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Old 01-23-2008, 03:23 AM #1
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Smile College Essay: Marijuana Policies -Comments Please- =]

I just finished a paper for my English class. Just looking for some feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Marijuana Policies – A Glimpse of a Corrupted Federal System
In writing this paper I don’t intend to condone marijuana use. I’ll be the first to tell you that heavy and regular use isn’t the healthiest lifestyle, but I’ll also be just as quick to tell you that much of what people say and hear about cannabis is full of lies, exaggerations, and contradictions. The reason I disagree so strongly with the current legal state of cannabis is not only because of its absurdity on a medical level, but also because it acts as step in the process of a government’s corruption. The problem we are now facing is that many of the intoxicating substances we have been conditioned to see as “relatively safe” are actually just the opposite. You can see it every day, with every lung cancer patient and every drunken driving fatality it becomes increasingly obvious that the federal government doesn’t always have the best interest of its people in mind, especially when large sums of money are involved.
The drug abuse problem in America is being fueled by two key issues. The first is the simple drive basically all Americans have toward money and status; and the second is the obvious observation that many Americans appreciate intoxicating themselves, whether it is for relaxation, a good time with friends, or even just out of boredom. It is because of these two seemingly unrelated issues that the law makers high up in the federal government should be on question, based on the current drug laws.
Consider this – you are a doctor involved with the Food and Drug Administration. You’ve been presented with a new substance that you must either approve for consumption and sale within the United States, or outlaw it completely and alert the public of the substance’s dangers. You have been told that the substance can provide excessive intoxication to the user, as well as the fact that it is highly addictive. In a side note you would read that the addiction is not quite the same as heroin or methamphetamine, instead, this intoxicant addicts the user slowly and suddenly, like a massive ocean wave you never realized was approaching until it was right on top of you. The addiction aspect is where the companies and corporations come in. The victim in this plot will spend increasing amounts of money feeding their newly acquired habit, unknowingly supporting the demise of countless others. All of this translates into a murder weapon that will not only keep the real killer invisible to their victim, but also one that will generate massive sums of money. As the doctor involved in the approval or disapproval of the substance, you may even be offered a small share of the company’s profits, just to make the decision a little easier.
Of course, any person with even a dab of morality would see the evil in something like this right away, but unfortunately not all people fall into this category. When power and money are on the line people will often betray any good judgment they possess, even if it means destroying the lives of many others in the process.
You may now be asking yourself how cannabis fits into this picture. The unfortunate part is that it doesn’t, at least not in a legal sense. Cannabis is presented to us by the federal government as an addictive and dangerous drug. We are conditioned to believe that drugs like alcohol, nicotine, even prescription medications are “alright” for us, but illegal drugs like marijuana should never be touched. Most educated people today know that in reality cannabis is an incredibly safe drug. A full night of smoking will usually bring laziness, followed by deep sleep. Upon waking up, most users will feel refreshed and well rested, usually with a case of the munchies that will leave any kitchen in ruins. Instead, because of the morals we are conditioned with, you have people fighting, getting pregnant, and even dying from over drinking.
How did our federal government, a government that was supposed to be incredibly limited in power, manage to convince a large percentage of its citizens that alcohol was safer to consume than some of the herbal alternatives? Even after seeing countless deaths and cases of addiction, so many Americans remain in this blinded trance. Addictive chemicals are being sold at every gas station and grocery store, while a harmless plant like marijuana remains illegal – out of reach from desperate cancer patients.
Why then was marijuana ever illegalized? It is because of a key difference in the actual addictiveness of marijuana compared to alcohol. I can say from personal experience that it is incredibly easy to go from smoking marijuana several times a day for months on end to completely ceasing usage. Little or no discomfort will be felt, only a mild desire to smoke again, which is usually only apparent when others are smoking around you. In fact, I felt far more physical and mental discomfort when I stopped using caffeine regularly than when I stopped using marijuana. Because of its low potential for addiction it makes it much more difficult to guarantee a constant supply of customers to future sellers.
The ease of cultivating at home is another vastly limiting aspect for marijuana in the consumer world. Just a bit of research on growing techniques, a few reasonably priced supplies, and some closet space is all that is required to have a constant supply of completely natural, homegrown cannabis. This aspect alone would drastically cut down on potential customers and would destroy any potential at creating a monopoly on the plant.
It is because of these reasons that I find it difficult to see cannabis being legalized anytime soon. Currently our nation appears to only be interested in allowing the use of addictive and deadly substances that will have their user (or victim), constantly pouring their money into our economy and in return only strengthening their addiction. The contradictions that the marijuana policy has shed light on are only a few of the many that reflect the corruption spreading within our national government. Mixing power and money with lies and false claims can be the downfall of a government. It is time we stop ignoring these unconcealed deceptions and return the power to the ones who truly deserve it.
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Old 01-23-2008, 03:31 AM #2
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Smells like copy pasta.
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Originally Posted by crfracerR@VE View Post
Smells like copy pasta.
I ran a search already.
It's not.
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Boomstick of Rave.
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Well I do have sinuses so...
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Old 01-23-2008, 03:57 AM #5
Menace (Banned)
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awful. seriously. you're a ****ing horrible writer. if i was your professor, i would fail you for picking such a ridiculous topic and moreover for writing such an awful paper about it.
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Old 01-23-2008, 04:17 AM #6
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Crappy subject to do an essay on. The subject alone will get you poor marks. Your teacher is going to have a bias opinion on the matter that will affect your grade.
I still hate p8ntgurl

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I stopped reading when it started with "In writing this paper...". What grade are you in? 5th? 6th?

It's a paper, not a conversation. There should be no "I"'s or "you"'s anywhere.

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Originally Posted by BigfootWookie View Post
I stopped reading when it started with "In writing this paper...". What grade are you in? 5th? 6th?

It's a paper, not a conversation. There should be no "I"'s or "you"'s anywhere.

It's suppossed to be an essay, not an outright testimony, which by the way, makes it pretty clear you've smoked cheeba. That alone creates a biased text.

You need to do more research and educate yourself a bit more on the topic before sticking to this one, I'd say. Your points are also misguided.

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The Ref Assassins
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Anyone who's an English major is a fan of teh headies. I mean how easy is it to teach the language you hear every second?

But be careful...This thread contains talk of marijuana, and Mods poop diamonds when they hear it.

WARNING: The above post contains the brutal truth. Anything from mild to severe rage will be experienced by the one(s) to whom the post is directed (Results may vary).
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Personal pronouns need to go. If this is meant to be a serious essay you did a terrible job.
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Old 01-23-2008, 07:32 AM #11
i (heart) mods.
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your writing skills need work, you make a lot of large assumptions, but state very little fact.

Originally Posted by Malakai View Post
Anyone who's an English major is a fan of teh headies. I mean how easy is it to teach the language you hear every second?

But be careful...This thread contains talk of marijuana, and Mods poop diamonds when they hear it.

that second part is so getting sig'd.
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