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Old 03-10-2006, 03:51 AM #1
Common Sense Is Tingling
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Exclamation Building a Timmy? Read this.

This is a guide on how to build your own intimidator, it will cover:

A) Why Build

B) Where to start

C) Prices and hunting for deals

D) Useful links to places that sell useful items

E) Parts needed

F) Customization and making yours one of a kind

G) Closing Comments

H) People who can help/helped me

I) My gun and parts I find excellent

WARNING!!!!!! I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your gun. Everything in here is a suggestion. I am not endorsing any place or person of business. I still would recommend people to buy guns normally, this can get pretty messy if you are clueless. Read carefully and enjoy building your gun.

Section A= Why Build

Why build? Because its fun and the girls will be all over you.

Before you commit to building your own Intimidator, ask yourself why. What is the advantage? Do I have the funds and more importantly, the time? Am I doing this to increase my knowledge and skill? Is it going to cost me more than a used one? Will I be able to build it? Plus its fun!

These questions are just a few of the many you should be asking yourself. There a are three big items that can cause a conflict here.

1)Time= Do you have it? Do you need a gun before HB? Can you commit to building your gun or will it be a bunch of parts lying on your desk for 3 months? We all lead hectic lives at times, between everything, can you take time out to search for key parts and buy them?

2) Money= Pretty self explanitory, money is what you need to get parts, of course. The advantage to building is that you can control the amount that goes into the gun at one time. Instead of blowing 500$ at once, you spend 20here and there. Doing this project is NOT cost effective.

3) Skill= Do you have the knowledge and ability to do this? This is your project, the last thing a busy tech wants is a failed timmy you couldn't build. There's no point in building a gun if you can't do it yourself.

The main reason that lead me to build was customization and creative control. I hate getting a gun in trades and not having a color scheme or parts that I want. Doing this will give you the chance to control and carefully pick out parts that will fit your needs, leaving more money to you in some cases.

Section B= Where to start

Before you even start looking at bodies, frames, etc. Get a good working knowledge of what you are about to do. Read anything and everything you can. Stickies, reviews, faq's, they are all key. Ask questions, know what parts work where and why, know what parts to stay clear from.

Next, start getting a plan together. Get a visual image of what you want. Use photoshop, read through the picture threads to see what works and get some ideas, go out and play and see what people have. A plan usually changes shape and form by the time you are done, some things don't work out.Try to see if this is something you want to be annodized or milled, thats a different topic.

The most important step is to decide what GEN Timmy you are building, this is the basis or "theme" upon which you are working on.

Quick rundown of GENs: (Blast only)
GEN1= Ripper1's, Classic's
GEN2= 2k2's,ECx's,GZ's,Z,Dragon Species, Texas Storm's,etc.
GEN3= Empire1's, Alias,ND,RussianL,Lasoya2,Ripper2,Ripper2.5,etc.
GEN4= Infamous,Empire2(As of March 2006, I have not seen much in the way of building one of these)

You can build one of these, or a combo or none. There are a few aftermarket bodies that are non Blast. Once you chosen your type and "theme", you can begin the fun.

Section C= Pieces and hunting for parts

Having a well thought out, working gun will depend ont his step. Every part,component has a function and must be considered carefully. I bounced back and forth on so many things, its insane. Some parts are very hard to find, new or used. Sometimes you must sacrifice a part because of price or availabilty.

Patience and staying the course are key. When cruising the web, its very easy to "impulse buy" something. I went through 5 bodies before finding the one for me, I almost bought something I didn't want. Don't feel pressured to buy something you don't want, thats how the seller wins.

