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Old 10-06-2008, 08:59 AM #1
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Exclamation Introducing The Eclipse Geo

When Planet Eclipse manufactured the first Ego it created an overnight revolution in the world of tournament-level Poppet-Valve based markers. By combining reliability, efficiency, performance, ease of maintenance, light weight, balanced design and compact dimensions in a package that was as easy to tech and service as it was to shoot high-speed strings on the field, it became an instant success with players, techs, and dealers alike.

4 years on, and with 3 years of development and testing behind it, Eclipse are ready to do to the Spool-Valve market what they did to the Poppet-Valve market back in late 2004.

The Eclipse Geo has been designed and developed to neutralise all the traditional negative aspects of spool-valve based markers. It offers exceptional air efficiency. It has the fewest possible number of dynamic seals. Yet it still has a Gas Supply Isolation mechanism built into the firing cycle. It is as easy to tech as any other Eclipse marker. It is incredibly reliable. It is compact, balanced and amazingly lightweight. It is everything that Eclipse stands for.

Yet there would be no point in the development of this product if it eschewed the core values of what people like and demand from a spool-valve marker. Smooth operation with a low reciprocating mass (the bolt is the only moving part and weighs less than 18grams). Low operating pressure between 110-135psi. And a quiet sound signature.

What the Eclipse Geo now offers is all of the benefits of a spool-valve marker, with none of the drawbacks.

Add to that the features that have become synonymous with Recent Eclipse markers such as Def-Tek feed technology, Heads-Up LCD module, Opto and Micro trigger operation, Break Beam Sensor System, Dual magnetic and Spring Trigger Return System, light weight and ergonomic design, simple maintenance and bullet-proof reliability, and the result is a marker that draws on all the key Eclipse traits and principles to add an exciting new shooting platform to the range.
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Old 10-06-2008, 09:00 AM #2
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Operational Highlights Of the Eclipse Geo

Here you will find detailed technical explanations of some of the design innovations that have gone into the New Eclipse Geo. In developing the Eclipse Geo we isolated key weak-points of existing designs of spool valve based markers and sought to find intelligent design solutions to overcome those issues.

Supply Isolation Mechanisms (SIMs)
– A means for isolating the gas supply to the firing/dump chamber during the firing cycle.

In order to achieve the best gas efficiency in the widest range of conditions and circumstances it has long been recognised that spool-valve based markers operate best when the supply of gases to the firing/dump chamber is isolated during the time that the bolt is in the firing position. This prevents the free-flow of air from the supply (tank), through the firing/dump chamber, and out of the barrel during the cycle. This free-flow of air is one of the largest contributing factor of poor efficiency in any marker that does not posses a Supply Isolation Mechanism. As such, a Supply Isolation Mechanism is a must-have for any Spool valve based marker that is hoping to produce decent efficiency figures.

However, all current spool-valve based markers that utilise a Supply Isolation Mechanism use an elaborate and often over-complicated series of seals and stems in and around the bolt assembly/drivetrain in order to cut the gas supply to the firing/dump chamber when the bolt is in the firing position. Incorporating this mechanism into the bolt assembly/drive train has one major drawback:

An increase in number of Dynamic Seals in the Bolt Assembly/Drivetrain.

So what are dynamic seals and how do they affect the performance of a marker?

Dynamic Seals – A dynamic seal is characterized by relative motion between a sealing surface and a seal. In a paintball marker a dynamic seal either moves, or has a part moving over it, during the cyclic operation of the gun, whilst being required to produce a gas-tight seal during all, or part of, the firing cycle.

These are o-rings and seals that are subject to wear and tear during each cycle of the marker.

Most current spool-valve markers have a high number of dynamic seals. This is particularly true in ones that have some form of Supply Isolation Mechanism built into the bolt assembly/drivetrain.

For example:
DM8 = 6 x Dynamic Seals
PM8 = 6 x Dynamic Seals
Shocker w/HE Bolt = 7 x Dynamic Seals
Droid = 8 x Dynamic Seals
(Bolt-in-Breech seal not included in this comparison)

By comparison the New Eclipse Geo has only 3 Dynamic Seals in the entire bolt assembly.

So what negative effects does a large number of Dynamic Seals create?

