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10-shot kid
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How to play like a scum bag

After ION 06 I publicly announced I would no longer be a spy until after the ION of 08 due to serious backlash by diffrent teams. Basically it got to the point where it had "gone too far" in my book. During this short period of not playing like a scum bag I've come to the realization that it will be quite a bit longer before I have the opportunity to do so again. Not wanting this art, which had been passed down to me by the last generation of scum bag, to be lost I've decided to post a "how to" thread because I'm wicked bored.

This covers not only spying but how to be an effective role player in general as playing like a scum bag is really the only way an individual player at a large game can make an impact with how rules are setup today. Just because I have the most experience with it though I'm going to really go over playing a proper spy, not someone who just pulls some barrle taps, gets an assasination, or something of minute point value.
This is not to denote the generally stereotype of a scumbag. Cheating is lame and for the individuals who cannot effectively execute this playing style. Instead a playing like a scumbag means your playing the game the way you want, influencing it in directions you find amusing, and as a result your generally pissing large groups of people off.

introduction and the question of support

For the best long term implementation of this approach choose one person you will always be allied too. Someone who is most importantly consistently present at the games you go to. It helps if they are trustworthy but this isn't quite so important as your never going to dick them over. People generally don't want to disclose the person who is in secret always helping them out. For me it was someone who was experienced and was always a leading role at the games I went to. Your contact will help you out when you need him by feeding fake information to your target.

So if at some point you feel like your target is getting pissed at you go run and gun for an hour and tell your contact to say "FREAKING prick just stole X" or "blew up X" or something of slight importance. Getting him to send over an angry ref (who believes the complaint) to yell at you for "going to far" in some fake task is even better like getting the ref to say "You can't keep setting of bombs at insert because the new players don't want to play anymore!" or "trying to steal props at central command while their being turned in isn't allowed!" Not some serious saftey violation or flat out cheating like going out of bounds or whiping, but the over bending of some game dynamic rule. A great example would be a false complaint of something similar to what TB actually did with the whole barrle taping thing at EMR at night (having to say "barrle tap" in order for it to count and ignoring anything else while legal is the sort of thing that generates angry petty complaints).

Just to shortly note, don't do this right away. First your contact is going to need actual results before he goes so far as to get refs angry. Secound you only get to play this card once. You just want to seem like an arrogant egotistical prick not like a SOB. Third, it's best if the ref has doubts about what he's yelling at you about (but doesn't know because you can never trust a ref not to blow your cover) because you don't want to get ejected or something.

Of course this isn't necessary. At ION 06 for example, when I pulled off one of the best scum bag games I've ever played, I had no contact. It's up to you as you get more experienced whether or not to have one or not. It may not even be a good idea at all to have a contact as if you do choose one you will always have to play for him/her. For this reason never have more than one (1) contact in your entire career as playing as a scum bag. You never want to chance one being on both sides. If for some reason you have two and they are both on opposite sides don't even try out this playing style that game.

Also, never talk to this guy much at the field. There is no need to blow your cover. It only takes one person realizing what your doing to make this style cease to work for the game, if not for a long, long time. This is a role of solitude. So if your playing to make friends, to get your name out, or even worse for sponsership, this isn't the role for you.

It's best to play a couple big games regularly before choosing a contact of not. For me I got one my first game playing as a scum bag but it happened totally by luck and if your following this guide you properlly don't have the natural skill to do that.

pregame talk

your pregame actions should be subtle yet they are important. Never, ever, ever say your playing for the side you are. Even if things don't work out at the last minute there are tons of reasonable and common excuses you can use to explain, without causing suspicion, why you had to "switch teams." Don't be overly vocal about it. Ask a couple of people you know to be vocal in the community what team they are playing for and then respond accordingly. IE "I'm playing for green (target) team" "oh good, I'm sure we'll be whooping up on them!"

Talk a little bit of trash to your team on the side when the target team starts up a bashing. Make sure to keep all your comments as lame and stupid as the normal banter that goes back and forth. You don't want to reach the epic trash talk of players like wideguy least you draw too much of an opinion from your target team. You want them to think "this guy is one of those mediocre players who will do stupid jobs."


The secound step is to pack the proper gear. You want at a minimum three diffrent sets of clothes and gear. You want one set that stands out and makes you look important. For example I wear a suit and tie and have a unique pistol. Your mask should even be higher grade than others.

For the uniform make it something unique (not cammo/jersey) that has a commanding presence. A mock army dress uniform, a suit, even a labcoat. If this is too expensive for you (dry cleaning on a blazer is 10-15 bucks a game) at least have a common army BDU set with overly gilded officer ranks and metals. The bigger and shinier the better. DO NOT wear some sort of stupid costume that makes you look like it's dungeons and dragons day regardless of how relevant it is to the game. Make sure the outfit has diffrent layers you can always hid stuff under discreetly. One of the reasons I started playing remote was so that the line would push the side of my jacket out, giving extra space for larger items to hide in without protruding.

