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Nerve FAQ thread

Its time for this...I've heard the rumblings of the Nerve forum supporters way to much lately. Here it is; a compilation of all the questions that get answered everyday.

Here it goes:

HP or LP tanks?
It doesn't matter; HP or LP are both suitable air sources for your smart parts nerve. If you are going to us LP you should make sure the regulator on your tank recharges fast enough so you don't experience shootdown at high rates of fire. Refer to this for LP regs

Why doesn't Dynasty or any other SP team use nerves?
The answer; they do, but you will never see an entire team shooting the nerves, the hype was there but due to the faulty release of the nerve and the higher (to competitive) didn't allow the gun to catch on. Why would people put down markers that could perform on the same level, and go to another marker that feels completely different; they wouldn't. That is why you will never (or likely never at this point) see a SP team shooting all nerves, shockers just have to much of a foothold.

Do nerves compete with other high end guns? The shocker?
Yes and yes. At this stage in the game I will tell you that no other gun is better or worse than any other. Pros and cons inflict all markers out there. Your own PERSONAL PREFERENCE will take a role in what you shoot. I just suggest that you don't buy into hype.

What should I do if the manual doesn't explain me how to correctly tech my gun? is a great resource for any SP marker... If you don't trust yourself to tech your own gun, take it to a local proshop, send your marker to ydna, or SP.

Why is my marker dropping off or shooting down?
This could be a number of things. The on/off could be restricting air flow. The HPR might be set to low, or might need relubed. The lpr also might need relubed or your dwell might need to be raised a little bit. You might also have an LP reg that has a horrible recharge rate.

How much does the nerve weigh?
The nerve weighs 2.2 lbs according to Smart Parts, The shocker weighs 1.8 lbs. Pretty sure that is without barrel and reg.

What barrel threads does the nerve use?

Is there a cap?
The nerve board is capped in vision at 24 bps, in non-vision at 18 bps.

Is the nerve worth the money?
This question needs to stop being asked. It is personal preference. This marker is lowered to 500 dollars right now new. It is a high end marker. It doesn't need to be upgraded for performance. Make your own decision.

Is the nerve an Impulse on Slimfast?
Yes, and no, and yes some more. The nerve is similar to the impy in a lot respects but all the bugs that plagued the impy have been fixed to create the ultimate marker. The nerve is a Stack tubed poppet valve marker, along with the Impulse, Ego, and Timmies.

Does the nerve work in cold weather?
This question was answered by YDNA at the beginning of winter, and he posted tips on how to make your nerve its best during the winter months.

Where is a good place to buy Nerve (and SP) markers and parts online?

What are some suggestions from bdsmoney for a nerve right out of the box?
I suggest relubing the poppet oring on the HPR and the LPR. This will insure that those to critical parts have the correct amount of lube on them.

I might get a nerve convince me?
Read the stickies, search and read. Convince yourself, we can help you but we're not here to hand feed you through life. We want you to have a nerve believe me, but most people buy into hype and we don't have the hype to spread about the nerve.

Common repeated questions...

Are they good guns?
Yes, but it is personal preference.

Do they chop any?
Not much...On occasion if your eye (reflective vision) gets dirty you may chop a few by shooting to fast.

Easy to maintain?
Yes, one of the easiest guns to maintain. Relube poppet orings in LPR and HPR every so often. Also relube the ram depending upon amount of play. The bolt does not require lubricant.

Are there upgrades for the nerve?
Yes many. The nerves share Triggers, Frames, Feednecks, and boards with shockers. There are also the NDz EQ bolt, and Slik shot ram. The EQ bolt adds anywhere from 5 to 15 fps onto a shot, this allows you lower pressures within the gun (e.g. LPR, Dwell, or Input). The Slik shot ram also helps with efficiency, and kick to a degree. It greatly helped my marker to achieve lower pressures and less kick.

Are the NDz upgrades worth it though?
To some yes, to others no. All it does is allows you to lower your dwell, LPR or HPR pressures a little bit. It can create more efficiency and a smoother operating marker. Some people love them, others say they don't need them, neither is in the wrong.

Which is the best board?
There are many boards out there, there is only one I would not suggest due to the fact that they used horrible advertising to get there board out there. That board is the virtue board, it will show up as ** becuase it is filtered because its bad. There are plenty of other boards, such as Tadao, Predator, and the new SP Blackheart board. These all pretty much try to accomplish the same thing.

Best settings for efficiency, and kick on a nerve?
This is hard to say becuase each gun is different. But I run a dwell of 8 ms (20 clicks on nerve board), an input of 200-220 psi, and I try to keep the LPR out so I don't blow my noid; but I set velocity usually through the lpr. Bottom the recharge rate out usually, it is the setting that can cap the board.

There is a lot of talk about the nerve LPR upgrade; I believe if you have the upgrade it will look like this.

This nerve has some labeled parts on it, that I did for a kid who needed some questions answered. But the lpr upgrade is the silver ban right behind the lpr knob. It basically leaves more space for the volume of air to stabilize and become consistant.

Cleaning the nerve?
Refer to

Turning nerve on/off?
Read the manual, don't post this question, if you can't figure out a marker with one button we may or may not have time for you.

Warning Upgraded LPR, and Slik Shot ram...If you have the Slik shot ram, and upgraded LPR, you need to put in the old plunger(or valve poppet), or your gun will seize up after a couple of shots.

What are the rod like thing that screws in the back of the nerve?
That is the Solenoid Insert, sometimes if you have trouble with your solenoid receiving air correctly, you might have a dirty insert. For the most part this part doesn't have to be removed.

A lot of questions were answered here...Some of the same questions are also answered here along with a few I missed.

Well mods, maybe this could get stickied to help cut down on clutter. If you need me to change anything just let me know, if I missed anything also let me know.

Please PM with additions, and spelling corrections. Do not reply to post please.
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