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Old 12-25-2007, 11:32 AM #1
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OK so heres the new smart parts EOS i got virtue in it qev and thats all really dont need anything else triggers real nice review below ect...sorry for the pic quality i was using my cell phone for the pics because my digital broke but they get the job done

Smart Parts Eos



back x2

SP EOS no barrel


Empty Eos inside
**********************since its xmas today i have alot to do so ill post a full review sometime this week but i did get to shoot it, went through 4 hoppers very nicely not the gratest paint it was kind of sitting around but thats all i had. i was anxious to shoot it and had NO BREAKS whatsoever which was nice. i was shooting consistant at avg of 280 fps on the chrono nothing really off, had a perfect paint to barrel match with the freak kit (def reccomend) shot ropes no problems yet but its still early...the trigger is one of the best triggers ive ever shot and its stock. the asa is good however it could be better, but its nothing bad and the short line looks sick. i have a virtue so changing modes is easy as anything... more to come so far though its been great...great gun for people that dont feel like dropping a huge load of money and like easy maintenance, i took the bolt out changed around parts looked at stuff and put it back together in under five min and i was checking it out so it can be done much faster than that(good for most people for routine cleanings)...very simmilar to the epiphany with a few kinks dealt with. The back out bolt is great and saves alot of cleaning time and the body is one of the nicest out. Although i have a virtue and a qev the gun preforms at top level stock and the only upgrade that i would reccomend is a new board/qev...some people like a new reg but thats up to you...full review/videos soon

yesterday was the first time i took it out on the feild and it ripped no problems whatsoever same really as the day i got it went thru about 3 cases of paint really nice...i shud put up a vid tommarow**********************

Okay a few days on the field and got a nice feel for the gun
first of all i'll start with the pro's
-This gun rips capped at 17 bps is more then you need on the field, however i did upgrade with a virtue board where you can never go wrong and you get the modes ect (if anyone was wondering right now it has an epiphany virtue so it wont say eos if you want to order one online)

-the trigger, probly the best stock trigger i have ever shot my magnet seems tighter then others that i have shot and the trigger seems further away aswell but i got used to it fast and it didnt pose as any problem, its super fast dont need to make any upgrades here.

-it comes stock with everything you need for top competition and torny level play (on/off asa, sick trigger,ion bolt, good board, freak jr ext)

- The price, even though other low priced guns can compete with this gun it is still at a low price so you wont have an empty pocket to compete with guns that will give you one

-freak jr barrel (shoots ropes especialy with optional insert kit 79$ ish)

- works great overall no problems on the field

-cleans like a dream with the BOB

cons; yeah there are a few but the same holds with all guns they arn't major problems either and some tend to be opinions

- this wasnt happening with all of the eos's i shot but when i just walk the tigger ungassed somtimes it sticks to the frame, when its gassed i have never had that problem and the guy at the shop said that it shouldnt be a problem either so take that for what its worth

- the finish on the chrome body does wear a little bit even if your a diligent cleaner but it doesnt chip or look bad its actually hard to notice

- the asa isnt the greatest but it is an on off and some people like it id prefer a dye or bob long...bottom line it works.


if the gun works and is a high end gun its about the player but with that aside heres my experience
I play front so accuracy was nice but i gave my friend the gun whose a back for a round to really test it at 240fps and a nice paint to barrel fit it shot ropes.
3 days of play no barrel breaks no leaks just ripped.
in the chrono it was very consistant i shot 240 237 245 243
the virtue worked great and went through hoppers on ever mode

(just for referance i have a vlocity viewloader hopper some peopel may get a different experience)

A few last specs

the gun looks great if you have it expect attention
its relativly light for a metal body
comes apart easy same as put together
(*this part is all the specs on the Action Village Eos page)

Unique rapid-charge, low volume fire chamber and volume control inserts makes the EOS deliver high-end tournament level performance, protected from distance-robbing shoot down even at the highest rates of fire
Vision anti chop technology combined with fast and simple single tool disassembly of the entire bolt and valve system gives the EOS the reliability and fast turn around time needed in the staging pits of today's tournaments.
Weight (marker only): 2 lbs. 3 oz.
Length (w/out barrel): 8.4 in.
Operating Pressure: 280psi
Gas Source: HPA or CO2
Anti-Chop System: Break Beam Vision
Trigger Pivot: Conical Mounted Bearing
Ball Detent: Dual rubber style
Semi auto, rebound, 3 round burst (10bps max), full auto, (10bps max)
Max Rate of fire: 17bps
Field legal mode lock
Runs on one 9 volt battery
Smart Parts On/Off ASA
Includes Freak Jr. three piece 14 inch barrel
Feedneck: Vertical Q-Lock/NXT thread
Lightweight alloy grip frame/body

Recommendations; its really a great gun all around id say its a great second gun or a gun for someone who wants high performance for a low price, if your an athletic first time player youl and want to get a gun you might be pulled to this and its nice look it will last you a long time if you take care of it but your local arena might through you in with players out of your leage so buy at your own risk, it is a great gun for all players interested or playing paintball and for the price you cant go wrong

hope this all helped a vid will be up soon if you want a cleaning vid just pm me and ill post it on the thread but its pretty easy and in closing i give the eos a 9 out of 10 because like dooko said nothing is perfect

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Old 12-25-2007, 03:40 PM #2
Greenhouseeffect (Banned)
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did a 2k7er just do a good review?
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what does that have to do with anything? by the way, good review so far.. getting mine next weekend cant wait. =D
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Originally Posted by Greenhouseeffect View Post
did a 2k7er just do a good review?
yeah but since when do u buy somthing because one person likes it im also gunna hit on defferent specs a few diff opinions cant hurt b4 u spend money on a gun.
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good review
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Old 12-26-2007, 11:32 PM #7
pic 0f m3 below
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These guns are baller.
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i really dig the chrome look with the liquid carbon pretty slick
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Originally Posted by Greenhouseeffect View Post
did a 2k7er just do a good review?

Good review.

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Very nice...
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JaKCd Up'D
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Originally Posted by Greenhouseeffect View Post
did a 2k7er just do a good review?
Says the 2k7'r
(yea i know i know im one too and i dont really care)
good review btw
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