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Old 02-05-2007, 10:22 PM #1
fds (Banned)
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FAQ's and information

THIS IS NOT MINE Courtesy of Yougotowned
THIS IS NOT MINE Courtesy of yougotowned

Owner tested. Arston approved.

This thread consists of, at this point in time, of:
-Maintenance/DP Contacts
-Board Stuff(changing modes, activation, LED displays, etc)

Each will have it own post(s) right under each other.

Manual Notes/FAQs:

1. What is the recommended operating pressure?
We recommend you set the operating pressure on your DP Fusion at no more than 300 psi, although the ideal pressure is 250 psi. Please refer to the operating instructions for details.

2. How many modes are there?
On the first version of DP Fusion there are four modes: two PSP modes (one PSP legal and one capped at 20 bps) and two semi modes (one capped at 15bps and the other at 20bps). On the newer V2 boards, which are identifiable by 4 dip switches instead of 2, there are a total of 8 modes and the maximum rate of fire is capped at 25 bps.

3. How can I obtain a new board?
New boards can be ordered by emailing customer service at At the time of this publishing, the cost of a board upgrade is $25.00 with a core exchange. You can refer to the <video> to view step by step instructions in changing the board

4. When my marker is engaged in ramping mode, the balls are dropping instead of firing. What is the problem?
Two major possibilities: a) The OPR / regulator may need to be lubed (see last page of the user’s manual for instructions), or b) The battery may be low - replace battery and test fire.

5. How do I know if the eyes are working?
When the eyes detect a ball in the chamber, the indicator light will turn to solid blue.

6 When do I need to change batteries?
The indicator light will flash red when it is time to change batteries, or the velocity may drop drastically.

7. Why is it that no balls were used but the indicator light is solid blue?
Open the left side of the grip frame and make sure that the plug with four wires on it is completely connected. If this does not solve the problem, contact Technical Support (

8. I notice that I am not able to sustain velocity above 275fps, what is wrong?
There is a leak in pressure, most likely in the OPR. Inspect part #34 and #27 for damage. Rebuild regulator if necessary. Contact Technical Support at

9. Help, I hear a hissing noise!
The solenoid may be damaged. Although we do not encourage customers to service their own solenoids as it voids warranty, those that are experienced can contact Dangerous Power for a replacement solenoid piston. There are three O-rings located on the piston, and one or more may be damaged. You can also refer to the (link) to view a step by step guide in replacing the solenoid piston.

10. I’ve been hearing about leaks associated with the regulator. How do I prevent this from happening?
Leaks can generally be prevented by using clean air tanks and avoidance of ‘over pressurizing’ the Fusion. Routinely lubing the OPR with a quality lubricant can also reduce the premature wear of the O-rings, thus preventing air leakage. Please refer to the video section detailing the process of ridding your marker internals of debris, and OPR maintenance.

11. Why is it important to maintain my air regulator?
Maintenance of your regulator will prevent damage to your solenoid, and insure high efficiency and performance. Remember, most leaks can be traced to dirty air tanks or debris within the internals of the regulator.

12. The pressure on my gauge slowly rises after each round of fire. The gauge reading creeps past the recommended 300 psi. Is there something wrong?
You are experiencing a ‘regulator creep.’ Do not continue using your Fusion until you have serviced the regulator, or you may damage the solenoid. Usually, part #34 and #27 can be replaced to fix the problem. Contact Technical Support at

13. I am chopping paint, especially at high rates of fire. What is causing this?
First, be sure that the paint you are using is of high quality, and stored properly. Paint and bore size match is crucial to accuracy and avoiding breakage. Generally, if you cannot ‘blow paint through the barrel,’ the paintball is too large for the barrel. Similarly, if paint ‘rolls out the barrel’ easily, the paintballs are too small for the barrel size.
Second, check both ball detents to be sure they are in place, and not ‘stuck’ within the body. They should freely move back and forth with the pressure of your finger. Remove and clean if necessary. Contact Technical Support if you continue to experience problems.