You always want a pistol of some sort with this outfit that has a "commanding" presence. One that's simple yet shiny (black or silver) and you'd picture some self-important officer carrying around while barking orders. Don't believe me? Get a shiny tac-8 or a plamer squall/stroker, dress in BDU's, go to a rec game and walk around shouting orders that make sense and watch people listen, newer players especially which are key.

The reason for this is simple. In a research study of human behavior a guy stood on the turnpike in front of a governmental looking setup with a large professional looking sign that said "NJ IS CLOSED" in a white lab coat and a clip board. No one took the NJ exit and people even stopped to ask "when will NJ be open again?" The same will hold true at paintball games if you execute it right.

This is the outfit you should wear to the field and have on most of the time. It is the outfit people should identify you by. It is the only outfit people should know you have.

The second set of gear should be a jersey, with a medium grade mask, and a cheap "tourny" gun. The jersey should be common as should the gun. The perfect set would be an ION with whatever was the jersey of the year a year ago. This outfit is for when you want people to think your halfway between noob and experienced. You should wear this outfit the least out of all your outfits and practice using a slightly diffrent yet believable voice with it.

The final set should be your total noob outfit. A cheap mask, a model 98 (everyone has one), and bdu's. The bdu's should be the same as the ones most noobs wear. Even better is if this outfit matches what the field rents out. This is the perfered outfit for meeting your contact and conducting missions against your target. You should only say "yes" "no" and other commonly heard phrases while wearing this outfit.
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10-shot kid
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Finally always carry a pack of cigarettes if you smoke or not. These are key. Go so far as to have a pack of your preferred brand in your first outfit and a different pack in your other 2. Have the enemy ID card in your 1 outfit pack in the celephane in order to make security used to you pulling out your cig pack at check in. Regardless if you do this or not always have a primary full pack and a second pack with only two cigarettes left in it on you at all times.

The reason for this is multipronged. Say things are getting bad and your cover may be blown shortly. Time to pull out the almost empty pack and get an excuse to head out. Say you want to blow up the base. Time to slip that bomb card on a timer into your empty pack, have a cig and dispose of the empty pack within range of the enemy base. It's even better when a ref picks it up and yells at you for littering because now you can use the "The bomb would have gone off and destroyed their base if you hadn't done that" line and any evidence you just blew up the base is now off field. Also people don't assume much when they see a ref picking up common clutter. It also helps when your trying to get a guy on your side to either let you on a mission or particibate in some function and you offer your "last" cigarette before asking.

Also fake props are also key. Make your own and make them convincing enough that they look real, yet cheap enough it isn't obvious that someone went through far too much time to make it. Sell these to your team for petty amounts of game money to give to the target to garner trust. This is also great because now people on your team will be super pissed at you and odds are your target team is going to hear about it. Sell these to 3rd entity teams as a target team member (make sure to say "these are from command" or or "I got sent here" not "the general" or "team da da da") to piss them off. Use money you con from target team members to buy these things and then get pissed as hell when you "find out" they are fakes. Don't use them exclusively, but like a lightly garnished salt on a meal. Don't let the other team just think your the idiot with the fake props.

Finally try to get some of your real props, which are small and concealable in say a cigarette pack, cleared by your team.

First steps at the game: get that ID

The first step at the field to playing like a scumbag is for no one to know what you really are like when your playing. This is fundamental to the proper execution of playing like a scum bag. It is cool for people to know "that's X" when you want. It's not cool on the other hand for them to know "that's X, he's Y." Key to this is never take credit for anything you do and take credit for everything you don't and even better believable things that you didn't do. People who are of importance will generally believe your just a egotistical POS at this point but will do things when asked. They may even think "he will want to keep face" when they ask for things. This is key.

The second step is getting your cover. You need to obtain an enemy ID card within the rules. At no field I've been to have I seen airtight rules against stealing the opposite teams ID card. Remeber, your roleplaying a spy and spies are scum bags so there's your moral backup if this makes you feel bad. I never had a problem with it so whatever. Just don't break the rules that makes you lame.

If the field has no rule against stealing someones ID have on your 2nd outfit and stroll around the lot while registration is going on. Have a pair of sissors up your sleeve in a non assuming way. Someone will always either leave their entire player pack of ID card out in the open. A popular thing is to use the zip tie to secure the ID card onto the mask and then leave it, that's what the sissors are for. Steal the ID card whatever way possible. DO NOT jack anything larger than what someone may easily drop (like the entire bloody manila envelope)

Now here's the line between breaking the law and roleplaying. It's against the law to obtain property with the intent to deprive them of it. After jacking the players kit make sure to keep a distance, have a cig or talk with someone, and tail them in as nonsuspicious a manner as possible. They will soon find out there stuff has been jacked and go to registration to try and get new stuff. Wait to see if they will get new stuff and do not intervene unless they are either about the leave or buy a new registration pack. If this happens walk up and say "Hey I found this (around where you stole it) it's proberly yours!" and chuckle it up and move on.

If there is a rule against stealing someones ID card there is never a rule from jacking it from the source. Again the line between roleplaying and theft must be observed. As long as you pay, and don't use the registration kit for entry without pay, your good to go. At the last ION for example the registration center had a stack of both teams ID cards right on the counter, I almost jacked em then remembered my promise. This takes balls but is the whole thing does anyhow.