Here are some:

Friction - More dynamic seals means more friction in the bolt assembly/drivetrain.
Failure – More seals in the system mean more potential areas for leaks and failures.
Stiction – More dynamic seals means increased stiction in the system which can cause FSDO (First Shot Drop Off) and poor performance.
Maintenance – More regular and extensive maintenance. More seals to keep lubricated. More parts to remove, clean, lubricate and re-assemble during regular maintenance.

The fewer dynamic seals in the bolt system, the less of an issue any of the above become.

Eclipse ISCIS
(Integrated Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Valve

So how have Eclipse got around this problem? Well, the New Eclipse Geo solves this problem in a new and unique way. To start with, the Supply Isolation mechanism (SIMs) has been completely removed from the bolt assembly/drivetrain, drastically reducing the number of internal components and seals in the bolt assembly. Then, by working in close partnership with one of the USAs largest family-owned pneumatic companies, Eclipse have developed the ISCIS (Integrated Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) custom-built solenoid valve that not only functions to cycle the bolt mechanism like any other electro-pneumatic marker, but also to electronically control the distribution of air to fill and isolate the firing/dump chamber during every cycle. By utilizing the same technology that is used in industrial solenoid valves designed to operate over tens-of-millions-of-cycles without maintenance, the Eclipse Geo solenoid valve not only provides the function for incredibly high bolt cycle speeds, but also the function for a flawlessly simple Supply Isolation Mechanism. And because the same ISCIS valve that controls the bolt actuation also controls the flow of gases to the firing/dump chamber, it means the firing, isolation and filling of the cycle will always be perfectly synchronous. This is an incredibly simple solenoid valve assembly that has been configured to supply gases at the required pressures and required flows to operate in this unique layout. It is the simplicity of the concept and the execution that ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the design.

With the SIMs now removed from the bolt assembly/drivetrain, and the ISCIS valve controlling the flow distribution into the valve chamber, it leaves the internals of the body as simple and uncluttered as possible.

One ISCIS Valve. Check
One Moving internal component, the bolt. Check
Three Dynamic Bolt seals. Check

Bolt Assembly – When designing something to be as efficient, reliable, and user-friendly as possible it is often key to make things as simple as possible. With the removal of the SIMs mechanism from the bolt assembly it allows the bolt mechanism to be simplified to its most basic components. That simplification then allows efforts to concentrated on making those few parts out of the very highest quality materials, machined and finished to the very highest quality.
There are 3 basic components to the Geo Bolt assembly:

The Can – This sits inside the Geo body and has only one real purpose, and that is to retain the front dynamic seal. This is the o-ring that seals around the front portion of the bolt. It can be removed without tools in order to replace the seal, and the design means that perfect concentric alignment of the other internal parts is always guaranteed.

The Prop Shaft – This is the part that screws into the back of the body with or without the use of tools. It self-centres itself into the body and the Can to ensure perfect alignment with the other internal components, and carries the main firing/dump chamber seal. It also contains the VVC, Variable Volume Chamber (see below)

The SC Bolt – The only dynamic part of the assembly. The bolt is manufactured from 7000-Series aluminium and industrial hard anodized. Why? Because the bolt has 2 intrinsically important sealing surfaces. One external diameter at the front of the bolt that seals against the dynamic seal in the Can, and one internal bore at the rear of the bolt that seals against the main seal on the Poppet. Given that this component is the only reciprocating part of the assembly, and that it is exposed to the areas that can be easily contaminated with foreign debris (dirt, sand, grit, etc) it is sensible to make it as durable, yet as light as possible.

Quick and Simple Maintenance - Because of the simplicity of this system it means that the Geos bolt removal can be accomplished in under 6 seconds, and that regular cleaning and maintenance can be completed in under a minute. Further more, the complete bolt and firing assembly can be removed, cleaned, all o-rings, bumpers and seals replace, lubricated and then re-assembled in less than two and a half minutes. Try that on a marker that has its SIMS integrated into the bolt assembly!

Variable Volume Chamber (VVC) – Large Volume with Lower Pressure or Smaller volume with Higher Pressure? That is the normal question with this type of marker. Most manufacturers fix the internal volume of their firing chamber leaving the user with only the option of adjusting the pressure used to fill the firing chamber as a means of adjusting velocity.

