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Old 11-04-2008, 02:14 PM #22
Deadly Milk Man (Banned)
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Location: Fort Bragg, NC has a **** load of information.

I plan on enlisting as well when I turn 18 (end of Nov) though I'm not sure WHEN I want to sign the line, probably not until towards the end of the school year since there really is no reason to sign when you still have time to think about what you want to do... even though I've wanted to be in the military all my life haha..

To be honest, all of the physically requirements sound pretty easy for what I'm capable of right now, but the true test comes when you have to do all of those exercises after already being tired as balls...

Anyways, I hear that today's standards are just way too easy for what they used to be.. in all branches. The DI's over the years have just been getting 'easier' and easier if you know what I mean.

edit: I also hear a lot that as long as you put forth the effort to TRY your hardest, as long as you don't suck HORRIBLY, the DI's will put you through as long as they see you are doing everything you can.

Here's all of the PFT requirements/information for the Marines.

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Old 11-04-2008, 07:45 PM #23
is ****in amazing.
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alright, im 15 years old, i have a LONG way to go before i make the decision to enlist, but lately ive been thinking about it. i have several questions that i would appreciate answers to.
- Considering im still relatively boot, graduated last September, ill try and help.

-what kind of physical condition must i be in? (how many pushups/situps/mile time etc) whats the requirement?
- IFT the first week of Boot is: 2 Pullups, 44 Situps (2minutes) 1.5mi in 13:30min
- PFT during P2 of Boot is: 3 Pullups, 50 Crunches and 3mi in 28:00min

- My suggestion would be to obviously do whats required every day and excel past the bare minimum. Shoot for 15+ Pullups, 110 Crunches, and 23:00min or better 3mi.
- On top of that, do shoulder shrugs, military presses, and squats in preperation for the CFT. Those are the core spots I felt when I executed the CFT last month.

-whats bootcamp like (i know i'll never really know until i experience it, if i do)
- Boot is different for everyone. Like the rest of your time in the Marine Corps, you get what you put into it.

-whats the usual agenda for a day in bootcamp?
- Lights on, ****-**** Games Until Chow, Chow, Cleaning the House, PT, Class/Drill, Chow, Class/Drill, Chow, Cleaning, Lights.

-what weapons will i probably be trained to use?
- In Boot, you will learn the M16 inside and out, and touch the M249 and AT-4. You will only touch the M249 and At-4 to get aquainted and familiar for MCT/SOI.
- Depending on your MOS, POG's will learn more in depth about the M249, M240, M203, AT4 on the range. Then you will simulate M2 and Mk19. Grunts will learn all the above and more. I couldn't tell you exactly what because im a POG.
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Everyday Normal Guy
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Naw they changed it. Instead of saw and AT4 in bootcamp it's now table 2 of the range. Don't learn it untill MCT. Don't even do 50 cal and MK19 on the ISMIT at MCT.
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