14. My Fusion is experiencing slow rate of fire, what can I do?
This is usually caused by low power from your hopper. Replace the battery. If problem persists, contact Technical Support.

15. What can I do to increase efficiency?
Poor efficiency is usually caused by excessive inline pressure. The ideal pressure is 250 psi, and no more. Clean and perform maintenance of OPR. Paint and bore size match may also be a factor. If you continue to experience poor efficiency, contact Technical Support.

16. What is the RAPS™ ASA, and what advantages does it offer?
The RAPS™ ASA offers easy on/off and no second guessing whether your air tank is engaged or not.

17. What does RAPS™ stand for?
Rapid Air Pressurizing System.
18. My local pro shop carries the Fusion, but does not have the RAPS™. Where can I order one?The RAPS™ can be requested from any dealer that carries the Fusion™ paintball marker.

19. My local pro shop carries the Fusion, but does not have the RAPS™. Where can I order one?
The RAPS™ can be requested from any dealer that carries the Fusion™ paintball marker.

20. How long are Dangerous Power products warranted for? All Dangerous Power products carry a minimum of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

21. What is covered under warranty? Generally, Dangerous Power covers its products from any defects from manufacturing and malfunctions occurring from normal use. Warranties are voided when signs of tampering of product are evident, or products are damaged by unauthorized repair. However, the Dangerous Power Customer Service department will evaluate each case individually.

22. What lube should I use?
The head engineer at DP says to use DOW 55, or products similar to it. Use DOW 55 for the ram, lpr, etc. DO NOT lube your bolt. The bolt is delrin and naturally self lubing, and lube will just make delrin expand. DOW 55 is recommended for swelling the o-rings allowing for a much better seal. DOW 33 and it's similar products such as Hater Sauce, Evil Pus, Dye Slick, Shocker Lube, Sleek, and so on, will work as well with no problems, but DOW 55 is the best.

23. Should I use a High Pressure(HP) or Low Pressure(LP)
Both are fine.HP is reccomended, or an LP with a fast recharge. Be sure you have a good regulator on your LP tank though. Crossfire, Macdev, Empire, CP, Lucky, Draxxus, Geurilla are all good LP air regs.

24. Where is the serial number located at?
On the bottom side of the trigger guard.

25. Where are the detents and eyes located?
On both sides of the gun, there are two thin, diagonal placed plates held to the gun by screws. The detents are there, along with the eyes.

26. What kind of barrel threads do the Fusion use?
The Fusion uses autococker barrel threads.

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Old 02-05-2007, 10:23 PM #2
fds (Banned)
Join Date: Jul 2006
 has been a member for 10 years

Maintenance Thread Links:
Complete Breakdown of the Fusion. PICS
LPR Break Down. LPR Maintenance. PICS
Is your regulator creeping? Fix it now. Click here.
How to Chrono your fusion

-Use any DOW 33 or DOW 55 based products. DOW 55 is recommended to swell orings to allow for better sealing from the orings. But dow 33 products like hater sauce, dye slick, shocker lube, sleek, evil pus, and so on will still work. DOW 55 is just recommended for optimal performance
-Lube your ram orings, strike orings, lpr orings, etc. Bolt lubing is unnecessary seeing as how the bolt is delrin, therefore being naturally self lubing.

External Maintenance
- Most contaminates found on external surfaces can easily be removed with water and a dry clean dump cloth or a few drops of cleaning oil.
-Other useful supplies for maintaining Fusion are clean rags, Q-tips, and water/rubbing alcohol mix.

Sensor System Maintenance
-The sensor system must be kept clean for optimal performance. Please follow the instructions below for cleaning and maintenance.
1. Remove the two screws located on the top and bottom of grip using a HEX tool.
2. Clean the area thoroughly with a cotton swab.
3. Replace the sensor system and the cover.
4. Replace the screws back onto the sensor system cover.

