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Old 12-14-2011, 10:34 PM #190
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Originally Posted by PBCulinarian View Post
I have a question. Has anyone been able to apply for and receive SBA loans or grants to start or expand their field?
I had a SBA loan in the past... it was actually for my scuba business, not paintball, and the loan officer that originally did the loan was just in my paintball shop about 3 weeks ago playing paintball with a small group.

He said things are a bit tighter than they were 7 years ago when I got my loan. Don't plan on a SBA loan to start... but maybe for an expansion, and then, according to what they told me then (and recently) only if you are getting a loan for hard assets, and you have a proven track record in the industry. So in other words, if you are looking to buy more land, wrap in a new compressor system, and more guns, you had better be able to show that you have 5 years plus of growing business, and be able to show that the adding of these assets will easily increase business enough to cover the debt payments.

The reason SBA was good is that they only required 5% down instead of 20%, so when I went to buy my first building, which was 500,000 and I needed to wrap in some finish out money as well. I outlined my experience and all the numbers here:

But I believe they have raised their requirements a bit now, and fewer banks are doing SBA loans, but it's worth a shot if you want to try.

Paintball Field Reservation & Digital Waiver System.
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Old 03-28-2012, 07:09 AM #191
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If I were to start a field what type would be the best? Airball, Woodsball, Scenario, MilSim or a mixture of them?
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Old 03-28-2012, 09:12 AM #192
Red Dragons!
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Originally Posted by zjclarkson View Post
If I were to start a field what type would be the best? Airball, Woodsball, Scenario, MilSim or a mixture of them?
You want to be able to offer a variety of fields so that you can appeal to different type of players. We started with an attack/defend and a woodsball field and are in the process of adding an airball field. We are drawing in pretty good walk-on crowds with just the 2 fields open (more than we would with just an airball foeld or 2), but there is a lot of players that haven't come yet because they only want to play speedball/airball.

If you have a combination you can cater to them all.
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Old 03-28-2012, 01:02 PM #193
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Thanks RLand for the insight. Our area is mostly wooded and the players I have talked to do mostly woodsball but I believe that if air/speedball were available to them they would like it as well. We definitely don't want to get pigeoned holed into one certain game type.
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Old 05-18-2012, 04:16 PM #194
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Want to start a paintball bussiness in Seychelles

Hi All,

Im from the Seychelles and I have been thinking of starting a paintball business here. Currently, there is no such business here. That is why i think this could work. We get a lot of tourists here and am sure the locals wants a new way to have fun. Am thinking of getting the equipments from south africa since its closer. I also need to find a peice of land. I think the land will be the major issue. If i can get a lease aggreement then that will be the most ideal situation. So what do you guys think of my idea. Any insider knowledge or tips.

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Old 06-13-2012, 09:49 PM #195
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Hey guys me and my friend practice at eachothers homes we transport the gear easily bunkers etc but we use to get our air through a third party. But now we are looking into purchasing a compressor. I need help in choosing a compressor that isnt hard to move around you know one where it isnt stationary also what other components will i need. Thanks guys
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Old 08-29-2012, 09:17 PM #196
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Anything major Im missing

I partnered with my neighbor who has a ranch.
He has 30 acres (20 unuses)
He offers Campgrounds for camping and drinking partying etc to groups like fraternity reunions and bachelor parties.

We want to offer packages for day activities (ie fishing rafting hiking rock climbing and paintball)
He has 3 fields about 60 x 80 and 14 acres of woods that I may use.
He has finished the zoning and added paintball as well as add paintball to the insurance.

We have 4 80cubic feet scuba tanks and 2 fillstations
6 tippmann 98s w 8 masks and 6 hpa tanks 47/3000

He has a relative at a firestation that will fill the tanks and provide all hydro teting free of charge.. I ordered 120 bails of hay for speedball bunkers and im working on adding 2 woodsball fields.

We want to increase rental units to about 20 to start, we will offer draxxus paint i think midgrade for about $70 (ten less then comp) per case and $10 entry fee and $10 for rentals this puts us barely a touch below the competition. I have two chronos , and we are looking at a stretch of netting to protect staging area.

