alot of the woodsball players enjoy our masks especially due to the fact that the camo matches their gear - the Boo is one of the biggest sellers we have.

You are correct in that super glue should take care of the foam insert issue. If this does not work or if you'd prefer to have a replacement, please contact our customer service department at 866-783-3223 ext 3.

Thank you again for sharing your experience here in our forum. We appreciate that you are giving the mask a try for yourself.
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