On the Eclipse Geo an additional adjustment parameter has been added for the users benefit. The VVC or Variable Volume Chamber mechanism allows the user, with a turn of a hex key, to finely adjust the volume of the Geos firing chamber. As such, small adjustments to the operating pressure and firing chamber volumes can be made in order to determine the final velocity of the paintball being fired.
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Eclipse Features

Since the Launch of the Ego in late 2004 Eclipse have developed and integrated a range of features into their markers that have helped set them apart from the rest of the competition. All of the features listed below can now not-only be found in the Eclipse Ego range, but in the Eclipse Geo range as well.

Deftek Feed – The Deftek Offset Feed is a subtle yet brutally effective solution to an age-old problem. LBB, or Last Ball Bounce, is a phenomenon that plagues every vertical feed marker. Balls that are free-falling down the feed tube from the loader fall into the breech, trigger the Ball Detection system, and initiate the firing cycle. The ball then hits the bottom of the breech, bounces un-hindered off the bottom of the breech and back up the feed tube. In the time that the markers pneumatic system has taken to react to the firing signal and started to move the bolt, the ball is now half way back out of the breech. The bolt cycles forward and cuts or crushes the ball as it is half in and half out of the breech.

The Deftek feed combats this problem by stepping the incoming vertical feed tube a couple of millimetres to the side of the breech. Now as the free-falling ball enters the breech, it first contacts an angled portion of the breech that deflects the ball across the breech to the far wall. This action both absorbs energy from the falling ball, and deflects it in a direction that prevents it from bouncing back up the feed port. The ball falls and nestles into the breech, ready to be fired.

By utilizing the Deftek system it means that the firing cycle can be run with no delay in the electronics between a ball being detected by the breech sensor and the solenoid being actuated to fire the marker. There is no need for the system to wait for the ball to “settle” in the breech, and no need to wait in case the ball bounces in the breech. This makes cycle times as short, and as responsive as possible.

The SC (Spool-Cure) Bolt – The original Ego Cure bolt was developed to combat a very unique phenomena. Contrary to popular belief, it was not developed to prevent Ball Chopping (where a ball that is loading/falling into the breech is trapped between the bolt face and the feed/breech wall) but rather to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, breakages caused by the bolt “Clipping” the 2nd ball in the feed stack.

“2nd Ball Clipping” is primarily caused by part of the 2nd ball in the feed stack being forced down into the breech area by a force fed loader. As the bolt comes forward to fire the 1st ball in the stack it “clips” the bottom of the 2nd ball. This can lead to the 2nd ball becoming cracked or weakened, or even creating a pin-prick hole in the bottom of the ball. Then this damaged ball falls into the breech, then becoming the 1st ball. When this gets fired during the next shot, it normally explodes in the barrel, very close to the breech area.
What the Cure Bolt does is provide a ramped surface at the front of the bolt that pushes the 2nd ball more gently back up the feed tube and out of the way of the bolt. This helps to minimize the impact on the 2nd ball and hopefully prevent any damage to the ball that can lead to premature failure during firing.

On the Geo the overall bolt stroke has been increased to allow a ramped leading edge to the bolt, whilst still allowing a sealing element at the head of the bolt to reduce unwanted blow-back of air into the breech area and hence improve overall gas efficiency. The result is the SC (Spool-Cure) Bolt for the Geo.

S3 In-Line Regulator
The new S3 regulator has had a complete overhaul for the 2009 Model Line. The S3 Regulator allows more than double the air-flow of any previous Eclipse In-Line regulator. Flow has been increased through all major components from the adjuster through to the new piston. This increased flow rate helps the regulator provide even quicker recharge times than previous Eclipse regulators, but without jeopardising the reliability and simplicity of the design and maintenance. The S3 maintains the coil spring mechanism, and physically retained piston seal first seen on the SL range, but also incorporated a completely new feature:

For the first time in a regulator of this style, the design incorporates a self purging mechanism that prevents the marker storing a shot after the tank has been removed. A simple pressure-controlled poppet that is factory-installed into every S3 piston prevents up-stream air being retained in the marker after the tank has been removed.

Both the Geo and the Ego9 use unique Coil Springs in order for them to operate at the highest possible performance level at their required output pressure ranges without the possibility of damaging the markers specific Solenoid Valves.

LCD Display
– One of the features most synonymous with Eclipse products has been the inclusion of the Heads-Up back-lit LCD display mounted down the back of the frame. This display gives the user instant visual access to the markers modes, operational condition and settings, and makes adjustment and monitoring of marker function on the fly a very simple task.