Because of the advanced startup items already in place I am figuring 15 more tippman setups at about $100 a piece (1500) and netting ($500ish)
we should be up and running for $2000 - but Im guessing Im missing something any ideas here? (not counting marketing etc I know that but we wouldnt open for 5 more months and would work on those)

I saw somecalculator on 80Cubicfoot tanks providing like 20 fills each?> although we have nocascade system?

so I feel like im close but might be missing some things and would appreciate help thanks

ps this is hpa only and primarily caters to campers more than public although we are not opposed to that too.
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Old 10-30-2012, 11:08 PM #197
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Originally Posted by TargetIndy View Post
Thinking about starting a field? Read this first.
Thinking about starting a store? Check out these videos.

General Discussion
Developing A Business Plan
--Guide to Creating a Business Plan
--Sample Business Plan
--Paintball Industry and Injury Statistics
--Environmental Impact of Paintballs
--Occupancy Costs
--Approaching The Owner Of A Property
How Much Money Do Paintball Businesses Make?
General Care of Paintballs
Accepting Credit Cards
Point Of Sale Software
What To Look For When Hiring
Protecting Against Burglary
--Air & CO2
----The Definitive Air Fill Thread
----How To Read Hydro Labels
----Pricing for Air Fills
----Air Fill Station Components
----MSDS Sheets
------Compressed Air

Research & Marketing Resources
Census Data By Zip Code

Read This First
How to setup a wholesale account
MAP Pricing Discussion
--Brick & Mortar
----Store Fixtures (Cabinets, Wall Grid, etc)
----Store Security

Advertising Your Field
Changing The Alarm Speed On Red Chronographs
Field Design Software
Financing a Field
What Netting Is Best?
Buying Netting? Buyer Beware!
How To Install Netting
Tricks for Griding Out An Airball Field
How to Setup & Tear Down Sup Air Bunkers
How to Clean Bunkers
How to Clean Up Paintballs/Reballs
Rental Gun Choices
Repairing Airball Bunkers
--More Discussion on FPO vs. BYOP
Playing Field Dimensions
Ref Compensation
Effectiveness of Waivers

Court Rulings Relevant To Paintball
Paintball Waiver Upheld in New York Supreme Court
WI Court Of Appeals Rules Player Isn't Responsible For Another Player's Injury

Where To Get:
X-Ball Scoreboards
Surveying Tape (armbands)
----Fee Discussion
----Hourly Sessions
----Motorized Hopper Issues
----Preventing Theft/Loss of Reballs
----Ruballs (Russian Variant)
----How To Install Turf
----GatSplat's Paintball Gobbler
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Old 11-07-2012, 04:10 PM #198
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Is there any information that anyone has seen on how to build a start/kill box with netting on it.
G.I. Sportz

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Old 06-26-2013, 01:33 AM #199
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Andrew7000ad owns a Planet Eclipse Etek
I find myself in a pretty interesting position. Being on an isolated military base the paintball field we have is dismal. However the civilian guy they have "running" is pretty chill so I (along with some friend) have access to this field and the freedom to take the ample supplies the field has and mold it into something great which it has the potential for. We have a full set of fairly new speedball bunkers which we can set up after we tame the speedball field and a couple grand worth of wood to use to build and create a great woodsball field. I hope that my friends and I can take this field and turn it into something awesome that'll bring more people from the base to it and increase awareness about the sport, hopefully earning this beautiful sport some new loyal players.
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Old 07-06-2014, 09:38 PM #200
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Just wanted to shout out a thanks for all those taking time to respond and those who work hard to maintain this sport and help it grow!

Great info here.
Azodin Blitz
Budget Baller
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Old 07-20-2014, 11:38 PM #201
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I know this is a frequented page so I am hoping for a little advice. I am looking to starting up a paintball field business and there's a couple things we should cover due to I have been doing research as well as visiting these forums regularly. Gatsplat I am very interested in your input and opinion especially.