The final way is to use an old ID/bracelet set. This of course takes time and effort as not only do you have to play at all the old games you have to save your stuff. Keep the nondated side out and the inside either secured to your mask VIA zip tie or cig pack via celephane.

If there is a flat out rule against not using an enemy ID to be a spy without being an official spy it's time for slimeball tactics. To me "enemy ID" means "official enemy ID" it's time to get creative. Fabricate counterfits that in some small minuet, yet easily noticeable, difference.

The easiest, yet least secure method, is to just make a counterfit wristband. This is easier than most think, just buy paper like they use for the wrist band for your printer, mess around with programs, and print it out at home. If the paper is not the same as the wristbands used (slightly diffrent color tint, diffrent feel, etc) then it's not official. If the design is off center (the printer must have messed up!) then it's not official. etc.

As for the card find a card maker, either one that makes fake ID's or business cards similar to what you want, give them the design, and blam you got it. If there's a minum order get 5 cards for each team with specialties on them. Copyright isn't an issue because your not giving em for a profit/materials (so no giving away frabicated ID cards for props/booze I've learned). Make the title different (instead of soldier, warrior), the format in a different order, a slightly different font, if your really worried make a random symbol on it somewhere.

This method of fabricating your own ID may cost as much as dual registration but you'll have the materials to make fake ID's in the future.

And just for completions sake the final way to pull it off is to get dual registrations. This can cost an extra 35-50 dollars though so it's up to you. Make sure to wear casual clothes to the first and your 1st outfit to the second pickup. I've never done this because I find it unsportsmanlike.

Registering should be done either as early as possible or midway through when there isn't a lot of people there and they aren't paying attention. You don't want someone to notice you have an actual registration folder and start asking questions. As soon as you get the folder discreetly put it out of sight, like inside your jacket or something.
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10-shot kid
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First contact

Before the game starts find out who the enemy command is. These people, or person, is now your primary target. You don't want to get all cozy with him off the break. If you have props that just got cleared give him the worst one with some quip along the lines of working hard to win. Give him some stupid over generalized intel you got before the meeting like "Thier general is X" or "I saw their base and..." or some other stupid thing noobs take up general's time with before games. Don't act like your god's gift to paintball but act like those newbs who think they are better than most and people should recognize their all humble about it. "I'm not all that good but..." is an awesome line.

If he hasn't already sent you to his XO or something it's time to drop the arrogance. Tell him things like "I blew up the enemy base at previous game X (which he attended), I want to keep it going. I'm awesome at roles (important roles everyone wants like demo, medic, etc) can you hook me up?" He knows, if he's at all competent, there is no way you blew up the enemy base last game. It's even better, given the current group think, if he thinks your some sort of noob taking the game seriously who wants to get better. If you do it right he'll decide that because he doesn't know you by more than a name and hasn't seen you all that much that your a new guy trying to impress him in order to get something, I'll give him a stupid job. That way he'll learn and say awesome things about me!

Stupid jobs are good

Stupid jobs though are what you want. They give you access to the base, hords of newbs, and at the same time allow you to move with more mobility than you'd think throughout the base. Running up to the front lines and back for intel gets security to stop hassling you after a while. Guarding the base is now impossible to get with "professional" teams always doing it now but perimeter security, like checking ID's at insert, is a job most teams will give you in short order if you stick around for a couple hours. Going on stupid 3 point missions is another popular task that's designated to the type of player your pretending to be. looking for plentiful props (like oil drums at previous IONs), all these things and more are tasks that smart generals distribute to people who are willing to help but properlly arn't worth much. More "professional" teams do the important stuff like running the big missions, gaurding the inner base, and such. It's just how the game works right now.

Now it's time to implant yourself with your stupid job. Remember it's a 24 hour game, you have all the time in the world. Do your stupid job as good as possible with as much pizzaz as possible. You don't want to fail your first task, you want to be reliable.

Your guarding the base? While balancing the over abrasiveness of ordering people around (don't get people pissed yet) bark out orders. Set up "security measures" such as tape lines and multiple ID check points, you of course being the first one. Give over generalized yet professional sounding commands in a non assuming way like "you guys are in charge of this sector and that means rah rah rah." If a team is in charge of security just keep to checking ID's, you don't want to be on any teams radar ever.

If it's some stupid mission act like it's the game winner without being gay. Take point and act all serious keeping your head on a swivel in friendly territory and running ahead to "make sure it's clear." Don't shout out orders to everyone and make complex manuvers it's not time for that. If there are a couple of newbs along organize them to the best of your ability to make sure the more important people coming along think your not only helping the mission succeed but care about new players. Be the one to complete the mission, carry in the prop, or do whatever. At the very least make sure your next to the guy who does when you come in.

If for some reason you entirely fall short and don't get a stupid job it's time for the backup plan. Go for a prop, the more important the better, and be the one to drag it in. Either get it yourself or take it off someone who doesn't look thrilled to be lugging it in with the promise "What's your name so I can say who got this!" Following that promise depends on if the player is someone you think will care about that or not.