Bolt Maintenance
-NOTE: the manual claims there are orings on the bolt, but there are not. Do not worry, no problems here. Dont lube the bolt, it is made of naturally self lubing delrin

-The Fusion is equipped with a Delrin fieldstrip bolt for durability and reducing friction. The bolt must be kept clean for optimal performance. If the surface of the bolt becomes sticky, please use the following cleaning instructions:

1. Make sure the air system is not attached to the fusion, and that there is no paintball inside. Be sure all air is drained out of the gun. The OPR gauge should read 0psi.
2. Lift up the locking pin on the bolt and remove the bolt from the rear.
3. Clean the bolt with a clean damp cloth. Soap and warm water may be used to remove any residue.
4. The pin locking system should be gently oiled to ensure proper functioning. Oil very lightly and minimize oil residue on the bolt itself.
5. Clean the bore of the fusion with a squegee and ensure there are no remaining contaminants.
6. Replace the bolt back to the Fusion. Be sure it is placed to where the bolt is behind the ram.

Striker Maintenance
Follow the instructions below to carefully remove the striker assembly for cleaning and maintenance:

1. Disconnect the air system and loader and ensure there is no paintball inside of the Fusion.
2. Lift up the locking pin and turn the cylinder 90 degrees counterclockwise, then pull the strike and main spring out.
3. Plave each component carefully and pay attention to their settings
4. Pull the striker out from the ram cap and locate the two o-rings on the rear end of sticker.
-Lubricate o-rings with gel-type lubricant(such as radio shack gel lube) if necessary.
-Replace the o-rings after excessive wear
5. Clean the bore of the Fusion with a squegee and ensure there are no remaining contaminants.
6. Reassemble the components and slip them back in their respective chambers.
7. Screw the hose connector back to ram cap and reinstall the striker locking pin in the rear of the bolt.

Firing Valve Maintenance
Follow the below instructions to remove the firing valve assembly carefully for cleaning and maintenance:

1. Remove the ASA(air system adapter) hoses.
2. Remove the two screws located on the top and bottom of the grip using a HEX tool.
3. Disassemble the solenoid line and sensor eye system.
4. Remove the two invisible screws using a hex tool
5. Seperate the body and the grip frame.
6. Turn the firing valve screw(found under the body) counterclockwise.
7. Take out the firing valve by using a plastic stick (under 17.5mm).

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Old 02-05-2007, 10:24 PM #3
fds (Banned)
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PROBLEM- Pressure was set too high, which busted the gauge
SOLUTION- Replace the gauge

Fusion will not turn on.
-Low battery.
-Not activated.
-Battery cable is incorrectly placed into the PC board.
-Change battery.
-Hold operating button for more than 4 seconds.
-Check battery cable.

Fusion will not fire
-Low battery
-Low air pressure
-Solenoid may be out of place
-Trigger may be adjusted too far in
-LPR pressure is too low

-Replace battery
-Fill air tank
-Open grip and press solenoid forward
-Readjust trigger farther out
-Adjust LPR pressure

Fusion will not fire with sensor system on
-No paintball present
-Sensor system is unclean
-Ball detent is damaged
-Paintball broken inside

-Load paintball
-See "sensor system maintenance."
-Call the authorized dealers for replacement
-See "bolt and sensor system maintenance"

Air Leak from barrel Area
-Valve pin is at incorrect position
-Valve pin is worn

-Remove the LPR. Grease the spring and valve pin
-Replace valve pin

Fusion will not cycle completely
-Air Pressure is too low
-Low battery power
-O-ring of striker is worn
-Striker is worn
-LPR or OPR set too low

-Fill tank
-Change battery
-Replace o-ring
-Replace striker
-Adjust OPR to 250-300psi and LPR higher

Breaking paintball when shooting out the barrel
-Barrel size does not match paintballs

-Buy smaller paintballs.
-Change barrel bore if necessary

Chopping paintball internally
-Ball detent is worn
-Ball detent is sticking
-Sensor system is not on
-Low battery power
-Force setting on loader is too high
-LPR or OPR set too high

-Replace ball detents
-Reinstall ball detents
-Turn sensor system on
-Replace battery
-Reset force setting on loader(For example, for stock empire b's, change setting from 3 to 1. This reduces extra force)
-Readjust LPR and OPR adjustments.[/b][/i]
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fds (Banned)
Join Date: Jul 2006
 has been a member for 10 years
BOARD INFO(mode changing, activation, available boards, LED displays)

