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Old 09-15-2007, 01:36 AM #1
Truth with a capital C
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Location: columbus ohio
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Best Pump Story

Ok so lets share some pump stories. Pump stories were one of the main reasons I switched from semi to pump. Hearing about how someone could walk onto a field with a marker that can only shoot once at a time and still compete, and I mean really compete, really made me wanna try it out. Since I always like hearing these stories, and I think other new players who are just checking out the pump scene would love to hear some too, I thought there should be a thread on this topic. So to kick things off here's one of my all time favoirites.

This was years ago, probably when I was only 16years old. I had been playing with pumps for probably just over a year at that point, and was playing at my local field, cannon paintball. There were three pump players who reguarly played here, Chris, myself, and Joel. We had a little trio thing going, and occasionally would play as a team against an all semi team. Most games we lost, but on one perticular day we were doing very well. One of the games played that day went like this. The whistle blows and I dash for the left 30 dorrito. I make it, aim down the tape and notice that the back player is shooting across field. I bump up. Now I'm at the 40 dorrito and have a clear shot at the back right standup. I shoot once and nail him square on the shoulder/back. Not that it matters, but he was using an e-blade orracle auto cocker and was using it to pin down Chris who was playing back right on my team. With the other teams back player out so soon, their mid player makes a bold move and dashes to the 50, gun blazing all the way. Either he thought I would be intimidated by this, or didn't realize how far up I was, I'm not sure but when he made it to the 50 were only a few yards away and he was not shooting at me(or even in my general direction) at all. I bump up again to the 50 dorrito and hes right next to me, shooting away at chris and joel who are in the back right and mid 30. It was as easy an elimination I'll ever get. The look on his face after I tagged him in the arm was priceless. Their last player was in the back left down my tape, and quickly bumped over to the back mid to get a better view of the whole field. As he was moving, I let one more ball fly and hit him right in the stomach for a clean break/elimination. Three balls, three eliminations, one win. I got a nice round of applause from everyone who was watching, and a few jokes from Chris and Joel about how I didn't leave any for either of them. Looking back I know I got a little lucky to not be seen by their second player, but it was a good move on my part, and two good cross field shots that won us the game.

So that's my story, it's a true one and it was probably one of the best speedball games I ever played with a pump(or a semi for that matter). So now share your story. Who knows maybe someone will hear it and be inspired, and soon they will be right back here posting their own unique pump experience.
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Old 09-15-2007, 02:24 AM #2
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i was the only pump player at the field, and during a 5 on 5 rec airball game all of my team was shot out early, and only 1 opposing player was gone. i took out the last 4 by moving around alot
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Old 09-15-2007, 08:53 AM #3
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I have a few good ones I guess but my favourite was before i even really started playing pump... anyways

So I borrowed my friends sl-68 for 2 rounds of speedball, first game i go for the 50 dorito slide in get shot, that sucked, second game I play the snake, hit 2 players right off the bat, move up to the middle of the snake take another 3, get to the end take out one more and decided to bunker the last two shot the first but forgot to pump my gun so i got shot by the seccond who was a renter.

Keep in mind this was walk-on and it was 8 on 8 but I still made half of the other team go into shock that they got destroyed by a pump.
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Old 09-15-2007, 09:11 AM #4
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2 sundays ago i shot a kid with a rental right in the face.
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Old 09-16-2007, 12:43 AM #5
The Pump Ambassador.
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I shot ^^^ that kid^^^ in the balls 2 sundays ago. no joke, and yes, it was absolutely hilarious

and great story btw justin
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Old 09-16-2007, 05:03 PM #6
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Location: pittsburgh (g-town)
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 is playing at Dead Legends
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hahah ya dan i mean there was nothin else to it besides he got scared and jumped, and yes its true he shot me in the neck and then the nuts.
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Old 09-17-2007, 01:18 AM #7
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I had a new to me right feed cocker and I wanted to run it on a vertical 3.5oz. I changed one spring that was behind the IVG and figured I would be alright for the day. I was up at one of the local fields with Apoc_101 and a few of his friends. This pump was seriously screwing up during the day. The FPS would be 280 then it would be like 120 by the end of the game and I would have to screw with the IVG more. I knew I screwed up but I was already at the field so I went on with the day.