When buying used, the first thing you do is check out if its a legit sale and if the seller's legit. Getting scammed out of 400$ for a Ripper2 body isn't fun. Be wary of sellers who are pushy and won't talk to you other than basic costs. Not everyone has time to talk about a 10$ ramcap, but if your buying a body or frame, make sure you keep in contact. If you don't have any feedback, don't demand anything, thats not how it works. Be considerate and poilte.(This has no relation to the gun, just a tip)

Buying new is a different story, there are many online stores that sell many Intimidator parts at fair prices and will be excellent places to buy from. Keep an eye on stock availability and prices. As with buying that new camera or TV, keep a list of different prices and sales. Don't be hit with heavy shipping charges either, some places charge WAY too much for shipping.

By being patient and careful, you can pick good parts and not waste money. Its possible to get a cost effective gun, you just have to be smart.

Section D= Places to buy online
DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsed by any person of store. This is strickly on a personal basis. I have used most of these places or have heard many, many good things about them.

You can buy from anywhere you want to. These places have a good product list to scan for items.

Section E= Parts list(screws and o-ring sizes when I find them)

Ram,Ram cap, Ramsleeve
LPR, LPR Block, Guage
Frame,Frame Electronics,Board,Membrane/buttons,Eyes,Grips,Trigger Guard,Trigger,Trigger Screw
Ball Detents,Eye covers
ASA of some kind for tank

Quality parts from...
AIM(the bodies aren't bad)

Section F= Customization

One of the biggest thrills and "honors" of doing this is the chance to make yours like non other. Everyone has their own vision of what they want, so this guide won't give tips on how to. Annodizing and milling can give your gun new life and make it 1 of a kind. You can also make your own customizations.
The simplest way to customize is to give your gun a name.
I've seen a know of good anno'ing from Absolute finish, Precision PB and PBcustomz. You may want to check them out or look around for yourself.

Section G= Closing Comments

I hope this guide gives you, the reader and builder a glimpse into the world of the custom Intimidator. I still recommend that most people buy the regular way, pre-built. Have fun, be safe and toss some paint in your gun! There's nothing fun about having it in your shelf or gearbag and it not getting some!

Section H= Props

These guys helped me in someway somehow, I'd like to thank them.
Play_Front- Makes his timmies better than any I've shot
Lopez17- my "mentor" and a really cool guy
Bob Long and Blast for fixing a few parts and making the Intimidator.
Ladd17- Gave me some inspiration from his gun.

Section I= My gun(thought I'd share)

Took me about 2 months to build, overall cost, under $600. I had a board, reg and lpr already. I call it the "Magnum".

Specs: Alias body, 05 Bl frame, Frenzy 127.5c,Cp slingblade,kila detents,2-liter,Gen4 timmy eyes, empire ram and ram cap,cp barrel,hybrid rail and on/off,hardshell bolt, alias trigger guard. 2k5 lasoya LPR,redz feedneck,GEN6 hybrid grips.

I like using AKA regs, cp and hybrid parts, for the most part, they are all good quality and come in a variety of colors and sizes. I might annodize it 100% gloss blue one day, but for now, looking for ways to make it more unique.

If you find this helpful or find it terrible, let me know. Please feel free to leave feedback!
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Excellent information, excellent post
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HP/LP stfu
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Great thread...i'm heading down this path right now...
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It's true, it's the best working gun in the universe.

Thanks, mate.
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Sa da tay
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great idea mcgyver....
now i thot all u needed to build stuff was a rubberband a paperclip and a staple.....

I have 2 brand new pairs of Polished Clear/Violet Iridium Oakley Frogskins. They are almost impossible to find brand new, PM me if you want a pair.

RIP- Jason "Towlie" Calef
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knowledge and wisdom wins
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do i spy a sticky in this threads future???

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bA What?!?
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i dont know what part of my gun's inspired you, but it's cool to see that i was able to "help" :p

great post, i've actually been considering building my own custom timmy for quite some time now, but i just dont have the funds to do it, cause i know EXACTLY what parts i want, and im not sure that i could afford to purchase all of htem, cause most are fairly expensive/rare

you could also add to the list of sites

they carry almost every single OEM factory standard part for most guns, and at a very reasonable price

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Mag in the Room
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correct me if im wrong, but isnt the empire1 body a gen2 style? i thought it used 2k2 bolts and eye covers. i know that the empire frame is a 2k5/alias type frame rather than the 2k2 clammy.
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Thank you all for the kind words. Ladd17, when I post pics of my gun, you'll see what I mean.

