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PbMaxx, Brad Nestle the gun tech...what a story

This is a long story but a good one. Take the time to read it ESPECIALLY if you have sent a gun to Brad Q. Nestle at pbmaxx in houston. The basis of the story is to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER use him under any circumstances. If you don't know, I'm a player on the blowfish and have been playing pump paintball in the tourny scene for quite a while now. I've been with the 'fish for about 5 years now. I'm going to be 110% honest here. I am approximating the dates, but the overall timeframe is exact. I just don't want to see anybody go through the ordeal I went through. Just as well, this is my only retribution for the service I received.

I sent a gun into nestle about 3 years ago. I paid about 200 bucks for a pump mod and a stock feed setup. No ano, etc. So a good price. He had it back to me in about a month and a half with great email, great phone calls, etc. Good experience and the product came back perfect. Great gun that still shoots great after winning tournaments and beating the thing in the mud.

So I decide that I need a second gun that is exactly the same as my primary. I was sick of when my gun did go down having to shoot something other than what I had shot at every practice up to that point. So I spoke to a guy that came acrossed some bodies and I picked one up from him. I have about a million WGP parts so I put a complete sniper 2 together with just what I brought to the field (which I thought was funny).

I called Brad in the middle of January (remember this timeline) and told him that I wanted a xerox copy of the gun that I already have. I told him that I wanted to send him the new gun as well as the old gun so that he could make a mirror image copy of the marker he did before. He said not a problem, that he could have it done in 1-2 months for 200 dollars. I told him great and that I would be willing to give him 300 if he could have it back to me in a few weeks. He told me that he would see what he could do.

One month later I call him and he tells me that he isn't quite done with it, that it should be done within the next few weeks. I say no problem, just give me a call when its done.

So I wait another month (its mid march now) and I call him again. Brad tells me, "The gun is done, I am putting the screws in it right now. I just have to test fire it and you should have it by this weekend. I'll even ship it free if I can keep the stock pump kit you have on here." I say, "No problem, keep it. Do you want me to pay you know?" He says, "No, why don't you wait until I officially am ready to ship."

So 2 weeks go by (April now) with no phone call or email or gun. So I call him and he says "Well I had messed up the pump arm and had no more delrin so I had to get more. But your gun is in the box ready to ship right now. I'm looking at it right now." So I say "Do you want me to pay now?" Brad replies "Sure, I'll paypal you. You should have your gun by this weekend. I'll even email you a tracking number." Perfect I'm thinking. A month later than he said but not too shabby. But the item does not go out! The tracking number shows the item has not been shipped. He says that "he got held up with some other work he was doing" and that he apologizes. If the gun was really in the box, could other work really be holding him up? He said that it would be going out that day.

So another month goes by (its early may now), AFTER PAYING HIM AND AFTER IT WAS SUPPOSEDLY SHIPPED FOR SURE THIS TIME! And still no marker! I call him several times during that month. He CONTINUES to tell me that he had it done and that it was going out "that day". He honestly tells me that about 2 times per week for the next 2 weeks. He finally says he shipped it. The tracking number is not working. He tells me that the number isn't working because it had been over 30 days from when he printed the shipping label so he had to call the usps to track it. So weeks go by and still no gun. He is telling me that he sent it but has been having problems with the post office, he'll check into it. He said that he has received several things back from the post office but that he hasn't received my gun back. I'm being more than nice because all that I want is my gun.

Yet another month passes (Early June) and I have persisted with the emails, calls, etc.. Brad says that he is working hard on finding out what the post office did. Every time I call is the same story "The stupid post office won't tell me anything". Brad finally concedes and says that the Post Office must have lost my gun. So I tell him the unbelievable to most of you. I tell him "OK, I paid you 190 and gave you a complete Sniper 2. Give me 250 even (so 60 dollars for losing a complete gun) and we'll call it a day." SIXTY BUCKS for a COMPLETE sniper 2!!! I bet some of you wish you could get that deal. He agrees to the terms and says he will paypal me with the money.

After 2 more weeks of waiting now for my money (Late June now) and still no payment I begin calling him again. I had sent him a money request etc. with no response. He says he is waiting for some money to clear in his paypal. After a few more weeks (July now) and after talking to him multiple times with the same story he now says that he is going to mail me a money order "that day". He told me that several times for the next 2 weeks. I did not recieve that money order so I had finally had enough.

I called the manager at PbMaxx and told him my long story. I think his name was Jason. He could not believe it, but then again he said that he could. He said Brad didn't work for PbMaxx anymore, but was a type of subcontractor for the store. He did any custom work that was requested. He said he would look into it.

After 2 more weeks of no money/no gun (middle of July now) I call pbmaxx and Brad is not there that day (it was a saturday). I tell Jason that Brad needs to call me IMMEDIATELY b/c I have come to just about suing Brad for the money i'm really owed which I valued at closer to 500 bucks. He tells me to hold on. He says that he is searching the shelves b/c he has had customers call in irate like me and has seen their gun sitting right there, complete. He doesn't find my gun and says he will call Brad and tell him to call me right away. I never got a phone call. Jason calls the owner for me and instead of a phone call I get an email from brad saying "I tried to call but must have written the number down wrong, you're money will go out for sure Monday" I reply to him telling him that it better or else i'm going to sue him for what i'm owed as well as report him to everyone that i could.

Then a miracle happened....I call him on Tuesday to make sure the money went out and he tells me this "I've got one better for you. The Post Office returned your gun!!!! I'm putting the screws in it now it will go out today." He asked me if the gun had a cocking rod in it when I sent it. Now I hope you see the problem with those statements. If the post office found the package, shouldn't it still be assembled in the box?? Shouldn't the screws and the cocking rod be in it?? I sat on the phone astonished at this guy's audacity. I said "ok, ship it, but if it doesn't come in short order, legal methods will be utilized to get my stuff."

I received my marker on August 1st. 7.5 months after shipping it. 5.5 months late. Countless bald face lies later. And I received a beautiful gun. The gun really does look great. Perfect copy of what I had.

I do not understand how someone can just straight out lie to someone knowing the person is going to find out. He took my money from me as well while he KNEW he was lying. I hope this gives a good insight into what this guy's business is ran like. I hope that anybody that does have a gun at his shop goes after him quick b/c I would hate to see people lose their stuff when he runs his business into the ground. If you have any questions, please contact me via pm. Thanks for reading this. I'll post this on other forums as well.
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