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Unhappy Help me Centerflag

My Tank was spiking like a mother, and to add to that my dove tail has broken.
I am part owner of a large Indoor field and pro-shop and I have to tell you these Dynaflow's are really causing me grief.

I supplied four others to my Team and the all had huge spiking issues. I don't buy the theory of the lower the tank pressure the higher the output.

The tank was flawless until I adjusted it for a cocker. I hope you can offer me a better replacement or I'll be using Angel Air like the rest of my guys.
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Just trying to get some more info on your problem, so I have a couple of questions. Were you running a secondary regulator between the tank and the gun if so what reg was it? What was the output pressure set at?

As far as the "theory" of the lower the tank volume the greater the output pressure. Do a test set the pressure to 200 psi when there's about 600psi or less in the tank. Then fill the tank to 3000 or 4500 what ever the tank is set for. I'm guessing the output would be sub 150psi when it's full but I don't know I'm just guessing. I'll have to try this little experiment tomorrow for myself.
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Four different guns all the same problem

All guns were dual regulated. Dark LCD with Angel Reg. Tank was set at 600psi . Free Flow Autococker with ANS reg, tank at 500. Airtech Matrix with Beehive, tank set at 450. Sto autococker with Stock reg. Tank set at 450-500.

All of these guns would go on with 4000 to 4500psi. They would chrono for as low as 220, and then come off from 287 to 310 with anywhere from 3000 to 1500 psi left in tank.

These air systems cost us many points and a whole tourney as well. We had 580 points in 8 games with 475 in hot guns in one event.

The next tournament we had two Angel Airs, One Armageddon, and an older Apocolypse and we had no hot guns at all. Same guns same regulators.

I've have seen the pins in 5 different tanks all look different lengths and the calipers show various diameters and lengths.
We change seals. Adjusted pressure with tank off before air up.
We still had problems with our Dyna-flows.

Now if you're playing rec. and you can chrono once for the day you might not care, but when you shell out A THOUSAND BUCKS FOR THE DAY you might see why I can't chance the spikes.

If Centerflag knows that their regs do raise with lower tank pressure, why aren't they doing anything about this?

Sorry this not meant to flame I just would like some serious answers.
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Old 10-08-2001, 10:50 PM #4
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Centerflag are you responding?

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Old 10-09-2001, 08:11 AM #5
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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I fell asleep in the corner.

Now to answer your questions.
The DynaFlows do have the tendency to rise in output pressure as the tank pressure goes down. This has been known since the beginning. It was posted in PaintballCity as a FAQ. I will see about doing that again here.

The reason that the regs do this is because of the design. It is designed to be a volume regulator at a set pressure. Not a pressure regulator at a set volume. This is why we can have higher flow rates. (I am in the process of getting my boss to publish these figures.) The by-product of our design is that the output pressure fluctuates with the tank pressure. While some people think that this is bad, to them I say yes it is.. IF you are using a singly regulated system on your gun. or if you are unaware of the phenomenon. I see by your second setups that you didn't list the output pressures of the tanks you were using: AIR, Arm, etc.. This would help a little in diagnosing some of the issue.

Please just hear me out on these suggestions.. more thinking out loud than anything.
One thing that I can think of is that the in-line regs are set too high and essentially becomes a gas thru when you set it up with a dynaflow, i.e. that is until the dynaflow output reaches the set pressure of the in-line. This may be the case of the 2 autocockers because even free flows run at about 450 PSI. I know that it's not true with the beehive. The Angel in-lines are prone to failure at or slightly above 1000 psi. If you are having true spiking problems with the output of the tanks then this is possible.

The problem also maybe that your grub screws are incorrectly adjusted on the brass piston, Or possibly even that the hex head on the reg is not torqued onto the reg body tightly enough.

If you would still like to work with the tanks, please let me know,
I can e-mail you a maintenance guide (which I am in the process of completing)
Or you can give Josh a call at (630) 553-2611. I will inform him of your dilemma.

As far as the rail breaking, we did have a batch that had problems. If your serial number is 1100 or less then it will be replaced for no charge. In any case, talk to Josh.

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