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Ego Vs_____

EGO VS ________(NAME OF GUN)
To give mathematical proof the ego is a better overall gun than any other out there I have setup a little rating scale. (if anybody disagrees with my assignment of scores on any category of a marker I would be more than happy to hear your opinion out with clear facts stated and I will change a particular score if I was wrong or mistaken)

Price- 0=a grand plus and each point more is a hundred less than 1k
Upgrades needed- 10=no upgrades needed out of box to perform, 9=no bottom line setup, and the rest is at discretion for any fairly necessary upgrades, for example adjustable ram cap
Quality- 10=excellent overall quality with tight tolerances
Company- 10=company that is easy to deal with and stands behind their product and fixes their guns usually at no cost to the owner
Consistency-10=pretty consistent on average after being broken in and tuned
Overall design layout- 10= a very well thought out design that is easy to disassemble and learn the workings of, the less parts the better
Maintenance- 10=very easy to perform maintenance on and is reliable in all conditions
Kick- 10=low kick in relation to weight of gun
Weight- 10=lightest
Efficiency- 10=close to a case on a 68/4500 and down from there

My response for the ego to all the guns below
The ego is an extremely light gun, the lightest on the market today. As for people saying lift weights if you canít lift a heavier gun, that is not the reason to buy a light gun, the point is that you can snap so much faster with such a light gun. It also has extremely good efficiency. It is made to a high quality with tight tolerances and Planet Eclipse stands behind the product 100%. The overall layout of the gun is very well thought out from the asa to the feedneck. It is also a very reliable gun, which has not gone down on me since having mine for 6months and weekly practices. Maintenance is little and simple, cleaning of the bolt and rammer and relubing both after each day of play(takes a total of 2minutes tops) and lubing the regs every once in a while like any other gun. One of the best things about the ego is that it performs like a champ out of the box, the stock board(which is a common upgrade for other guns) is great. There are two short comings that have to happen to get such insane efficiency and that is itís a bit loud by some peopleís standards and has a tiny bit of kick, neither of which affect most people with egoís. The sound is no louder than a timmy lets say, and the kick is there but it does not jump around where you canít control it or anything, bottom line is its there but it doesnít do anything in the ways of barrel climb or jumping
One common misconception is that the ego is a timmy clone and that just isnít true, yes its true that they both work on the same operating principle but thatís where the similarities end.
Price: 0
Upgrades: 10
Quality: 10
Company: 10
Consistency: 10
Overall design layout: 10
Maintenance: 10
Kick: 8.5
Weight: 10
Efficiency: 10
Total: 88.5

Matrixes have always been regarded as heavy guns and compared to the ego they are bricks, especially the older trixs and dm4ís. Now they are very smooth shooting guns that have little kick and are quiet. Their efficiency is decent but you can be caught filling between games. Dye is a great company that backs there products and will work hard to keep a matrix running no matter what. They are solidly built guns with good quality. Matrixes do profit a lot from a few upgrades like a board with more modes and better eye logic primarily, and in some cases an asa is needed out of box to play.
Price: 0
Upgrades: 9
Quality: 10
Company: 10
Consistency: 10
Overall design layout: 10
Maintenance: 9.5
Kick: 10
Weight: 7.5
Efficiency: 8
Total: 84

Intimidators are close in relation to the ego but donít make the mistake of saying their the same. Intimidators are not of the best manufacturing quality, they do not have qevís which allows the ego to cycle much faster, they are a little bit heavier than egos, and many people say they donít have a solid feel to them. Intimidators also have a more complicated design that is not as well thought out as the ego, the wiring harness is not as durable.
Price: 1.5
Upgrades: 7.5
Quality: 7
Company: 6
Consistency: 9.5
Overall design layout: 7
Maintenance: 8.5
Kick: 9
Weight: 9.5
Efficiency: 9
Total: 75

Angels are about mid pack in weight, not too heavy, not too light. Certain versions like the g7 can match an ego in efficiency. They are generally well built guns but do have quarks in the design that can cause reliability issues as many have complained. They are also very complicated and not easy to work on if a problem occurs. They are also picky guns that take only low-pressure tanks unless you do the regulator mod. None of them are setup to play out of the box either. I must say the trigger is a plus on them imo, but there are just way too man disadvantages to them.
Price: 0
Upgrades: 9
Quality: 9.5
Company: 8.5
Consistency: 9
Overall design layout: 6
Maintenance: 8
Kick: 9.5
Weight: 8.5
Efficiency: 9.5
Total: 77.5

Yes egoís are lighter than shockers. Now that that is out of the way, the shocker is known for inefficiency and you will be sure to be filling between games to get a couple pods out. They are also fussy guns and have a track record of unreliability. The eyes are reflective which definitely leaves something to be desired. The shocker needs a lot of upgrades from stock to perform well.
Price: 3
Upgrades: 9
Quality: 9
Company: 7.5
Consistency: 9
Overall design layout: 9
Maintenance: 9.5
Kick: 9
Weight: 9.5
Efficiency: 7
Total: 81.5

The egoís are still lighter. Icd reliability is world renowned for its reliable guns, or should I say lack of reliability. I have heard so many stories of downed icd guns I canít even begin to tell you, my buddyís fs-7 was broken out of the box straight from icd. The triggers are definitely not fantastic. There is something to be desired in the efficiency department. The wiring harness is also a bit frail and easily damaged.
Price: 3.5
Upgrades: 9
Quality: 7
Company: 7
Consistency: 7.5
Overall design layout: 8
Maintenance: 9.5
Kick: 9.5
Weight: 9.5
Efficiency: 8
Total: 78.5
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Super informative ego page
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errbody gettin tibzy
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oh wow.... nice.
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But where is the cyborg?
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very nice, but this belongs here

3) No threads will be permitted on the subject of ď________ vs. ______Ē, where the blank may be the name of any other paintball gun. This is the Eclipse forum, so anyone who posts a ďWhich is better: PE or _____Ē thread already knows that they will receive overwhelming support for the PE marker. Thus, any such thread is a pointless waste of site bandwidth and will be closed or deleted, and the offending user will be warned. The one exception to this rule is threads which pit one ďmodelĒ of Eclipse marker against another. Since these threads are not inherently biased toward one side or the other, they will be permitted.
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