Open the left side of the grips(guage side). Look inside on the circuit board(also called the PC board). On the stock 20bps board, you will have a little box with two switches labeled "1" and "2." The newer boards with 25bps and Full Modes will have the same box on the same side, but with 4 switches labeled 1-4. Following are the configurations needed to be set for the respected modes:

Stock 20bps PSP/Semi Board Configurations

25bps w/ Full modes Configurations

25bps w/ Full modes Manual


On the back of the grip frame, there are two buttons. The top, which sports the universal symbol for the power button, is referred to as "Button A." The bottom, which sports the italicized, lower case, letter "e," is referred to as "Button B."

How do I turn on/off the Fusion?
On the back of the grip frame, there is a 2 button membrane. Hold button "A" down for approximately 1.5 seconds. When the red light turns on into a blinking blue light, the eyes have been activated. A solid blue light indicates the FUsion is ready to fire when the gun is loaded. To turn off, hold the "A" button for about 4 seconds. LED turns off after the release of the button.

How do I turn the eyes on and off?
Hold the "B" button down. The gun always turns on with Eyes on.

The Fusion will turn off after 20 minutes of non-use.

Quick Reference Guide:
Red light flashing every 3 seconds- battery low, replace battery
Red light flashing every 5 seconds- standby mode(automatic after 30 seconds of non-use)
Blue light blinking rapidly- Sensor system OFF
Blue light blinking slowly- Sensor system ON. Marker NOT loaded
Blue light steady/solid- Sensor system on, marker loaded.
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Old 02-05-2007, 10:25 PM #5
fds (Banned)
Join Date: Jul 2006
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This is how to adjust you vlocity:

This is with the stock fuison

Ok first thing you need to do before airing you gun up is to set the regs.

There are two regs on the fusion.
1) HPR/OPR (as in manual)
2) LPR

I'm not going to get in how they effect the fusion and how the lpr converts the air and all that.

So here we go...

You need to bottom out both of your regs before airing the fusion up.

How do you do this?

Hold your fusion upside down so you can see the serial number (under the trigger guard) you will first set the HPR/OPR to 0 psi.

You do this by turning you adjustment screw clockwise so the adjustment screw is screwed in the whole way. Make sure you dont overtighten it just until you feel a little resistance and that should be good.

Now to make sure you have done this correctly look in the adjustment screw and make sure the adjustment screw is below the c clip. THis means that you have succesfully bottomed out the reg

Now for the LPR...

This reg is the reg that adjusts the fps on the fusion.

The LPR is located under the breech.

You once again turn the adjustment screw in, this is just like the hpr. As stated above turn it clockwise or in so its all the way in.

Now for setting your fusion up:

Now that you have bottomed out both regs now is the time to air up your gun.

Air up... pppppppppppssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

your gauge above the hpr should read zero if it reads 600 its not my fault you are a newb and dont follow my directions.


you should set your HPR to 230-250.

To do this you are going to want to turn your adjustment screw out or counter clockwise. You have to whatch your gauge do not let it go over 300psi. stop turning the adjustment screw out when the needle hits the line after 200 psi (this would be 250 psi the recomended pressure you should have your fusion at)

You have now set your HPR/OPR

Now for the LPR...

The gun should not cycle at this point (this would be a good time to turn your gun on )

Now make sure there is NO paint in your breech. turn your adjustment screw out or counter clockwise until the fusion fully cycles

Now head off to the chrono...

Keep on turning your adjutstment screw out until you reach your desired FPS.

All this for adjusting your fusion


*** your fusion will leak when setting the HPR and LPR this is just because there is not enough pressure in your gun to have the noid seal so just keep on turning up the presure to 250 not above***

If it leaks over 250 psi and your LPR is still bottomed out turn it up and it should stop after a turn or two. If it dosn't youve got a problem. I'll get up a leak guid when i feel like it.

I am not responsiable for any damage to your fusion
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