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Old 02-12-2008, 10:05 PM #22
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The problem really lies in that scneario play is such a broad definition.. Since the majority of scenario play is a team made up of multiple teams and individual players working to one goal how are we to rank?

The example of teams that have major sponsorships doesnt really apply.. There are TONS of teams out there with national level sponsorships that are not "pro" even in the tournament series there are teams that are carried by national level sponsors but are not at the pro level. I know some smaller regional scenario teams that have SP, WDP, WORR and other national level deals that I would never consider a "Pro" team. There are other teams that I would immediatly say yea those guys I would consider pro "Blue's Crew" that comes to mind first.

When it all comes down to it there is there is no way to label a scenario team as pro. Even then I peronsonaly would not want one done. Ive played on NPPL teams in the past and saw what I feel was the downfall of tourney ball when the stakes got high and teams wanted nothing more than ranking and sponsor money. Scenario has always been a game where the guys who have been playing for 20+years can play on a even field with the guy playing for first time.. Where one can play with a 10 shot SC and play affectively against $2000 super guns. Where those that may not be the best shot on the filed can roll play or grab a LAW and wreak havoc as a demo. When we start "ranking" the teams within the team i think it will fracture that even playing level we have. You will soon see tams that will refuse to run with the new players because they are not up to their standards. Im not saying it will happen everywhere but its what i saw happen to tournament ball. It didnt happen over night but once started it was a snowball that turned into an avalanche and i wont set foot on a tourney field again because of it

just my .02
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sparrow69 (Banned)
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i understand your point, but the fact remains, that the mere fact we're discussing this means its going to happen whether we like it or not. Maybe not here, and maybe not now, but it will, and soon. In case you missed it, TTPL, a scenario league pitting team against team, is using APPA for the 2008 season. That means not only is the competition and the sportsmanship on a competitive level, but now the ranking statues applied by the same people who rank NPPL and PSP just to name a few, are being applied to a scenario league.

I agree Blues Crew is very professional, except for their stance to not play night events for no other reason then no one ca see the sponsors on their jerseys at night... But hey, thats a matter of opinion. I'd say the definition applies.
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Originally Posted by John View Post
Right now there is no scenario league that classifies their players as "professional." There is actually no scenario ranking system and no player tracking at all that I am aware of. Without those things in place, I have no idea how we would track "professional scenario teams" or even determine who is one.

No seriously. This and this alone is the reason why their is no professionals in scenario paintball. Scenario paintball has no standards of measurement. Anybody who calls themselves a professional in their field is someone who has proven their worth in a standardized field. In sports it's other opponents. With jobs, it's who can sell the most/do the most/make the most money. Etc...

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