For the first hour or two you should be playing for the target team. Pulling stunts this early will totally bone you unless you really know how to pull em. You should appear to be the go to guy for getting stuff done when either no one feels like it or there isn't anyone better for the job. Your ultimate goal is to get the trust of the enemy team, the respect of their newer players, and at the same time be off the radar to the "professional" teams.

Who to interact with and how

Before going any further it's paramount you have an idea of the general player groups on the field and how you should act with them throughout the game.

These guys are out for their secound or third game scenario game, maybe even their first. They follow orders more often than not and are the key group your going to influence. Don't get overly friendly with them but make them feel like you care about them and together you'll win the game

These are the guys that are the inbetween and thus hardest to read. Don't go for them, let them come to you. They will most likely be at the next game so don't get them involved directly in any schemes unless you can shift the blame. They are a great group to use because people trust them more than the newbs and they can unwittingly do far more damage.

These are the guys you have to really finesse to get them on board. A lot of them are there just for fun, figure out which ones those are and go for them. If they are there to win on the other hand those are the best ones to target for fake ____. The fewest amount of these are the ones who want to be on teams, these are the guys you want to feed fake intel to (as long as you always say ____ told me X) as they will tell the teams.

*Generals and command staff
These are the players you need to work with but don't want to. They are there to win which makes them dangerous. At the same time they are there to make a name for themselves, they are generally egotistic. Play to that.

Everything that works has to be there idea. Everything that fails was your bad and you just didn't understand what they said/wanted. If you pull in a prop you didn't do it, them telling you what to do did it. Let them think your working for them, that you care about what they want. If they question some scheme make sure to always say "I didn't think you'd want ___ to happen."

Never get cozy with them but let them think of you as a go to guy. Never let them really get to know you yet make sure they remember what you said. You want them to trust you, yet not rely on you.

Steer clear of these as much as possible. Teams generally have more experienced players that will realize when your messing with them. Teams are there to win, they are there to most likely get noticed, and most likely they are there to get or keep sponsers. They will also be at the next event and if you directly dick them over they will remember you. The reason I had to stop playing like this was simply because the teams figured out who I was and what I was doing.

At the same time though they do a lot of jobs, like base security, they don't want to do. They don't want to check ID's, so try to take that over. They don't want to sit at base, so try and get them to think you have a confident organized groups of walkons to do that.
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10-shot kid
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Execution: fun games to play

Finally it's time for how to execute your role once your in. You given hours of play time, effort, and properly a bit of balls to get here. Don't dick it up by going for the big points by blowing up the base, barrle tapping people, or doing something stupid for glory first. Don't think about how much you've given them and how much you need to take back to even it out.

First, play mind games with all the punks and get them to not want to go anywhere near the base. If your in charge or security branch out the security line in areas to cause ridiculous maneuvering on behalf of the target team. There's a trail with heavy brush next to it? Put people in the heavy brush. Make so many ID points manned by noobs that everyone gets pissed. But let teams and people with them walk through security and blow past ID points because "we know them!" This way the general player populace will not only try to steer clear of the base but will form resentment of the teams because they're "special" and therefore arrogant pricks. Watch teams begin to piss and moan about how the "stupid" walkons won't listen to them or help them out.

Another fun game is to have a "holding area" for newbs/walkons who ask for missions in some ridiculous location, preferably a swamp, because a bomb just went off by the base. Make sure to say it's what the general wants out of his ear shot. Have everyone below player rank X wait in this area and all the officers wait in a nicer one inside the security area by the base. Every half hour send an "officer" out to pick people up for a mission to entice people to stay. I got 200+ people into the swamp at the ION this way, it's hilarious. Just make sure to bug out if you see a massive group coming from your holding area because at least 1% will want blood.

If this all is going along great, or if you simply can't get into security, start roving around either near the base of on the field with an air of importance. Start sending people on fake missions. It's even better if you have manila folders with field maps inside a briefcase with random areas circled and official sounding mission names at the top. Make sure each mission is "important" yet not "crucial" and watch as kids become entirely disenfranchised with following the simplest of orders.

People starting to get pissed? Starting to expect a spy is in the base? Luckily your the best dang spy detector ever. Start sending 5-10 man "elite" squads after random players on the team. Pick a random kid thats moving out, ask him "hey where you goin man?" memorize what he's wearing, and boom you got a spy. Tell them "I just got intel from up above this kid is a spy and has a bomb, he should be in this area, take him out!" If a problem arises either chastise the strike team that they got the wrong kid "Hey had on a red jersey with black stripes not just a red jersey!" or say "SOB! I'm going to the general!" storm in his command hut, give him some stupid security update, walk over with your arms out and say "Freaking X (perferably 3rd entity team or roleplayer) gave us bad bloody intel!

Dick over others for mass profit

Which brings us to how to deal with 3rd entities and roleplayers. First off you don't want the target team at all communicating with these guys as that equals points. You want every scheme you just sent kids on that pissed them off the be these guys fault if your questioned. You want your perimeter security newbs to believe these guys are possibly dangerous so if they reach inside a pocket or anything put their gun on them.