The back-lit transflective technology mean that the LCD display utilized in all Eclipse Products can be viewed both in the very brightest sunlit conditions, and pitch black conditions. Sunlight does not “wash out” the display, and does not make it illegible.

This ability to view the display in wide range of conditions, with the marker in a natural firing position, makes the built-in game timer, shot counter, ROF indicator and BBSS monitor useful tools that can really be used in-game without affecting your performance.

Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – There are two commonly available trigger switching mechanisms on markers today. Micro-switch – where the trigger acts against a lever-arm micro-switch to actuate the firing cycle. And Opto-switch – where the trigger is used to break an infrared beam to produce a contact-free operation.

Both systems have their pluses and minuses and it is often a purely personal preference as to which players prefer. Traditionally a marker comes fitted with either one switch type or the other, and a player is reliant on having to purchase an aftermarket board at a considerable cost in order to change from one type to the other.

However Eclipse believe that in a premium product the player should have the option to choose without the need for any further expenditure. Hence you will find both Opto and Micro switch options available on this board. The trigger and the software can be configured to operate off either of the switches. A completely contact-les set-up with no micro-switch actuation, or a crisply set-up “mouse-click” operation with micro selected. The choice is there. As standard.

Dual Trigger Return Mechanism
– Like the trigger switching option, most modern markers offer either a magnetic return action or a spring return action. Again, here Eclipse excel by providing both systems as standard. Not only are there 3 separate external adjustments for trigger position and actuation point, but there are also separate Magnetic and Spring trigger return mechanisms. Either mechanism can be employed independently of the other to create either fully magnetic, or fully spring return. Or both mechanisms can be combined in an infinitely adjustable and variable system to produce a completely unique feel.

Whichever you choose, you can be assured that the trigger-action will be as smooth and as slop-free as is possible in a modern paintball marker. With the trigger clamped to a ground and hardened steel pivot pin that is suspended between widely spaced dual sealed instrument ball races there is no platform that could provide a more robust and durable base for a high-performance triggering mechanism.

Integrated Audible Sound Device
– New for 2009 to the Eclipse Family is an integrated beeper on all circuit boards. But rather than just use the beeper for audible alarms on the Game Timer, the new beeper can also be configured to give audible confirmation of power up, power down and also button pushes.


Weight – 860g/1.89lb Including 14” Shaft3 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, OOPS
Length – 517mm Including 14” Shaft3 Barrel
Height – 198mm
Width – 31mm

Operating Pressure – 110-135psi

Eclipse Geo-Specific Features

• Spool Valve Design
• Low Reciprocating Mass – Bolt 18g
• Low Pressure operation – 110-135psi
• Air Efficient – 1500+ shots from 68/45
• 1 Moving Internal Part
• Minimum Number of Dynamic Seals - 3
• ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Mechanism
• VVC – Variable Volume Chamber adjustment
• SC (Spool-Cure) Bolt – helps eliminate 2nd ball clipping in the feed stack.
• 6-Second Strip Down – To remove and separate all internal Bolt components
• Tool-less Bolt removal – all internal bolt components removed without tools
• Very Low Weight – 860g inc. barrel, battery, OOPS etc

Eclipse Family Features

• BBBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
• Black-On-White Transflective LCD Module
• Def-Tek Offset Feed
• C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
• Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
• Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
• Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
• Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
• All Major Tournament Presets
• 9 Preset Debounce Modes
• 5-Point Adjustable Trigger
• T-Rail Mounting System
• OOPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System
• S3 Self-Purging In-Line Regulator
• 14” Shaft3 2-Piece 0.693” Barrel
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Don't know if I like how it looks but the specs are impressive and three dynamic o-rings should be nice reliability wise. Looking forward to seeing some reviews of this.
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Cool stuff!

SL94 Grey/Black

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it actually happened. sweet. dont like the looks of it that much, but i know it will look nicer in person.
dye is ****ed lol.
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ive heard that msrp on both is 1250.
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sweet! so many guns... but I think this might be my next one...

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Originally Posted by $h@key J0nEZ View Post
R.I.P. Dye......
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this looks sweet think im getting myself one, my next question is price, and color available
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goin to cup this year has taken on a whole new meaning now
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I want pics of drive assembly!
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damn I must have
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i cannot wait till i see some video's of this rippin paint
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I want one!
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are the detents going to stay the same
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