We live in a town that has around 5 towns in total around a large military base that regularly has new soldiers and families moving there due to it being used to train soldiers for certain jobs. There is literally nothing to around the towns unless you want to drive around 30-60 mins to a larger town. My partner and I are looking at creating an indoor, outdoor and woodsball field so that we can cater to multiple customers. We have around 50000 people in the surrounding area and I know we cant bank on that number coming to the field but we are planning on marketing to the 12-45 age range especially working something out for the military to possibly doing some fire training on our fields due to my partners tie to the military.

We are looking to applying for a business loan through a bank for around 100,000 and a franchiser (Emoney Paintball) is willing to put in around 50,000 with option for additional loans for inventory.

Im in the process of putting together a business plan and i have most of the data collected but my questions are for you field owners.

1. Am I missing anything that I should definitely tackle first?
2. Is the Paintball market increasing? Most answers are being answered back in 2007, due to it being 7 years later has the market improved at all?
3. How successful have you been at marketing to soldiers?

Any other information is more than appreciated, I am younger, however I have been in business management for 6 years now and I wish to expand into owning a small business of my own.

If you wish Id appreciate any advice and if I need to rephrase anything please let me know.
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Old 07-21-2014, 05:46 AM #202
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Originally Posted by Raventhorn View Post
I know this is a frequented page so I am hoping for a little advice.
I would not count on a small business loan. I hear stories on the radio almost weekly about how even existing businesses can't get a loan even with collateral.
I tried for a small business loan when I started my field and found I was better off using my own money to get started. If you don't have enough, save until you do.
I would not go through emoney. There is no need for airball or turf and you can buy your netting and compressor out right and save money.
Start off small with an outdoor field. Reinvest your profits and grow from there. 50,000 is not a lot, especially if they're mostly military. There have been cutbacks lately and entertainment spending is the first to go.
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Old 07-21-2014, 07:54 AM #203
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I would say there are a lot of holes in the plan at this point... but that's ok. It's got you thinking through things. You are mentally throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks... that is a good start.

Now a small dose of reality mixed in. It is not really feasible to start out with no money, and try to do an indoor and an outdoor field all in one crack. Each has it's own challenges and expenses. I actually feel an indoor is a more profitable business model, and will have a higher return on the investment if done right. (but will also be a huge way to flush cash down the drain if done wrong!)

If your entire pool of customers is 50,000, I also would say that is not enough. If however, that is the one local town and base, and with the surrounding towns you are up in the 200K plus area, then it could be feasible.

I also believe you are missing the boat a bit on where the demographic lies for profitability of the field. A little more analysis of your actual population and demographic for age, gender, income would be necessary.

I also would tell you to slow down, and not be in a hurry to sign any contracts or agreements with anyone at this point. You need to do a little more investigating, a bit more research, do a bit of talking to some others in the business, and maybe gather some more funds.

Anytime you are borrowing money, you are behind the curve to begin with. Then you have to make enough to pay bills, pay yourself and staff, and service the debt. The difference in a good and bad interest rate can be the difference between making a profit, and losing your shirt.

I'm very honored that in your post you were asking specifically for my opinion. I'll be glad to talk to you personally and maybe help shed some light on your situation.

Before you pull the trigger on anything, or sign anything.. Feel free to give me a call.


Paintball Field Reservation & Digital Waiver System.
3 Months Free! No set up fees! Then just $50 / month.
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Old 10-26-2014, 10:57 PM #204
Field/Shop Owner
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Hi buddy


Don't let anybody shoot your idea down ! It is 100% possible to open a field!!!
Now the hard work would start for you, finding out about state law regarding paintball markers, are you allowed to use the space you are set on, rules and regulations, SAFETY, SAFETY, register then and have proof that you are a field "co-owner" with mum or dad. It will be a big step buddy but also an amazing challenge, a fun one
After setting up all that red tape you can now decide what rental marker you would like and then actually take the most practice durable one. Remember they need to make you a income, not impress a few girls and boys! It's your hard earned money kid!! I would imagine you would start off wit co2 as it is in the short run cheapest. If mom and dad might back you a tiny, then get a air compressor, it will start paying for itself PLUS it's your guy!!!
I'm going to leave you for now as this is a lot if work!

Feel free to hook me up and just drop a pm and I'll help as far possible! Have great day buddy!

Mr P
Living The Fight Life
YouTube: SpecOpsTV
eBay: horndog00

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