3rd entity and roleplayers are there for fun. They don't want to deal with hostile security and they especially don't want to deal with being shot point blank as your jumpy security guards will if you played em right. Of course dealing with them yourself is a great idea. If they have something to sell direct them to an off the beaten path area and ask what it is. Then when they say the price point your gun at them and say "no, it's free today!" when they bark "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" blast em and demand the prop. They won't give it to you, but they will be pissed and your target will be feeling the reprisals.

NEVER buy anything from a roleplayer or 3rd entity. You risk your general finding out you did and asking why you didn't turn it in. Instead just piss them off as much as possible directly AND indirectly. You don't want them to figure out your the only one pulling the shots, you want them to think the entire team is being obnoxious, and you want them to react accordingly.

Send teams at their base. Lead kids to their base, make up some plausable agreement they had with your team, when they say they had no such thing start shooting and let your horde of newbs join in. Tell newbs on their way out to "look out for" them as "they may be against us" but never tell them to shoot them on sight. You'll immediately lose credibility.

If everything goes right you should have no RP and 3rd entity points going into the target base bar a few. You should have them working for your team a majority of the time for free. You should have a select few of them to the point that they will shoot you point blank on sight to exact revenge. This way your team will immediately return fire and even further denigrate relations.

Drop your fake props in areas they've just walked over in order for an excuse to stop them. Be aggressive in asking what it was they dropped and watch others join in, jamming barrels into facemasks and frothing at the mouth. If your on a joint mission, or even any mission, cause some sort of catastrophic close range gunfight with the other team that leads to mass close range shooting, friendly fire, and a generall distaste in everyones mouth to every go on one or work with the other team again.

The big points

This brings me to me last and final point. How to pull off the big ones. Blowing up the enemy base, killing the enemy general, jacking prop caches, and inserting your team. These are the moments that people play like total scum bags for yet must be used sparingly. You cannot pull these off every game and expect people to not realize who you are and what your doing unless you do it right. They must be done without emotion or recognition.

When and how to do them is varies depending on how close you are to getting discovered, how lax you've gotten base security, and a number of other game factors. One of them is never, ever, ever how your team is doing. NEVER let this influence you, it's a role of solitude to be enacted in solitude.

Blowing up the enemy base is the best big play to do if you want to be able to continue to play like this. Bombs are by nature impersonal and therefore the best large weapon a spy has. Obtaining these things is totally up to the player but it's best if they are purchased indirectly either from someone who bought it from someone, stolen from a cache, or purchased by your contact. I find it best to buy these at night when people are drinking while wearing by primary outfit in order to avoid suspicion and increase the odds of the person forgetting who they sold it too. It's best if you get two, one to give to the enemy general as a cover story (don't worry your blowing it up soon) and one to use.

Let a ref you know wouldn't blow your cover know your plan off field when no one is nearby. Make it quick and based on you doing something you normally do. Like "When I light my cigarette a bomb will be inside the enemy base and will go off, I'll go to other ref X tell him where it is and he'll radio the location to you..." end. Obviously make sure ref X is on standby at a location of your choosing, either at the outskirts of the base where you'll be, or right outside the insert. tell him quickly and discreetly while walking by. Players talking to refs for a long period of time either right before and explosion or afterwards is a key indicator to anyone who knows what they're doing what's going on.

The cigarette pack is only one trick. Others are having someone else carry it in unwittingly by emptying one of his pods, placing it inside, and having a remote trigger. Another is getting a large prop into your zone of control placing it inside, like a barrel or whatever, and waiting for someone to drag it in. Or switching uniforms and dragging it in yourself. There are multiple other ways I'll leave it to you to figure out. This is also the best way to get that general kill if you have the card.
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The last thee, killing the enemy general, inserting your team , and stealing prop caches are all big plays that require you to break cover. Sure I'm not breaking cover that game by inserting my team, but they'll know who did it and carry it to next game. Pulling this off has a high likelyhood of ending your spying career and should not be done in haste. Unless your espicially pissed off that day, like I was, or for some reason tire of the spy game, as I also did, don't do this if you plan on doing this more.

To lower the likelyhood of discovery switch up your. Get to command without letting anyone know what is up, there's properly spys over there too. If you have security set to let in teams switch into your second outfit and try to have everyone match. It's best if you have fake ID's for all put at least have 3 guys have the cards. Yourself, someone in line slightly behind you, and of course the last guy. Have the guys with fake ID's flash them in the nonchalant "I don't have time for you" manner and watch it work awesomely if you set it up right.

The best way to get in is to place a remote bomb on the opposite side of the base you wish to hit. If this is not possible at least have a plant there to open up when he sees your group. It's a deversion tactic that will have every board as hell security guy rush over, or at least look and move slowly over, for action. It will also greatly reduce the odds of some schmuck forcing everyone to show ID cards.

Even better couple this with a fake spy entering 1 minute before your team with the idea of getting discovered. When a spy is discovered everyone swarms and points guns. Have him stall for time asking refs what to do, placing his marker on the ground and hands behind his head (best if the targets thinks PRISONER!) and generally attracting attention and a subtle way. I've never had a team carded when using this method and it takes the least amount of time and planning. Even better if your lead guy points him out "hey, I just heard that guy up there at command asking what to do as a spy" after flashing his fake credentials.

