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Old 06-20-2006, 05:05 PM #736
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im not a fan of all the big bulky angels but that is pretty cool lookin' its sorta like a dm6 on weight watchers
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Old 06-20-2006, 05:07 PM #737
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when does the angel one come out?
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Old 06-20-2006, 05:15 PM #738
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Originally Posted by paintballkilla*
stickers look PS'ed on the hopper
Yes, they are blured...
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Old 06-20-2006, 05:26 PM #739
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ya they are blurred out, if you look at the 3rd pic u can see the actual sticker
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Old 06-20-2006, 05:32 PM #740
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Originally Posted by pimpinsaylor
yes, the viking is a 3 tube design, like an angel. However it performs so much better.
No, that is the pure anti-WDP hype talking, nothing else. Vikings were identical to the Speed 03 in performance (lighter hammer but heavier bolt and pin), non-eye-board to non eye-board, apart from electronics rate of fire that was 30+ compared to 13 on the AKA marker. So yes, better than an LCD (but electronically slower) but WDP wasn't making LCDs at the time the Vikings became popular. I've shot plenty ov Vikings by now and they really are identical to a Speed 03, they even feel the same apart from the 90-degree frame. Put eyes and aftermarket boards on both and they're still great guns but on the heavy side.

I did notice that the angel is more like a viking now because of the lpr placement, that what I said awhile ago Seems wdp is following in aka's footsteps.
Well it was AKA following WDPs footsteps first, and they never ever had a patent for the design because they borrowed 95% of it straight off the Angel LCD. Both guns are low maintenance and only needs a few drops of oil for general maintenance.
The two things AKA did first was using the lying-down type solenoid and the LPR using the left tube as a air conductor chamber. G7 had the lying-down solenoid and now the A1 has the LPR/tube use. And the LPR was better than the one on the LCD. But WDP has always been on top when it came to RAM quality and performance. The AKA RAM was a simpler, rougher version of the LCD RAM with a not so polished ram shaft and although it was comparable to the LCD RAM it was never equal to the Speed/AF/FLY RAM. And the G7 had a redesignel LPR with performance equal to or better than the old AKA one. Two generations later the A1 RAM now blows the Speed RAM away with super-low friction operation never seen before in paintball. So it's like a Viking with a more compact body and a super-RAM, eyes, a 30+ board. And it comes with a barrel kit and bottomline.

this goes back to the age issue. Why go and buy somehting new and similar, if it still isnt even as good?
Oh, Angels were already better than Vikings as soon as the G7 line came out a year and a half ago, you just never bothered to check it out. Similar performance, just better because it's more modern and more evolved.

Why waste $1000+ on a marker when you have something better, dont have to put up with the horrible customer service/ horrible warrenty and horrible master techs
I do know that gun manufacturers have lately become ever increasingly better at customer service and support (to the joy and benefit of all paintballers), but WDP was leading in this field for many years setting the standard for quality support and although they are no longer the only company now to do it they are still great at it.
No, the warranty is not at all horrible, in fact it's very good, especially the Angel Force warranty. Got a problem, you talk to WDP US and they'll help any way possible. And horrible Master techs? Do you know Ken Crane? He's one of the greatest techs ever to work in paintball. Granted perhaps not all of them are as good as him but he does set the standard for the US.

you seem like a good one though
I try to be. But then I was taught by some of the very best and outside of paintball I've got an engineering degree and background which sometimes helps. I can't speak for Master techs in the US, but as far as I know they're usually very good and WDP demands a certain level of technical expertise and service-mindedness if you want to stay an MT.

Not to mention its (a1) replacement is already in the works
No doubt WDP is already planning PL guns based on the A1 platform. After all it's what we've come to expect that gun manufacturers do today. But I don't consider those replacements as muich as complements to the line. Like a differnet colored jacket with the same or very similar cuts. Same line but with some alternatives for the customer to choose from. Guess it depends on how you look at it.
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Originally Posted by Fargbollen
They're usually caused by rollback and/or the bolt kiss force. Both of which are existing factors on DM guns although they are larger on some other guns.
I don't see how rollback will cause a barrel break.

Originally Posted by Fargbollen
I've seen lots of DM guns chop with brittle paint, even with normal or tough paint
That can be said for pretty much any gun.

Originally Posted by Fargbollen
(the very reason DYE themselves made their new 06 eyes to be self-cleaning)
So you're saying Dye made the 06 eyes self cleaning because DM's are chopping machines or something? I don't quite get it. They try to do something useful and get bashed for it?

Originally Posted by Fargbollen
Since the DM 4/5 could only cycle fast enough at most to shoot 23 bps (that would be at optimal full auto, incidentally the same as a stock ION), any larger amount of eye delay affects the acheivable rate of fire to a great degree. So how fast would you say the gun shot? 12 bps? 15? Because when setting the gun at high eye delay you can't physically reach much more with it than that and most players accept a trade-off between speed, ball hardness and no-chop-reliability.
Come on, that's complete bull. 1 second = 1,000ms. Let's say a Halo can load paint in 15ms (it's actually faster IIRC), a dwell of 18 (stock on a DM... it can be lower, and is on most guns) and a paint delay of 5 (pretty high IMO). 15+18+5 = 38ms. We'll add another 8 for the bolt to move back, etc. That's 46. 1000/46 = ~21bps. The gun should have no problems hitting over 15. Past that, how many people do you know of that consistently hit over 15 on semi? How many people do you know of that play at 15 capped?

Originally Posted by Fargbollen
As the Angel and guns like the EGO cycle a lot faster than a DM gun (close to twice the cycling speed) it will still be faster shooting at the supersafe settings.
Great... but the cycle speed doesn't necessarily mean faster bps.

Originally Posted by Fargbollen
If AKa made a gun today it would very probably be very close to this in performance and overall design.
Did someone at AKA tell you that?
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Old 06-20-2006, 05:42 PM #742
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EEEKKKKKK. Sorry everyone. I screwed up accidently merged the Ego and Angel threads.

Until I work out how to split the 40 odd pages I'm gonna close this and we'll continue in the other threads.

Very sorry. To err is human. To really mess up requires a computer.
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