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Old 12-22-2014, 06:11 PM #1
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To Penalize or not to penalize: Talking and Coaching in Paintball

So I have been reading a lot of banter on why the leagues want to allow or not allow coaching or fan participation. I have seen ridiculous penalties for asking for paint checks and then getting major penalties after called clean. In the last year have seen pits penalized for getting excited after ridiculous game changing moves. I personally got flagged for asking for a ref for help when I cramped up up this summer during an event.

As I see it having coached several sports at several levels, and having participated in team sports for 35 years the ref is there for to main reasons:

1) Making sure the game is conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

2) making sure the rules are followed and when in doubt refer,to rule one.

They are not there to effect the outcome of the game. There are not there to show favoritism. They are not there to act in a manor that is contrary to rule one or two. Sure they a human. Sure they make mistakes, but not listening and bias are not reasons for decisions.

Besides what I see in video of live steaming webcast I have a couple of examples from my own experience. First lets hit on the participation coaching issue. Really PSP do you even have a clue where the money to make the sport grow is. Do you know why the NFL, NHL, MLL, and MLS keep building new and larger stadiums; one word simple four letters "fans". We keep,saying we want outside sponsorship; well till we have fans that spend money in a league with more than four events a year we a just a circus.

The powers that be seem okay with the status quo as they line there pocket and promote there products. The don't want or need outside money and will ride the horse into the ground. When you make rules that eliminate the single most important person to come to events why come. Why spend money so I can sit in silence and get kick out when I get exited? Have you been to a sporting event in the last century?

Simple math here and we will use a hockey size stadium so the math remain understandable. 10000 fans $50 a ticket plus $20 a person in concessions 12 games a year. That's 8.4 million dollars times 20 pro teams plus playoffs and championships. That's 160 million in ticket sales in a proper indoor league in a season. So why are eliminating the fan impact on the game and who is the visionary who thinks this is a good idea?

In these leagues coaches are free to communicate with player and referees and not penalize for this even when the discussions get heated. Mike Bruno and Bart Yachemic are in the minority to challenge this for the betterment of there teams and the league. You want overcharge us, take our money, we are not to challenge bad oversight, and the fans are to stay silent! Sound like a blast; let me sponsor a team!

The format is dated the ethos is poorly thought out and the system of hierarchy of teams is convoluted at best(corrupt is a very powerful word). Owner sons play on their teams, industry owners sons play on teams and we are lead to believe there is no favoritism and these are the best players in the world? Referees often throw flags in games involving industry teams that decide games. One questions often if these flags are necessary, and valid. The converse is often an occurance
A Referee should never actively pursue an outcome to a game or match. I as a fan should never ask myself if the outcome seems contrived or fixed.

Lastly I want to hit on player interaction with referees. Players should be free to talk to referees not penalized for it. At the very least a captain or coach should be able to talk to referees or event operators and taken seriously. I while participating in an event this year cramped. Upon being shot out had trouble getting up and out of my bunker. I motioned to the ref. He ignored me, I motion again trying to tell him I was in distress. Again he ignored me. Now I am out I have waved gun, hand, asked for help twice and for my diligence I get five to the back of my head. I have seen this repeatedly, arrogance and blind adherence to the rules is no excuse for negligence or indifference.

I should be able to talk in this situation and not be ignored. If you want not to be held liable for participants and injuries the staff at events needs to be above board. They need to have players safety first not paint sales.

So I write this as a fan, a player, a coach and owner. I believe the PSP is a monopoly and their grip is what is strangling then industry. World Cup is a great event but a league is where the pros should play. World Cup should be more Super Bowl less circus. Referees should be impartial and have oversight; safety and fairness should be there chief concern. Lastly without marketing that is fan based and venues that are fan friendly Paintball will never grow. Outside sponsors will never put money in and we will be relegated to be the next Rollerblades.

Thank you for your time!
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