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Old 05-07-2001, 12:11 PM #43
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LOL....they were in no way trying to ban paintball. They were enforcing stricter gun laws so they have less ****ed up kids coming into school and blasting away at their school mates. (how many times has thei happened in the US?, how many in Canada...ohhh yeah you have waaaaay more problems) The new laws threatened paintball guns because it outlined that any gun capable of shooting over 600fps (i think) was considered a firearm. They later revised the bill to exclude paintball most likely because they realized the economic value of the sport. More than anyone can say for Bush and his cronies. Oh well everyone knows who's better anyways.
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Old 05-07-2001, 02:56 PM #44
Team Bohica
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Originally posted by Jaysun
Do i just have to change the two small o-rings in the back of the bolt (the ones stopping the top-hat from coming off) and the one at the very front of the bolt? thats it?
Nevermind, i found out the ones i had to change. The 4 on the bolt, and the two inner o-rings inside the top-hat. But i dont know if it will stop that first shot fart till next week when i play. So its just those 6 orings?

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Old 05-07-2001, 03:46 PM #45
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Originally posted by Brando's_Matrix
... They were enforcing stricter gun laws so they have less ****ed up kids coming into school and blasting away at their school mates ...
You really believe something that naive? Man, it must be a trip walking through life being that naive and brain-washed by the media and your teachers. Kids are ****ed up because we have a ****ed up society (with MORE gun laws than ever before as well as thousands upon thousands of other laws that never existed before) Sorry kid, but it's not the laws that need to be tightened; it's the morons who control the media, the educational system and the arts that need to be questioned and restrained from exercising such biased, emotionally manipulative control. The actual facts thoroughly and absolutely contradict your reasoning, dude...

In fact, ever since extreme liberalism really got rolling along with some steam in the 60's, our society has decayed at an almost unprecidented rate. The media, the teacher's unions and therapists around the country started espousing all sorts of very liberal and politically correct philosophies such as the one(s) you have obviously been influenced by, and yet the moral fabric of country has come apart completely. Basically, we have been experiencing and witnessing a state of entrpoy that is the natural, unavoidable result of the various social movements of the past century that had a focus that can be oversimplified as, "Morals, standards, and god... they are all outdated and old fashioned notions that should be changed or done away with."

We are living in a society that is the fruit of labors of several generations of highly liberal and selfish thought. We are living exactly what they wanted, but they didn't believe or know that this is what they were actually asking for.

These are just the facts, Sparky, and no gun laws, or any other politically correct, ******* laws are going to provide the results you are seemingly looking for. Sorry to attack your beliefs, but you were just wrong on this one, dude.

It's not the gun laws, bro... it is a society that has been obsessed with ridding themselvees of personal responsibility, reason, and the concept of right and wrong. Ever since the "influential class" (again: that's the media, the arts and the educational system) embraced the ideas of Reletivism, Hedonism, Liberalism and the like, our culture has decayed at an alarming rate.

But what can we expect from a society that wants to convince us that hundreds upon thousands of our children are supposedly not little undisciplined *******s, but instead they are just some poor little victims of things like "ADD" and "ADD/HD" and all the other bunk they purport? Yeah, I'm sure you saw that episode of South Park, hell, they just replayed it several times this past week... well, dude, as humorous and cynical as it was, the truth is, we are doing even more to screw up the society that our children will grow up into. As things stand now, all of this will be much worse in 10, 20 or 30 years from now.

Oh, and it's okay for little Johnny to be consumed with a desire to have intimate knowledge of your little brother's bunghole... he was born that way, he didn't choose to be ***... of course not: we live in a society that seemingly does not have any grasp of the notions of personal responsibility and acountability. There's an excuse for everything, and it is the selfish, twisted politicians (read: Clinton, Gore, et al) who know how to play your emotions who have helped herd us like a bunch of mindless sheep away from a society that had a sense of pride, loyalty, integrity and purpose into a bumbling mass of whining, excuse-ridden little wimps and idiots.

But I think I'm sort of on a rant here...
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Old 05-07-2001, 07:49 PM #46
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Location: Montreal, Qc, Canada
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I totally disagree with what you have just stated. What you are obviously saying is that our progress in understanding eachother is our unraveling. I ask you, what is your alternative to the liberal governments of today? Strict totalitarian governments?