Now that your team is past the perimeter go to work. If you got a team of good guys you should not only get the general kill but should be able to jack some props. This is damaging, hurts enemy morale, and tightens security to the unberable point at the base. Even better if you can infiltrate shortly afterwards and set off a bomb.

The most effective yet worse way is to lead the way in your primary outfit and clear the team with security. After you enter the command tent have them open up on the base. When the general and his command staff rush to the side being attacked jack the prop cache from it's spot and run out. Now it's a short sprint between you and your enemy line. Hand off the cache to the first person you see, make sure all the props are seperated from the prop money, and send the bombs immedietly back at the enemy base. This will stop them from being set off by the enemy team or a pissed of event organizer.

If you know you just royally dicked up the game, or questionably won't be able to make it back to base, odds are the all those hard earned props will be going back to the enemy base if you continue. The best thing to do here is to realize this and hide all the props in various locations all over the field, or throw them in some ditch where they won't be seen off field. This way the other team doesn't get them back, the event organizer poops a brick which is awesome, and you laugh all the way back home. It's better than blowing them up because I've found that when I do that all the props, no matter where I'm playing, magically appear back at the command center.

Always make sure to take as much game cash out of the bag for yourself as possible to fund future endeavors as it's the most untraceable prop. Dump this cash in your car as quickly as possible until things settle down. If they don't, well you have it for next game. If you get wind the event organizer is going to be sending the props back distribute it to random teamates before they find you.

I could write more but I'm done. Have fun playing like a scum bag and good luck
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I salute you for the damage you've done, hate you for that which was done to me, and laugh at the stuff that happened to someone else.

You're also probably the number one reason new players can't get into the game as much as most generals would like, because the one kid that actually wants to do something will, eventually, be a smart *** like you looking to ruin the game for everyone else.

Of course, now you have me and probably everyone else wondering if this whole "I can't be a scumbag for a while longer" is just a ruse.
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10-shot kid
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Silence thanks for reminding me of another important point, always have a rule set you'll never break. One of my rules has always been a sharp division between the game and real life. I won't lie outside a game, only during, and honestly it's going to be a long time before I do this again if ever. Which is why I've passed the skill along. I look forward to seeing if anyone can pull this off and finding out a few years from now.
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Wow, I had no idea you holding that Indian at gunpoint at Deadwood was just the tip of the iceberg...Fortunately I was aiding you in the scumbaggery.
Of course you do realize that now I'll be keeping both eyes on you.
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Holy wall of text batman!

10-shot you are going to have to check out my Pug with Sergison frame at one of the upcoming games.
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*laughs through half this post*

Sounds like it's a good thing I have minimal chances of playing in a game with you on the opposing team. It sounds like you've invested quite a bit of time in figuring out how best to screw up the game, especially for the enemy team...
Not a fan of speedball or electric markers...

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Harbinger[TG] (Banned)
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very nice 10-Shot

I always use the "i lost X, have you seen it" to infiltrate protected areas
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10-shot kid
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Stryker42: That wouldn't qualify in my opinion as a scum bag play. Scum bag would be having someone from the target team believe they where on a mission to recruit you for a mission. They would pay the indians some bare minimum wage to run across the field for some arbitrary mission for some low pay. Along the way I'd have an ambush group of the team who "hired" you set up/patrolling your likely path, believing you had just pillaged their base and wanting revenge. Some of these players would be the noobs who where overshooting role players all day and they would no doubt overshoot you and your teamates.

Then I'd either jack your entire camp solo or have a group of players from that team think they had a mission to "relocate" the indians to somewhere out of sight. At this point I'd have first contact with you as the target team member and tell you we just jacked it and you suck. You'd get wicked pissed. You'd properlly rip me up and then take that momentum to go tear up the target team maliciously and leave them asking "dear God why..." not only destroying them but ruining any possible further relations.

That's scum bag play. Me doing what I did was just a friendly Ha Ha to move the game along and get the roleplayers more united with friendly schinanigans. So yea there was a "point" to it but with positive intentions done in a friendly manner. The entire behind playing like a scum bag is the entire opposite.

"Of course you do realize that now I'll be keeping both eyes on you."

welcome to the club, just please remember I never lie off field and honestly it's going to be a long time before I pull this again. Most deffiently not before AFTER the next ION. If I lied off field I'd lose my escape hatch

sloonan: Deffiently

hawk5755: Not for this one

Akallabeth: I had teachers but yea this guide is just a basic outline of what I've learned from playing scenario this way from around 2000 to 2006 or so.

Silence: This quote has just been nawing at me and I'd like to go over it,

"You're also probably the number one reason new players can't get into the game as much as most generals would like, because the one kid that actually wants to do something will, eventually, be a smart *** like you looking to ruin the game for everyone else. "

I disagree. First off the majority of new players who want to get into the game tag along with teams. This is striaght out according to my guide as teams are just bloody dangerous to dick around with. The rest of the new players who want to get into the game, yes, get the short end of the stick because of this ingenious approach. But then you have to ask yourself how much of a threat they really are.