As for the Empire, I call it a Gen 2.5, its somewhere in the middle.

I'll continue to update this as new ideas come in. My section on my gun and such should be coming later on today, as well as spelling corrections.
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Originally Posted by SPADEbladeSPADE
great idea mcgyver....
now i thot all u needed to build stuff was a rubberband a paperclip and a staple.....
I believe it was a rubberband, paperclip and straw....

Besides timmies are really easy to build, I rank it above a spyder in difficulty. What makes it hard is getting the money to buy the parts and locating the right part, in the right condition.
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You forgot to list as a place to buy parts. Zing! As helpful as this is, it won't help unless people check the stickies, and I believe there is already a few quides on intimidator parts and ect..3rd page.

Originally Posted by kamakazieric
1 Body BODY
1 Reg Body REG BODY
1 Complete LPR LPR
1 Inline Regulator INLINE REG
1 Clamshell grip frame OR bob long 2k5 frame FRAME
1 LCD screen LCD
1 Membrane switch MEMBRANE
1 14 point harness 14 POINT HARNESS
1 12 point eye harness 12 POINT HARNESS
1 Board BOARD
1 Pair of eyes EYES
1 Solenoid SOLENOID
3 Barbs including 3 on the solenoid and 3 on the gun BARBS
3 Pieces of hose HOSE
1 Trigger TRIGGER
1 Trigger Guard TRIGGER GAURD
1 Bolt BOLT
1 Ram RAM
1 Ram sleve RAM SLEVE
1 Cup seal
1 Poppet Spring
1 Ram cap. RAM CAP
1 Reg body to body screw
1 Screw to keep the board in
1 Jam nut to keep the Ram tube in
1 Screw to hold the trigger into the clamshell ALL SCREWS
2 On/off Switch screws
2 Microswitch Screws
1 Gauge GAUGE
2 DetentsDETENTS

I would like to thank, and for the pics.

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Common Sense Is Tingling
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The more people see things, the less pointless threads we might have.

I'm not going to add the parts list with links, because I think people should do that for themsleves. It would also seem that I'm asking everyone to go to Bradys. I'm listing helpful sites and they can do the rest.

I did list PBN as a place to buy, look closer. The Timmy is easy to build and such, but not to someone who's new. This thread is designed to help people get in the state of mind and process of building. There's only a few threads I that I think are missing around here, this and a pic-by pic assembly guide.(we may have that)
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Valar Morghulis
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A comprehensive pic by pic assembly guide would be useful though!

You've got some free time in Austria right...*cough*

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There's no better person on earth to tell you how to build something than McGyver!
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Feedback (click on the name of the site below to be taken to my feedback on that site):
Old PBNation feedback, will be using new style from now on (+60)
eBay (+137)
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Updated and finished
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Thanks a bunch DT. Sorry I didn't check this out earlier, I know you kinda did it for me. I will be going down the path of just buying a used Dark for under $600. This is a great thread, and your gun is hot. But I still don't know how you built that thing for under $600.... Wow.

Anways, good job
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Old 04-07-2006, 07:24 PM #18
species :D
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do 2k3 (ram,hammer,sleeve,)'s fit in alias bodies?
do 2k3 front blocks fit on alias bodies?
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Runin to the 50
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wow.. thats all i can say, im glad someone put the time into doing this, ive always wanted to try it but didnt know where to start. i have a question though. where can i find all the electronics? im planning on building a gen3 if that helps any. and may i pm you if i need any more help? thanks!
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So would it be possible to build a newer body style of the empire or infamous?
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You won't be able to find parts to those.
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