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Old 03-05-2007, 09:16 PM #1
#->JaKe<-# (Banned)
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#->Jakes<-# BASIC Tryout Guide.

ok, this is my first try at a guide, so lets see.

In tryouts, it depends on what position you play. However wll you play a position is what the team will make its decision on.

If You Are A Front Player: You have got to be fast. If you are not fast you will be getting shot out of break constantly. You will not only have to make it to your primary bunker, but your secondary bunker also. In tryouts, taking hard to get bunkers is a plus. Take risks, be aggresive. Communicate with your back player as well. Always keep a conversation going with him. Running and gunning can be an important skill to know also if you are front. one of the most important skills to kno for being a front player is snapping. Front players are constantly in snap battles with their opponents. If you do not know how to snap good enough to take ur opponent down, dont tryout for a front position. Taking snake is a plus also. Teams love to see players do this. Learn to play the notches in the snake. on ur knees and standing up slightly. Learn to snap up and sideways while laying down. Never put your gun down. Podding while kneeling or laying down can be a good skill to learn before a tryout also. If you are a more experianced player, superman dive. Teams love to see this also. Superman diving into a bunker decreases your chances of getting shot.

If You Are A Mid Player: Alot of what i just told you about front players applies to mid players also. Always make sure you can make it to your primary bunker. Help out your front players. Communicate with your front and back players. Communication is probobly the most important skill to have in paintball. Failing to communicate can and most likely will, make you lose games. Switch hands alot in order to keep a watch over all of your other players. If your front and back players are looking away from the snake, either tell them to look there or keep and eye on it yourself. In a team tryout, teams are mostly just looking for a couple of things for mid players: getting to primary bunker, helping both front and back players, and communication. Sorry, i do not kno much about mid players and a bunch of wat i said was just repitition. But thats pretty much all i kno about playing mid.

If You Are A Back Player: Back players....soo much. ok. Back players need to be able to shoot fast, run and gun, communicate, and help out front players. When in back bunkers, you have to be able to watch over the whole field and your players. The reason to have a back player is to have him see most of the field and watch over everyone. Back players usually get the least amount of kills. Back players jobs are to pretty much keep in your opponent, and have your front players move up. Teams love to see back players communicate and halp out front players. If you shoot out an eagle bunker, move up, teams also like this. Tell your players when to move and get into the snake. Use bunker codes and codes for moving up, bunkering, run thrus, etc...Whenever you tell a player to move, make sure ur shooting paint. When u shoot a ton of paint, usually the opponents get back into their bunkers, therefore, your players can move up. When an opponent moves up, make sure your teammates are aware of it. Dont just say that they moved once, repeat it over and over again. Switch hands. ok, there is more to tryouts than this, but these are just the basics.

At tryouts, play your best. Even if you dont make the team, keep playing. Keep practicing, until you get good enough to make a team. then tryout some more. I hope that this guide helps someone. Good luck!
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good tips
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Homegrown Magic
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As a newb, I found this guide helped me out as well. It tells you what to expect to be doing when you walk on the field for all the positions.
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well, in my experiences with trying out, i've only put down what position i would like to play. i've never been tried out in just that area tho.what teams usually do is do some kind of general drills that apply to all aspects of the game.then some games to see where you're most comfortable. it helps a lot to be good as a front,mid,and back playerbecause there will eventually be some situations where you'll be forced to do another teamates job. just because you want to be a back player, doesnt mean you shouldnt worry about you being fast.everyone on the team should be able to do eachothers jobs equally.

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