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Scenario FAQ

What is a Scenario/Big Game?

A Scenario game is not your typical paintball game… Think of it as a capture the flag game on steroids. Scenarios come in all shapes and sizes…. From small 500 player Western theme games all the way to the massive 4000 player World War 2 themed games.

Pretty much the game entails a story line. The Evil Germans bent on world domination and the Allies must stop them! That sort of thing

How is a Scenario Game played?

The basic rules of paintball still apply during Scenario Play. Instead of capture the flag or elimination, you play for points. You can be assigned missions to carry out. For example, your group must attack and hold a specific location on the field for a certain amount of time. Complete the mission and you receive points.

There are also props on the field. See a gold cup? A pony? A Treasure Chest? Pick it up and bring it to you Generals. They may be worth points!


Yes! Just about every scenario game has 2 generals… one for each team. They are the commanders for the game and direct troop movement. They also hand out missions for the points you do much desire.

How long does the game last?

Scenario game length varies. You can find scenario games all over ranging from 8hr, 12 hr, 24hr, and even 48hr games. Games that run into the middle of the night will sometimes be played straight through but the majority of games will break after 11:00PM and resume games around 8:00AM to let the players rest up.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary on the game. Average Scenario game fees will run anywhere from $25 to $100… even $250. Most fields include air with the entry fee but others normally charge around $10.00 for an all day air pass.

How much paint should I buy?

The also varies. The average player participating in a 24 hr game will shoot 1 – 2 cases of paintballs. It all depends on how itchy your trigger finger is.

For the overnight games can I camp out?

That is to the discretion of the field owners and game producers. More than likely it is encouraged to camp out at the fields and is highly recommended!

So I registered and they gave me a bunch of stuff… what is it?

Normally when you register for the game the night before or day of, you will receive a packet with various documents. You will receive your game card, field map, air pass, and game rules. Keep all of these items in your possession at all times. You might even receive a raffle ticket! Hang on to that… most games hold a small Awards Ceremony and Prize Giveaway at the conclusion of the game.

Can I use a smoke bomb?

Yes and No. That is up to the field you are playing at. Most fields allow the use of COLD BURNING Smoke Grenades BUT USE COMMON SENSE!!!! I say this because if you are at a field and it's blatantly dry outside and it's 100 degrees and you decide to throw a smoke... Call the fire department.... Cold Burning Smoke will still heat up.

Remember Common Sense? It means don't throw 10 smoke grenades into a small 10x10 hut to "Smoke Players Out" Nothing in the rules says you can't do that but if you do... you're just being an A-Hole....

Remember the two magical words when using Smoke Grenades! C'mon.. everybody say it with me....


Check often! This thread is always being updated! If you have something to add please PM I or Harbinger and we shall add it!

All other questions please use the Ultimate Sticky Thread!

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jtx2003 is a Supporting Member
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Basic Scenario Game Information

Taken From Skirmish USA's Scenario Info and Rules

Scenario Game vs. Regular Play
A Role Playing Scenario Game is not your normal “Capture the Flag” paintball game. There are intricate roles to be acted out and a theme/plot to be fulfilled. Generally, the scenario is an historical or fictional situation populated by various characters that battle in the pursuit of a common objective. Please realize that it takes a bit of experience to become well versed in scenario play. A player won’t “know it all” their first time out. Remember that this is a role-playing game and intended to be fun. Judges have discretion in their application of the “rules”, and if you left your imagination at home, and can’t adapt to the “fortunes of war”, which are to say the least unpredictable, then perhaps scenario play is not the play for you.

Scenario Games differ from regular play in many ways...such as:

• Instead of small 5 or 10 player teams per side, role-playing scenario games could have 100+ players per side. It is not uncommon for them to draw 700 to 800 players. Our Invasion of Normandy Game draws over 2000 players per side!
• Instead of a brief and predictable confrontation, scenarios consist of many varied missions, which are known to the players in advance.
• A team/squad will be given a mission to carry out and will have to come up with a quick and effective strategy. There will always be something different or unique to deal with.
• Scenario play is not just a big shoot-out. To be ultimately successful a player must be cunning, determined, resourceful, and aware of the strategic implications of every one of a score of situations, which will be encountered in a day of play.
• In a scenario game, play is continuous over many hours. Teams must gather their own information on the status of both their own developing situation and that of the opposing side. This means, for example, that the player in the bunker next to you might actually be a spy, playing for and reporting to the opposing side.
• Due to the length of these games, there is an increased opportunity to take advantage of additional equipment such as camouflage, smoke/paint grenades, telecommunications gear, night vision, etc.
• Adapt, learn, and be creative. Our players have tremendous creative potential, and we strive to turn this potential loose in every game.
• Please, act in a responsible, sportsman like manner. This is a game to have fun not to curse, scream and cheat. If you see someone doing so, contact the nearest referee or Game Manager.


