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Old 12-24-2014, 01:00 AM #1
Download Some RAM
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Georgia Paintball: A magical story

Hey everyone! I hope y'all are having a great christmas season! I felt like hopping on here today to share an experience I had at Georgia Paintball in Kennesaw (It's a local shop, no fields). So let me set the scene for you: I am in college and have finally scraped up enough cash to buy a new gun, so I rush to the nearest local shop and begin to look around. The staff is super friendly and, since I've made going there pretty much a weekly routine, the guys there know me as well and are just amazing people, the kinda guys you'd want running a local shop.

So It's a few weeks later and I've made my decision: The new 2k15 model Axe Pro, coming in at right around $750 after taxes. I purchase this stunning new marker and walk out of the shop a happy camper.

Then things began to go down hill.

I take my gun back to my dorm and begin to adjust the settings on the new OLED board to my liking (ROF caps and firing modes and whatnot). Not 45 minutes later, the joystick on the marker is broken to the point of not even being able to turn the marker on (this joystick is my only serious gripe with the new Axe). No big deal, I figure, Georgia Paintball has a service plan that comes with every gun you buy from there so I'll just take it back and have it fixed.

So I take the marker back and get the not-so-surprising news that it will have to be sent out. I say that's fine and they tell me it'll be about a week to get it back. I leave the store satisfied and comforted by the fact that the problem is being taken care of.

*Two Weeks Later*

I'm rather surprised at this point because my gun hasn't returned yet and I have received no feedback from the shop as to whether the marker was in transit or not despite me calling them several times. I'm irritated at this point and so I call the shop to say that I'd like to just return the marker once it gets back so I can get my money back and proceed to buy a different marker. This should be no problem since the marker has never been shot before and they've had it longer than I have at this point, and their return policy specifically states the requirements for returning a gun. Despite all of this, I receive a strong and surprising "NO" from the shop. Wondering why I can't return my unused and fixed marker, I question this logic but continue to receive a strong "Nope" from the shop, and I've identified the one person that is responsible for the "no" and for the entire story below:

The owner, Mike.
This man can only be described in ways that would get me banned from this forum.

So a few days pass and I'm home from the holidays when I casually bring up the strange nature of the phone conversation I had with Mike. My father, who is never one to be ripped off, decides to call Georgia Paintball the next day to find out why I can't return my marker, which still hadn't come back yet.

I wake up the next day to what can only be described as ferocious screaming. I walk upstairs to find my father, fuming, and dialing the phone furiously.

"Who are you calling?" I ask

"The police." He replies

As it turns out, Mike had flat out told my father to piss off and that there's no way in hell we could return the marker, despite there being a return policy on the receipt that I got during the purchase.

And that's not even the weird part...

Mike then proceeded to question my father's religious views and other things of that nature, all of which are ENTIRELY UNRELATED TO ANYTHING.

Sounds pretty effed up, I know, but still no reason to call the cops, right?

Mike then proceeded to tell my dad that the only way I would get my money back was if he "brought a uniformed police officer with him."

Yes. You read that correctly. The owner of Georgia Paintball said that, in order for me to return my new, unused marker, I needed to bring the cops.

So we did, and guess what? Still never gave me my money back. Since it was a civil matter, the cops had nothing to do with the situation, and I was left with the decision to take another Axe they had in stock or sue in civil court. Obviously I took the Axe since it would've been a long and costly process to sue.

I'd also like to point out that between us calling the police and them arriving at Georgia Paintball, Mike had left the shop and left his employees to close up. A cowardly move indeed.

I am now left with a brand new Axe Pro that I don't want and the knowledge that I'll never set foot into Georgia Paintball ever again. It is a paradoxical establishment with wonderful employees, but a slimy, weasel of an owner who would be more fit to run a pawn shop.

tl;dr - Georgia Paintball has a despicable owner who gives local shops a bad name. They also refused a return policy that they had instituted themselves. I was even willing to pay the 20% restocking fee.

So remember! Support your local shops and fields!! Unless that shop is Georgia Paintball, they rip you off there.
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Old 01-02-2015, 12:49 PM #2
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Darn, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Thanks for posting though, I am local to Atlanta as well.
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Old 01-03-2015, 08:58 PM #3
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How ridiculous. I maybe would have waited another week to see if they would have gotten your Axe back, fixed. However, if this wasn't the case then I would have definitely asked for my money back.

I have been into GA Paintball several times...never bought a marker there because prices are more competitive. I have bought a bunch of soft goods from them. The one time I did go to look at a marker, the LV1 I think, I spoke with the owner. He came off as extremely pretentious....

This is great to know, appreciate this information. I hate to give them my patronage but the sad part is they are the best paintball store in my area... Marietta/Roswell.
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Old 01-06-2015, 07:53 PM #4
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not good service.
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Just for everyone's future reference, even if a store refuses a return, if you purchased with a major credit card you can request the credit card company to give you a refund. I know Mastercard/Visa/Discover offer some sort of Purchase Assurance. I work for a bank that uses Mastercard, and Mastercard offers up to $1000 per claim in protection for items that are stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase. Some food for thought...

No one reads the little packets that come in the envelope with their check cards lol

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Old 01-07-2015, 05:43 PM #6
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I would've contact kee action paintball. There customer service always been real good!
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Old 02-28-2015, 05:07 PM #7
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Thanks for the post, good to know if I ever have the urge to go in there.
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Old 03-20-2015, 09:39 AM #8
Mikeyboy4 TheU
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I bought a Mini GS and my friend an AXE from there. We both swear up and down they are selling used Markers for regular price. They shouldn't be called Georgia Paintball.... all they care about is air soft. Owner mike is an A$$ hole str8 up. Needs to learn how to be professional and how to treat a paying costumer. But unfortunately they all about the $$$$$. I play at Classic so I try and stay with the field store there. Or of course
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