The game was attack and defend. It was 4 or so pumpers vs. about 15 renter kids. The pumps attacking. So after about 10 mins or so we wittled the numbers of the defenders down a lot. There were about 6 or so dug deep at the top of the hill defense. My gun was going to hell on me so I figured what the hell and charged the hill with a pretty much non functional pump and yelled "Surrender!". A few of them screamed out in fear as I got up there. lol. I think I got about 5-6 of them to surrender and won the game.

Then the next time I pulled off another surrender run like that the kids were smart and lit me up accordingly

Good times lol. One of the many pump stories
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Old 09-17-2007, 09:16 AM #8
Big Boy
Wanna Samich?
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I put a shot through another players ghost ring, definitely the hight of my pump career
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Old 09-17-2007, 09:14 PM #9
Truth with a capital C
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Originally Posted by Big Boy View Post
I put a shot through another players ghost ring, definitely the hight of my pump career
Damn nice shot, reminds me of that video of that guy who got hit in his verticle 10 round tube by another pump player
-----M REDHAWKS M-----
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Old 09-17-2007, 09:42 PM #10
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I bunkered 3DSteve in the snake.
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Old 09-18-2007, 03:30 AM #11
Killing in the name of
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I've been a player for a while and tend to switch back and forth between electro's and pumps. I consider neither to be my primary and take pride in being able to use both effectively. With that said I played rec one day at a local field and a bunch of dudes using spyders thought it would be funny to make fun of my pump. Viewer discretion advised.

When I walked onto the field I was put on a team and some kid who's voice hasn't changed says, "Aw man, we got the pump guy." So I offered to switch and did so.

Off the break I hit the 50 and waited for someone to go into the snake. I got him and then hopped into the snake. I hit their back and went to the end of the snake. I hit their mid back (aka dude who's too afraid to move forward.) I moved across the field and hit one guy in a dorito and the rest of my team rolled in and took the other two out on dorito side.

The same kid the next round said, "We want that guy!" Respect the pump.

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Old 09-18-2007, 03:41 PM #12
Milky Spore
i be illin'.
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Mine was diving into the snake off the break, looking to my right across the field, see some kid with an Ion, whaling on my friend in the back right X, and he was completely exposed. I aimed really quickly, took my shot, watched it explode on his mask, then ducked back into the snake. That was when I knew I'm sticking with pump, and when the guy in snake 2 bunkered me. Oh well, it was freakin' cool!
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Old 09-18-2007, 03:47 PM #13
cockerpunk (Banned)
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i love run thoughs.

its happened quite a few times where i get all the way up in the snake, then wait untill that back player decides not to shoot at me, then i bunker him, and use the back can/whatever to shot everyone else on that team out.

basically, when im playing with a pump, i'm always looking for a nice hole to make a run though and win.
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Old 09-18-2007, 09:49 PM #14
Gosh Dang.....
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Entered a rec ball game that was 2 mins in. Did a runthrough and then got the rest of the stragglers out.
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Old 09-19-2007, 08:28 AM #15
one ball in ur face...
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Two stories that were the most memorable.

It’s the first game of the day and we were playing a field called Castle, with each team either was defending or attacking. The object of the game was to capture the flag located in the center of the castle. I was on the attacking team, so off the break I get to the front lines of the castle and snipe the players that thought they were safe behind cover. Made myself a little hole in the defensive line and saw clear path to the flag. However, there was guy that was dugged into a bunker to deep for me to do much so I think fast and run up to a bunker right next to him. I peer around and I see that there were actually 4 of them including the one I was after. But lucky they did not see me; I pop 3 shoots and eliminate 3 of 4. The initial guy I was after heard all this and trying to be stealth, slows moves out of his bunker, while exposing his big Tippmann A5 hopper. I mark that up and ask the ref who is see all this to check the player and call him out. Referee was shell-shocked at what he just saw and I had to yell at the ref to check him before they rip me a new one. After all four of the players were eliminated I saw players far off in the castle but I knew my paint couldn’t make it so decided to make a mad dash for the flag. Took the flag and the ref was “OMG! Did he just do that”. Ref calls game and the head ref comes over and says that was freaking beast. You did all that with a pump. I got to keep the bandana (the flag). Got mad props from everyone coming off the field and stares of astonishment. Ref comes over shakes my hand and tells one of the loud mouth Ego guys who was talking smack before the game that I put him to shame… Brother comes out and asked did we win. I handed him the flag…
Next game I get slammed by 20 balls… guess the other team didn’t appreciate the previous game.

