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Old 07-30-2003, 04:19 PM #1
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@@@Ultimate Upgrade FAQ@@@

Here is the Ultimate Upgrade FAQ as requested by many. Let me or Harbinger know of any typos or changes that need to be made. Well, here goes...

Trigger Frames
Stimulation has already done a very good Trigger Frame FAQ so there is no need to copy. Look here:

High Pressure Regulators (HPR)
  • CP Regulator-A great regulator for its price and works extremely well! Fits on BKOs Review-Official Web Site
  • MacDev Gladiator-One of the best regulators on the market and the choice of many. Fits on BKOs with a little bit of hoaxing. Review-Official Web Site
  • DYE Hyper Regulator-Practically a Gladiator copy and is $40 more and CLAIMS to be Titanium when it is actually Aluminum. Does not fit on BKOs.Review-Official Web Site
  • AKA Sidewinder-A very nice regulator and the choice of many. The middle size (4 inch) works best. Fits on BKOsReview-Official Web Site
  • Bob Long Torpedo-A competitively priced regulator but does not work as well as the other higher end regs. Fits on BKOs.Review-Official Web Site
  • Air America Vigilante/Messiah- A good, stable regulator. Not positive if it fits on BKOs.Vigilante Review-Messiah Review-Official Web Site
  • Palmer Stabilizer-A positively awesome regulator with the quality that Glen Palmer always put into his products. The BEST regulator for CO2 (if you would like to use CO2, it is best to get the Male and Female Stabilizers to run on your gun) Fits on BKOs. Review-Official Web Site
HPR ASA Adaptors
  • Zenitram BKO ASA for Cocker LPR-A great ASA adaptor because it allows you to use an Autococker LPR on a BKO.Review-Official Web Site
  • Bushmaster 15* ASA Adapter-The one and only angled ASA for the Bushmaster. Gives it a fresh new look and makes it look like a totally different gun along with the Z grip.Review-Official Web Site
  • Check IT ASA-A quality ASA with two guage ports so that you can have the guage on either sideOfficial Web Site
  • MacDev ASA-A longer ASA so that the air can expand.Official Web Site
  • Lapco ASA Adapter-Different in the fact that it does not have a guage port and is in the shape of an L.]Official Web Site[/url]
Low Pressure Regulators (LPR)
  • Zenitram Autococker LPR Adaptor-A $35 adaptor that allows you to use ANY Autococker LPR on your Bushmaster.Official Web Site
  • Vaporworks Autococker LPR AdaptorSame as the Zenitram and the price is within a dollar of the Zenitram, alsoReview-Official Web Site
  • MacDev Sonic LPR-A solid regulator from MacDev and is a bargain considering that it comes with an LPR guage for the price of the Autococker LPR package.Review-Official Web Site
  • ShockTech LPR Plunger-A valuable upgrade if you are considering keeping your stock LPR. Official Web Site
ValvesMost valves work about the same. Here is some in-depth info from ShootPaint:
Originally posted by ShootPaint
I am not bias.

I have tested four different valves at this point.

My own valve.

With the red valve you will see about 10-20 FPS increase over the stock valve. Only down side to the red valve is the stem. I had to replace the stem on my red valve because it some got bent under normal use.

With the Vapor valve installed I saw about 15-25 FPS increase over the stock valve. In direct comparison to the Red valve I saw a 5-10 FPS increase with the Vapor valve. Nice thing about the Vapor Valve is the lifetime no leak gurantee on the cup seal!!!

After getting bored one night I took a stock valve and started moding it. By lopping off the top half of the valve I saw a increase of 10 FPS. By cutting a new cupseal I saw another 5FPS increase, the cupseal had a convex cut on it to help channel the air into the valve more readily. I then cut a oring groove on the stem of the valve. This yield another 4-5FPS. With this information in hand I went to making a valve of my own design.

The valve I created consisted of a ramped air passage inside of the valve. It was a stepped ramp similar to ramps used in the ports of an automobile.
Next we undercut the area between the orings.
Next we removed the top half of the valve between the orings.
The input of the valve was opened, dont remember exact measurments, to .500.
Then we cut a new cupseal with the cone shaped seal going into the valve.
Final project was cutting a new stem for the cupseal to sit on. We cut the stem down in the area that would be inside of the valve when it was open as well as added an oring to seal the back of the valve when the valve was opened.
After all this work we saw about a 25-30 fps increase in velocity. Our biggest problem was making the valve seal. We had repeated problems with it sealing.

So unless you want to put a lot of time into it and make your own I would recommend the Vapor Valve. It showed the biggest increase in FPS with our markers over any other valve that we have tested.
  • Solenoid Pressure (SP) Modded Ram-The SP mod is an innovation in electronic markers. It is the Level 10 of bushmasters because it reduces the solenoid pressure so that if a ball gets stuck in the breach, the bolt will bounce off of it instead of chopping it.Official Web Site
  • Vaporworks Vapor Bolt-A reliable O-ringed bolt from Vaporworks. THE bolt to get if you have blowback problems. Review-Official Web Site
  • Tantrum Bolt-A little bit pricey and not worth the money when other bolts are have the price.Review-Official Web Site
  • Shocktech Stubby Bolt-A nice bolt but is so short that you need to use a straight shot to field strip it.Review-Official Web Site
Ted Kaczynski made the hoody what it is today.

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Rises are mostly preference and are mostly preference. High rises do have a technical advantage if you have a Revolotion or EvLution because it will hold more balls.Chips
  • Shocktech Board-The Shocktech Board is programably the fastest at 66.6 Balls Per Second but is somewhat useless in the fact that no one can shoot that fast nor can a gun cycle that fast. It works similarly to the Chaos.
  • Chaos Board-This is the upgrade if you are looking for higher ROF. This does work in BKOs . **The Tantrum and Chaos are the SAME! Review-Official Web Site
  • 2003 Chaos Board-The same great board that we have come to love but now allows 2003 Bushmaster users to mount both the batter and board inside the grip frame. Official Web Site
BKO Volumizers
  • AKALMP BKO Mightey Max-Increases the amount of regulated air inside the BKO doubly so that you have no shoot down and higher flow.Review-Official Web Site
  • Vaporworks BKO Volumizer/Ram Cap-Works just about the same as the Mightey Max but holds more air. Review-Official Web Site

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Thx again
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Don't for get these!

Bolts: White Wolf Airsmithing 3 different sizes for the best fit, and there only $30
Dezign Bolts are molded to your gun, They made the Tanturm Bolts

Valves: Maddman Rocket Valve some have them but none tested yet g+new+valve g+new+valve g+new+valve

Harb or úLB feel free to edit, and thanks for letting me post
Not enough room
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