In order to pull this off you can't be the common new player trying to get into the game. It simply takes, at a minimum, a large amount of rec and smaller game experience before you can take it to the big leagues. Like 3-4 years. It's also far harder to pull off than it used to be, espicially in the NE, due to teams almost always being in charge of base security now, the massive presence of the internet, and the increase in the core group. It used to be the majority of people at big games wouldn't be at the next one, you only really needed two outfits tops, now though I've seen it change to the point where I would hazzard to say the majority of people at one game will be at the next one.

Too boot the rules have been drastically changed. How much impact can just one player make anymore? I never resorted to psych ops unless it was neccesary but due to rule changes against the one player impact (which I feel favor teams) they are really the only way at some fields to make and meaningful diffrence. You then have to ask yourself how many people really have the natral skills required to pull these sorts of ops?

It takes something to have no qualms about making the other team pissed at you and everything in general. I've gotten more than one shot given to me in malice, even from people who where on my bloody team that game over something that happened years ago or my favorite, on the serious business of the internets. It takes something to pull off awesome feats year after year influencing some large games by 1000+ points and not claiming credit. I don't think there are many new players, who really crave recognition a majority of the time, will do this.

Finally I pose the question how much do new players, or hell individual players, really get let into the game? I played purposefully unknown for a longer period of time than most to pull this off. I showed up to some events in totally diffrent gear and outfit to pull this off (not gone over in guide). That experience taught me two things; first the unknown individual player isn't allowed to do anything more than stupid jobs no one else wants to do because they are not fun and suck, secound how to get newer players to listen and follow me.

The whole "we get new players into the game!" is BS. They get delegated all the stupid jobs or run and gun. Over time they either burnout hardcore or join up with a recognized team just so they can be a mediocre part of the game. People keep asking "what happened to the role player!" and "it's just not like it used to be!" without realizing what's killing it.

Scenario to me was always about the individual player being able to make a diffrence bigger than himself if he wanted to. Now it's teams being able to make a diffrence bigger than themselves if they want to. My first true 24 hour game I was able to blow the enemy base, jack the flag, and run it back without playing like a scum bag. I was able to tag along and lead at times a group of players, strangers to themselves and older than myself, on sucessfull missions. I saw other individuals pull this off as well. That almost never happens anymore.

Teams who used to just run the big missions and flank during the big shootouts are now so prevelant that they are the only entity given the ability to do jack. The reason all these penny anti teams with poor skill are trying so hard to make a name for themselves is because it's the only way to get a mediocre mission anymore. When is the last time a non team player who doesn't fill out command positions got any sort of meaningful award at a game?

To make it worse the old groupthink that the game was a game and the next was just another game is gone. If you dick someone over or simply don't help them one game, even as a neutral bloody role player, people remember it the next. I can even flat out say "look this is my role, my motive, my personality, etc and I'm just playing it to make the game better" to people before the game even starts and they take it all personal when I play the role WITHOUT being a scum bag now. Case in point (and no this one isn't Skirmish's fault) tyrell apparently pulled something with the GWM or vice versa and last ION the injured party carried it over hurting the dynamic of the game.

So even if an individual is a role player now they can't have a good impact. Some people will even grab role player roles to help out teams they want to be friendly with given the ridiculous political web we've woven. Try it sometime, play a solitary role in charecter. At no point give any leeway to people you are generally friendly with or allied to. Watch the reaction and come back to me with this "individuals getting into the game" schtick.

That's why I've posted this publically. I can tell you my play book and still pull it off. I can tell you who I am and still pull it off. The problem is when you know who I am, care what I've done game X a month ago, and have an idea of the play book. That's why I'm all but permenantly retired.

In my opinion this guide is the only way for the individual to make an impact anymore. If they follow the guide right, regardless of how well you try to protect your zone, they'll infiltrate and pull it off without you being any the wiser. Hell they don't even have to contact you at any point, but I'm not going to divulge every single tip and trick.

This basic guide, which some people I've played with already know, really only covers one approach on how to spy. I didn't want to post it because of the truly diabolical pinacle it can reach in the wrong hands. If your playing to win, or are espicially pissed that day (like I was at 06), you can really pull some morally questionable stunts. That's why I had to ponder a month or so about releasing it and have chosen to do so in a slump period.
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10-shot kid
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harbinger: Getting individually through a check point is easy and I'd be suprised if it hasn't already been covered by some shabby magazine. Getting an entire group through on the other hand is a challenge and quite a bit of fun.
PSI: It'd be SNY if cousins wasn't so gay
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i didnt ecome close ton reading all this. but if it has anything to do with sneaking around heres my story. ION 06- Im with a group of about 100 germans and we are trying to get to a fuek depot. we run into a larger allied force and the lines are pretty stable for a few minutes. theres a stream to my right. i assume the allies are to lazy to cross it. im correct. i cross it but do so slowly and walk backwards. i see some allies coming torwards me so i fire a few shots torwards my lines. as they get closer i yell at the allies to "move up" one allie asks what team im on. i say " im shooting at germans what team does it look like now move up. one guy actually comes next to me on my right but doesnt notice the the tape on my hopper lol . he also doest notice my Waffen SS Camo or any of my uniform lmao. i wait for a group of about 20 allies to pass. then i just go behind and barrel tap the stragglers one at a time. i got 8 and then shot one while his buddy used him as a sheild lmao. fun stuff.
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10-shot: I have a unique perspective on this because up until ION 2006, I was basically a "new player" who didn't have any connections whatsoever. I was that individual new player you keep talking about. I just kept asking what people needed and tried to go do it. You and I would look identical to a general up until a few hours into the game, and, if you did your job right, probably for a while longer after that too. But you'd ruin everything whereas I'd try to make it work. In fact, at ION 2005, we probably looked the same to monty, only you were ruining everything while I was trying to run missions.