Story 2:
Couple weeks ago, I was able to finally get all the guys out to the field. So after a couple of warm-up games (3v3 only pumps), we were walking off the field and a couple of the local tourney mixed with milsim guys asked if they would versus them. It would have been fine if the guys asking didn’t have a smirk on his face. So we obliged. 6(semi/electros) v 6(phantoms) 3,2,1 my team breaks out on the hyperball field I take the 50 “crackpipe” and do my business of keeping the right tape from run-throughs. I take out 2, one in the immediate bunker in front of me and the bunker after that one. Ref runs over checks the players and calls the people out. I look across field and see a few open bodies and tag another one in the shoulder. I look back and my teammates are slowly progressing up to the 30. Just then I see someone running to my right tape. I look and I see the ref running with his Ego and post up on the bunker right in front of me. I ask him if he is allowed to do this, his response was to spread my bunker. I tell him I don’t you think he is suppose to do that and that’s really fair. He proceeds to spread it up. I snap out and one ball him in the mask. He walks off with no words and I ask him again “Ref you can’t play like that, it’s unfair” He turns around and shoots couple more shoots into my bunker and saids “I can play if I want too….” Game ends in all 6 pumpers alive and well. So it was actually 7v6. The ref did not really talk the rest of the day to us. All his friends were like “Are you serious? You guys just got rolled by pumps?”
But the milsim dudes got there revenge in the woods, I have the welts to provide it >_<
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Old 09-20-2007, 08:47 AM #16
A Grim and...
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There's too many pump stories for me to remember them all - but I'll write about one of the recent ones.

This was on a woodsball field, about triple the size of your standard speedball field, but lots of brush and log bunkers - so kind of a combination between woodsball and speedball. Anyway, there were about 7 people on each team.

Off the break I ran up the left tape, to a bunker at about the "50." There I shot one guy as he was still running. Two more guys made it into a grouping of bunkers directly in front of me, about 50 feet away. They of course were using response trigger Tippmanns, and not afraid to use them. So I spent about 10 minutes snapping out, desparately trying to get a goggle shot in the midst of their torrential shooting. Well, luck held out for me and I gogged one of them, and hit the other guy shortly after as he shot at one of my teamates back and to the right of me. This left the entire left tape open.

I immediately ran through down the tape and circled around behind their center players. I shot two more guys square in the back from that point. Then I proceeded to cross over to take out their final guys on the other side of the field. I was beginning to play sloppy at this point - nearly everyone does after they've taken out over half the opposing team with a pump.

Anyway, I should have circled around further behind the last two, because they saw me coming at the last minute, and I was caught out in the open with no bunkers in sight, only small trees. I got lit up but damn, that was a good game!
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NPPL Huntington Beach 2007,I get to the Spyder field and hand my pump to the judge for chrono.He starts fanning the crap outta my trigger.I look at him with a confused look and before i could ask what he was doing he says"Your loader is off,turn your loader on" ,I said "It is on!"(Revolution/Revy)he said "Well your gun only shot one time so your balls must not be feeding" at this time everybody including the opposing team is laughing cause we're all standing in line waiting to chrono.So my smart *** goes"**** i hope my batteries aren't dead!". And to top it off i forgot i put the Hybrid grips on my 45 slider with the built in window.This clown holds my pump to his face with his hand around his eye and says "Either that or you didn't turn your gun on". I'll never forget that as long as i play paintball.
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