What you are doing is placing the blame on progress. Sure, things are not perfect and things are getting bad but stricter gun laws are ways of soothing these growing pains. You totally contradict yourself (so does the government but thats another issue) You say that the liberalism of today is destroying our society because it allows us to shift the blame. In essesnce you are calling for a more conservative approach and a stricter more unforgiving government. If this was the case many governments would totally outlaw firearms of any type to protect themselves from revolt. You say to me that my beliefs in tougher gun legislation to protect our children is wrong because it is everything else that is causing these problems. Some of these problems would never have been problems if these children or criminals or whomever were never allowed to get their hands on these weapons. Personally I have never owned a firearm nor has anyone in my family. I do not see the point in owning guns in todays society. A hand gun is for officers of the law. A hunting rifle is for hunting and should require specific permits after a grueling screening of the candidate has been completed. But what is the point of people owning handguns and weapons of war? There is none! All they do is create problems. They have no purpose and no place in todays society. I know of a lot of gun owners. Some strictly for hunting and others for god know's what. A person who owns fourteen handguns, long range rifles and other weapons has no use for these weapons. These weapons are in danger of falling into the wrong hands. For this I believe we need stricter gun laws. I do not claim that stricter gun laws alone will prevent such occurances as Colombine but they will ensure that minors and people with out perpouse to owning a gun can have access to them. Sure the instances could have taken place with other weapons but would the damage have been as great? Would we have had more time to forecast a bad situation. I believe so and because of this I support all and any legislature banning firearms from being sold to the general public.
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Old 05-07-2001, 09:02 PM #47
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i have my trinity on my marker right now but i do not have any air to test it out, when i get my tanks filled, what is the best way to adjust the trinity and do i have to adjust the stock regulator? THANKS!!
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Old 05-08-2001, 02:33 AM #48
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How to adjust your Trinity.
Turn the knob on the front in most of the way.
Set your gun's velocity to what you want to be shooting.
Now unscrew the knob on the Trinity until the bolt does not function.
while firing the gun slowly turn the knob in until the blot fires without skipping or short stroking.
Once the bolt keeps up at a high rate of firing, turn the knob in 1/8th of a turn more.
recheck your ball speed, Adjust your main reg if you need to.
BTW I agree with Ghetto grip boy and the gun thingy
I used to own guns, I mean piles of guns, 22s, 303, 8mm, 308, an SKS assault rifle, Shotguns, 44.45 cal Cannon Imade in grade 12 shop class.
We would go to the gravel pit and target shoot all the time.
In 1984 I Came in third in the province for shooting 22s at 60ft.
This udder crap of people not having a use for their guns, bothers me to no end.
The paintball industry tries to say there is no similarity between real guns and paintguns. I say Ha!!
You tell me I am a nut that could let my guns fall into the wrong hands, or kill someone myself, as you load up your 68-4500psi tank to go shoot your friends.
If you want to missuse a gun, you can... If you want to crank up your air pressure and fire Marbles through a home made barrel, you can do just as much dammage to a person.
but with your paintgun you can brag you did ir at 16.4 Balls per second.
Be careful how much regulation you support. It could be your sport next that the politically correct people attack next.
Gun regulations only regulate the honest people.
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Old 05-08-2001, 06:44 PM #49
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Aard, you couldn't hit the braud side of a barn, even with a matrix and a full compliment of paint
I am an affiliate of Aardvark Custom Paintball Products
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Old 05-08-2001, 10:11 PM #50
Too hot for TV.
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i didnt read a word you guys just said, i'll just not my head and smile. i know someone that is about to install his trinity with the gun gassed up, is that ok? i dont think so....he wont listen to me, because he cant remove his tank a lot, or his threads will strip.
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Old 05-08-2001, 10:30 PM #51
Brandos_Matrix's Avatar
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Location: Montreal, Qc, Canada
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not only does he risk blowing his fingers off but he'll probably screw up his gun too...Man whats with u ghetto americans and you half *** set-ups
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Old 05-08-2001, 11:32 PM #52
ACPP Forever
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dude alot of people ask that question should I just change the two big o-rings or should I just chage them all (I dont know the names of all the parts yet) but if you want to save some time then change them all at the same time cause they are low quality o-rings from pro-caps they either cause problems now or later and later is when you need your matrix the most.
I want to move to the sates can't stand canada I want to play paintball with the big boys and stop geting scamed on shipping and etc Damn you non-canadain paintball companies JT, worr and extrem rage. But I would miss the beer to much even thought im a minor.

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