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The end all to "What Gun & Upgrades Should I Get?"

This post was originally made by the user XSVFAN890.

Ok, I'm tired of hearing "Which gun should I get?" so I'm gonna put this up and if you have aything to add, LMK. Also LMK if it would be a good sticky.

To begin with, the 98 comes in two models. The 98 Custom(98c), and the Custom Pro(CP). The CP is basically a 98c with a double trigger, drop forward, and a cool CP name plate. With that out of the way, we can begin. The 98 is lightweight, durable, and will save your *** when other guns would fail. The 98 can be anything you want. Speedball, woodsball, or scenario. It’s upgradability is ridiculous. There is so much you can get for it. Stocks, mag. Kits, barrel shrouds, aftermarket hoppers, etc. It has very tough internals, a durable, “scratch resistant” outer coating, and is HPA ready. Low pressure requires a Low Pressure Kit(LPK).

The biggest con is the length, and A.C.T. The length cannot be changed. Tippmann has made it what it needs to be. The A.C.T. will accept some stocks (but if you have a non-A.C.T. stock, it can be modded to fit), rear-cocking systems, rear velocity adjusters, LPKs, etc. You can still get a new non-A.C.T. 98 though. Other than these few things, the 98 is a great, cheap, and upgradeable gun.

The A-5 has the same internals(basically), same materials on the recievers, and same outer coating. The major difference is that it comes with a Cyclone Feed System, the reciever style, and the grips. Otherwise, it will perform the same...except for the fact that you can remove the internals by taking off the back cap, and letting them slide out. The A-5 is more of a scenario/woodsball gun. It also has a wide range of upgrades, and accessories, includinng stocks, mag. Kits , shrouds, etc. You can go here for an idea of how cool an A-5 can look.

The A-5 is a bulky, heavy(no problem though), gun which is one reason why you don’t see them in speedball very often. The Cyclone is just one big target. You can’t use aftermarket hoppers(only about 4 will work on the A-5). Yet another reason why it’s not in speedball. The Cyclone can only get 23-25bps with all the up’s for it...e-grip2 can shoot(more like cycle) at 30bps. The only other thing is that it does not have A.C.T….I don’t think.

The new X-7 the best Tippy for speedball…HAHAHAHAHA!!! NO. This is the ultimate Mil-Sim…after the A-5. I can’t say much about it, but I know that it has the E-grip2, a new, low profile hopper, adjustable sights, an ***-load of stock, mag. Kits, and a few stocks. You can build one here . It is light weight, and is for someone who wants a real life(looking) gun.

It is made of plastic and magnesium. You can go here, scroll down, and there is a picture of an X-7 with the metal and plastic parts labeled. It is also VERY expensive for a mostly plastic gun. If I had the money, I would buy one though. If I’m wron or you have something to add, LMK!

The Triumph is Tippmann’s attempt at either the speedball market, or the noob market…I’m not sure which. It is basically a 98 with a plastic/rubber shell. There are three models. The XL, XT, and eXT. The. The XT is a red and black XL with the foregrip. Both the XL and XT are semi-auto. The eXT is the electronic model. Both have a light trigger pull. It also comes stock with an expansion chamber. Go here for more info.

It is rubber and plastic, and I don’t think there are any upgrades for it. It also has a lot of kick.

Ok, time for the upgrades. Props to Animalmother88 for putting this together

Okay since the latest trend here seems to be making "I'm sick of hearing this" threads, I think I'll jump on the bandwagon.

Once a day every day someone comes in asking "Wat ups shud I get?" or "Now wat?" so I will now solve this once and for all (hopefully).
The answer is simple: Go out an play, and whatever you don't like, change. That's really the only way to go, upgrades are a personal preference so please stop asking what you should do. Oh, and don't get a new bolt, unless you have $20 to just throw away. In that case just send it to me, it will have the same effect. PM me.

Now, after you've played and figured out that problem that just has to be fixed, lookie here.

New Barrel - 8" is really short, but will get the job done. I would go with something between 12" and 14". Everything else is just overkill (I'm looking at you 20"ers).

HPA - HPA provides better consistency than CO2, thus a better velocity spread, which gives better accuracy.

Stabilizer - This "stabilizes" CO2 (hence the name) providing better consistency and a better spread. It basically helps it stay a gas, not liquid.

Polished internals - Smoother operation, and it's free...

Low Pressure Kit - A pricey package that helps lower you operating pressure.

Stabilizer - Like said before, stabilizes your CO2

Regulator - Allows you to adjust operating pressure.

Rate of Fire
E-Grip - Makes you marker electronic, lighter trigger pull, adjustable firing modes. It works by having a solenoid, that will move a pin, that will trip the sear, which will in turn, fire the gun. Some boards can cycle at 25CPS(Cycles Per Second), and others, 30 plus

Response Trigger - The Response Trigger(R/T) is a piston that resets the trigger, while you push on it. The time that you can hold your finger on the trigger with the right pressure, and get it going full auto(f/a), is the "Sweet Spot". Mine is pretty easy to obtain the sweet spot, but others may have trouble. It all has to do with the tuning. It is tuned by turning that screw above the right grip until it gets the best response. This will work with Compressed air, but can be a ***** to tune.

Cyclone feed - Gives you the miracle of the A-5, a loader powered by excess CO2 that turns a "cyclone" to load balls into your gun. It turns with each shot. There are many mods, but it can only max at 23-25BPS.

Agitating/Forcefeed Hopper - For all you non-A5 users, will feed balls faster into your marker by using an impeller(a wheel, much like the Cyclone's, that has paddles on it) to feed the balls. They feed much faster than any other.

Centerfeed - Allows faster feeding by mounting your feedneck vertically. Permanent mod, and requires you to send you gun into whoever makes it(I think Rufus Dawg).

New Trigger - Pointlesss unless you have an E-grip, then you can buy something that's walkable. APE makes a magnetic trigger, that is very walkable.

New Grips - Gives you a better, more cushy grip. Or a new look. YOUR 98 IS A 45 GRIP FRAME. A-5's cannot use aftermarket grips. That goes for X-7's and Triumphs.

New trigger - Sometimes a double trigger just feels nice.

Drop Forward - Moves the tank forward and down for better balance.

Remote Line - Takes that cumbersome tank off your gun altogether, and will let you put your tank on your do need a pack that will hold it. THIS CANNOT BE USED WITH AN ANTI-SIPHON TANK...THE TUBE WILL ACT LIKE A SIPHON TUBE.

Stock - Gives you a better shooting platform, and is usually used for guns with a Remote.

Hope this helps. Again, if there are any suggestions, please share them.

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