Since I know that dedicated individual players looking to get in the game exist (I exist, therefore others can), I've tried to keep my eyes open for someone doing the same basic stuff I did. I don't do this out of some touchy feely gold star motivation. I do this because a huge percentage of a team at a game like ION will be unknown players. Everyone we now consider a legend started that way. It's simply good strategy to try and foster new players out of that mass if you want to general for a few years. You need new talent to replace turnover, and that talent might even be good enough to become a force before you retire.

But I also know you exist. So I'm immediately faced with a dilemma: I want to find new talent but there's a pretty good chance that new talent will be an enemy ranging from spy to "scumbag". The potential benefits are long term - I'll find a good player or team from the rough and they'll become a core team over time - while the damage is short term - this game will go to hell because I made a bad call on who to trust. The short term damage can end my career or at least everyone's trust in my abilities, so it outweighs the long term benefit. New players like me, therefore, are going to be distrusted, kept at arms length, and never let near anything of value until they can demonstrate their worth.

None of which prevents a dedicated guy like you from running the con a little longer, but I digress.

I'm not really trying to make you feel bad here. I think you did the analysis correctly and you exploited it, just like any smart player would. I'm just looking back at what I've done to get where I am, and wondering why on earth anyone trusted me when people playing like you are roaming the earth. It took me oh, three years maybe, to move up from complete unknown to where I am now. During that time, generals trusted me with missions, intel and eventually a minor command role, all because I looked good on paper or at the time during the game. Now as a general, I'd like to return the favor for some guy like me. Except here you are posting how to exploit that. Imagine that you moved up in a corporation a certain way only to have someone send a memo around saying, "If anyone behaves like this, fire them immediately".

Heh. Don't take it personally. You yourself called it "how to play like a scumbag", so you realize what this style of play implies for the rest of the world. Ultimately, I'd rather have people read this if only to have an idea of what to watch for rather than go on getting duped by people with empty cigarette packs.
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10-shot kid
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poop it was ION 05, my bad. I keep getting those mixed up for some reason.

" New players like me, therefore, are going to be distrusted, kept at arms length, and never let near anything of value until they can demonstrate their worth."

See there is the really funny part. People think "oh we just won't trust anyone until they've been here a while!" and that fixes the problem. It doesn't, it just seperates the wheat from the shaff. The weaker layer who that would effect, is only there for lame spy stunts like "oh I just barrle tapped 20 people haw haw haw" or a general kill and that's it. Maybe a base blow up if they are mediocre.

No the people who really pull it off like I've written are the ones you trust and it doesn't matter how long it takes to build that relationship. You can dick with people and still have them trust you more and more each game if you do it right, scheme on the right people, and keep indirect. The real fun behind this method is the cloak and dagger dealy-o you play in order for no one to ever figure out "who just pulled that..." until you feel like letting them know.
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Back in the day when role playing was an "art-form" (see Wayne dollack games), a truly "Good" role player wouldn't have been found out until the last hour of the game or until the awards ceremony......

I miss the good old days.......

Good post 10-shot........brought back some memories
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good information 10shot...

The only reason it is called how to play like a scum bag is because of the fact that a spy is viewed as a traitor to one team... the absolute scum of the earth. It is dirty play, but not cheap by anymeans... its risky and very intelligent. This is about the only way for a single person to make any type of influence in big games anymore. Take a look at a guy like me, I never go to a scenario game with a group, I may know a few people there but I always end up by myself and most of the time I run off doing my own rogue things, IE stealing props/infiltrating bases... In war aren't you supposed to exploit your enemies weakness? I mean that is the entire role of playing a spy, to find a weakness of your enemy and exploit it, find a plan and sabotoge it, find an asset and destroy/steal it, or assassinate some one in command.

Yes you can ruin a game by going to far and turning everyone on eachother, but having a spy makes a game so much more interesting towards the end, chaos and mayhem in the last few hours is an awesome sight for a spy because he knows his work is done.

so once again thank you 10shot for this guide, it definately has opened my mind a little bit as to how much more damage can actually be done by a single person.
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I know you 10-shot. That's why I had you shot as soon as I saw you at my base. I didn't know you was already out at the time, but that's what happens because of your rep as a sneaky sob.
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