Eliminations in a Scenario Game are handled the same as regular games with a couple of exceptions…
One role in a Scenario Game is a Medic. If a medic can get to the wounded player, they can be healed on the spot and resume play. Medics cannot heal a headshot. If a Medic cannot save you, you will be taken out of the game for a few minutes.

You can also remove yourself to Player re-insertion whenever you want too, or once you medic card is punched 3 times, go out and get a drink, a bite to eat or fill up on paint and air, then return to your designated insertion point for your team. Reinserting yourself at any location on the field is against the rules.

Gun/Barrel tagging - Being a spec ops player is enjoyable, you can sneak up on someone and tap him gently, tell him he is out. All barrels must be attached to a marker; a pistol may also be used. If you are planning to do so in a large group get a referee and tell them what you are about to do.

Special Items - All Special items such as Tanks, RPG, Bazookas and Grenade launchers must be approved by the Game management. They must have adjustable regulators and be chronographed at 230 FPS. If they can not be regulated they can not be on the field. Remember there are only certain places they can be used, and are never to be shot at other players.

Roles of a Scenario

The following are roles commonly played in our military based scenario games. Roles may change depending on the scenario theme.

Executive Officers - Generals and Executive Officers are chosen for their ability to lead and make the game more enjoyable. They are experienced players, with considerable knowledge of our playing fields.

Medic - In charge of the Mobil mash units that they will move around the fields. Mash units need to be protected, and can heal any shots with out a trip to insertion. The can be taken and used by the enemy teams.

Intelligence - Intel Officers will be given coded instructions, and Missions to complete. These completed missions will be worth a specific amount of points.

Spy - Players that like to run cool and quiet find out Intel on the enemy and report it to their command staff. Spies are not assassins, they are information gatherers.

Sniper - Each sniper will be issued special paint and an ID tag. Points are gained by shooting key players. Generals, XO, and opposing team snipers.

Ambassador - You are the person with the ability to work with the other team for trade of plans, props and money. If your General is trying to achieve something diplomatically, you are the negotiator.

Artillery Strike Officer - Each officer will be issued one explosive device which can be used to destroy, tanks or command posts. It must be a direct hit and can only be used once. A command post direct hit is worth points to your team.

Third entity players - Buy and sell materials on the field. They are playing for their own prosperity. They purchase goods for game cash at Central Command and selling same in the field for profit. The economy of the field encourages enthusiastic trading. Valuable points to all sides.
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It looks like he started on this but didn't get very far. Anyone want to lend their expertise and continue the project?
Your questions are answered in the PbNation FAQ. Ask a Mod.
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this should be added somewhere, it would be a shame to let all this good work and info go to waste... this is good for the new guys I guess..
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Having information about what a scenario game is from a field a lot of experienced players would argue doesn't run scenarios anymore is silly. Master shake silly

what is a scenario?: a large game in which there are multiple missions with varied objectives, roles, and role players

How much paint: at least a box
how many people: personally I say it has to have more than 100
can I camp at over night games: unless its a horrible field, yes

Here's some pointers
every field/producer runs their game diffrently
read the rules
don't cheat
Don't shoot hot
Throwing smoke in buildings can lead to charges
don't hide under tanks
don't stand in front of rocket launchers and mortars
If your new don't ask where the prop cache is hidden, even if your a spy
learn what a bloody barrel tap is
never, under any circumstances shoot a dude in a suit, he's obviously there to help you. Honestly.
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Rule number 1- Never listen to 10 shot on the playing field.

Rule number 2- Friendly fire on 10 shot is welcome by any team

Rule number 3- Shooting 10 shot repeatedly will earn you the respect of scenario players.

Rule number 4- Bonus Balling 10 shot does not violate any rules on any field he plays at.

Rule number 5- There are great rewards for making 10 shot cry.
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What is a Final Battle?

Many Scenario's often conclude with a final battle in which the potentially 100's of players are brought into a smaller region of the field and forced to duke it out for 30 minutes to an hour. Typically, the objective is to capture or flip flagsticks or to maintain control of a building. This allows everyone to shoot lots of paint at eachother and if you've been hiding in the bushes all day not really helping out your team, this is the time to step up, since you can get enough welts in a single suicide charge to convince everyone that yes, in fact, you did play hard paintball all day.

For added amusment, wear a kilt and no shirt, or a tuxedo and baggy american flag pants, anything that will help you draw some fire. If you're really lucky, the score will be soooo close at the end right before the final battle that all the players around you will be rabid and foaming at the mouth to try and pull out the win. This inevitably leads to arguing and he-did-they-did politics after the game, but you, my new and inexperienced scenario baller, can ignore all this. Just hitch up your manhood (or womanhood, suicide charges are equal-opportunity) and run for those flip-sticks. with 400 ppl trying to prevent you, you'll feel epic as you recreate Dafoe's final charge in Platoon.

And lucky for you, Final Battle's are often continuous respawn, so unleash the masochist within, get mowed down, hump it back to respawn and repeat for 60 minutes.

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