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Old 04-27-2001, 01:39 PM #1
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I've been working on tuning my gun for two things. Efficiency, first, and then at least a somewhat lower pressure to gain some of the benefits of that (noise reduction, etc.). So anyways.

First of all, with setting an inline regulator. I have a MacDev Gladiator on my gun. What I was -told- was that to set a reg you want to back out your velocity, and then screw the reg adjuster in until your velocity stops going up. For me, that was about a full turn, and turning it much further my gun will just stop working. Is this how I should've set it, or should I mess with it? I only had to screw in my velocity adjuster about a quarter to a half turn to be at 275-280. *Shrugs.*

Second to springing. Right now, I'm using the stock Rat 3:16 springs, and I'm not getting bad efficiency, as far as I can tell... (350 shots off of 500 psi on a 68/4500). It was recommended that I use the Maddman springs... and the main difference between those and mine is the valve spring. Namely, that the Maddman valve spring is heavier than my current one, while the mainspring is about the same. What's the heavier valve spring going to do for me? More efficient? Less? Lower pressure, less?

Oh, and last, again with springing. Most people I've asked have said "use a heavier valve spring than mainspring." In fact, Yancey's the only one I've talked to who's said that the Maddman green/green is the way he prefers to go. So here are two more questions. Is the Maddman spring set already set up taking the "heavier valve spring than mainspring" into consideration with a color-matched set? Or, would I benefit from going Blue Valve / Green Main?

Like I said, I'm not quite as concerned with having low pressure as being as efficient as possible, but I'd like to run about as low as I can while retaining efficiency.

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Velocity Adjusters

I find it rather interesting that I have never seen a springing post where the type of velocity adjuster is discussed. Everyone is very willing to say what the best spring combo is, but is that with the 98 (99?) or newer velocity adjuster, simply the thin wheel that screws in and compresses the spring at the same time, or is it with the older style (ACI externally adustable) kit that is held in place with the beavertail screw? Az has the newer style so he actually has a longer area where the spring sits, as compared to the older style, which I have, that has the insert that screws in but also leaves a smaller spring area. I can see where a green/green combination might be the best for the newer style, and nearly the same results would come from a green/yellow system on the older style, since the yellow will be compressed a bit more it can end up with the same kinetic energy as the green spring when the gun is cocked. Anyway, anyone who responds to this post, please specify what kind of a velocity adjuster you have on your gun.


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Old 04-29-2001, 11:57 PM #3
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Here's mine

Ok, I found my happy gun point. Before I talk about springs I would like to say that I have the OLDER style velocity adjuster, the one that has to be held in with the beavertail setscrew. The combo that I finally found my happy point with was a Maddman Green Valve spring, and a Yellow Mainspring. Az and I bought the set with the yellows in it at the same time, and the mainsprings in that kit are not quite as long as normal Mainsprings. Even with that, I had to cut 1.5-2 turns off the mainspring. You may wonder why I didn't just put a heavier valve spring in. Well, it's because I wanted to have the ability to not chop a ball, meaning that if a ball is not loaded quite correctly that the bolt will not chop it. That has to do with the cocking pressure, which also has to do with mainspring spring constant. Basically with a heavier mainspring you must compensate by having a more force behind the cocking rod. This force is also present in the return of the rod, and by keeping this low you can insure that your gun does not chop.

Sorry about all the text.

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for all my guns i never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever adjust the spring


i adjust my pressure through the reg, i bring it up till it's shooting right on 285, and i continue shooting for a while, and when it's set


i use a green maddman products hammer spring, and sometimes use either the blue valve, or the green valve spring deppending on the flow of the gun.

i make sure to double regulate any air supply that is going into my guns, this provides more consistant pressures, and if you use regulators built for higher flow, you will see better performance.

NEVER mess with your springs, it'll wear them out and make the gun inconsistant..

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