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Old 08-27-2005, 05:13 PM #1
SPPS Products
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Exclamation a word of caution to all dealers and such

…………..just a warning to all dealers, store owners and the like that may be considering a purchase from maddman products:

i made a thread a while back here about an order i made from maddman products but deleted it because they finally contacted me shortly after i made the thread. they stopped communications for weeks prior though.

i made an order with them back in mid june because i was coerced that it would be sent out within a week. at first they said paypal would do but after i fully agreed, said they wanted a money order instead so i sent the money order for $205 shortly after. after waiting 2 weeks i once again contacted them and again they said it would be sent that week. waited another 1.5 weeks and nothing. contacted them and they said it was delayed because they had to order o-rings from kentucky. waited another couple of weeks and finally said i wanted a refund because i was tired of waiting on products that obviously weren’t getting to me. they assured me that i would get my order within another week but i told them that i just wanted my funds returned. their next reply was essentially that i would get my funds returned when they felt like getting around to it at most another 2 weeks. my funds never reached me in that 2 weeks so i told them that if I did not get the return within a few days i would contact the bbb about it. i was assured once again that the funds would be returned within that week so i waited once again.

the funds were not returned nor was i contacted about it so i contacted the bbb and snowflake, arizona police a little over a week ago since the po box was there. really didn’t want to take that route but they essentially exhausted my patience and left me no alternative. madman gives 2 phone numbers on their dealer list. 1 is for voice mail that they never answered and the other said it was out of my particular zone for some reason. the officer i was assigned to said he looked all over snowflake, az and there was no madman products there. i finally got on the net and have a place i can look up businesses and got a full name and address for him. it is actually in phoenix. he said it was a 3 hour drive from snowflake. Hmmmmmm

i was finally contacted again by madman yesterday stating that they were returning a partial refund of $25 and would make installment payments until the $205 balance was paid off lol. this was obviously inspired by a visit from local authorities and not voluntarily. i again must wait until they get good and ready to send the rest of the multiple installments which could take who knows how long to reach the full refund amount.

i am letting this be known here because i’d hate to see any other dealers thrown into this same abuse by maddman products. they not only continually lied to me but are now extending their abuse as far as they can take it by paying in installments. just a heads up………….
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Old 08-27-2005, 05:33 PM #2
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refund in installment ..... that made me laugh
sry to hear that dude
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Old 08-27-2005, 05:34 PM #3
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Weird. They were so popular back in the day. Unfortunately, they learned two important lessons I guess:

1. Don't sell direct to consumers if you're a manufacturer.
2. Don't sell to huge dotcoms if you can't keep up with demand.

Too bad. Good product.

Thanks for the warning.

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The dude abides
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That's odd, when I ordered my Maddman valve I thought it was in Wisconsin.

Whatever, maybe for a small fee, I could go over there and beat it out of them?

I live in Phoenix.
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Old 08-27-2005, 08:18 PM #5
Deus Ex Machina
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To bad the $25 is the last of the $205. Old trick to say they are working on it. General contrators (the embezzaling type) will suddenly show up to do some work and then never appear again to avoid charges. I always use a cc so that there is protection against the supplier and handler.
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Old 08-28-2005, 01:05 PM #6
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if they dont pay it all back threaten to sue for the 205 + the many hours spent over the phone + frustration + stress + anything else u can through at them lol
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Old 08-28-2005, 02:05 PM #7
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Havocide3 owns a Planet Eclipse Ego
how old are you death? 12? You can't sue anyone for any money under $500.
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Old 08-30-2005, 02:52 AM #8
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Umm I could be wrong but I think if you accept a partial payment for a debt, then you have in some way released them from any wrong doing. Put simply if you accept the first 25 dollars then getting the rest is a debate over payment time and not the payment. They probably did that to get themselves out of it. I could be wrong but I am betting you never get the other 180 dollars cause you cant do anything about it after accepting a partial payment. If I am wrong please dont flame me. It works that way for car finance and rental payments. Good luck and if you havent already cashed the Money Order or Check then please dont until my post has been verified as either correct or not.
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Old 08-30-2005, 10:52 AM #9
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I also waited a very long time for some spring kits and rocket valves. However, I did just get my order a couple days ago. It was a long time, but they did send what I ordered. Sorry to hear about your situation.
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Old 08-30-2005, 11:01 AM #10
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Originally Posted by krezvani
refund in installment ..... that made me laugh
sry to hear that dude
That made me laugh too lol...
That sucks to hear all these small name companys doing stuff that could hurt the sport of paintball.
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Old 08-30-2005, 11:46 AM #11
Pro Star Sports
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[quote=Sheister]Umm I could be wrong but I think if you accept a partial payment for a debt, then you have in some way released them from any wrong doing. Put simply if you accept the first 25 dollars then getting the rest is a debate over payment time and not the payment. They probably did that to get themselves out of it.

You’re pretty much correct. Accepting payments on debts owed moves things into the civil arena where you’ll have to sue in small claims court to collect. That in itself could cost more time and money then what’s owed to start with. It’s best to seek a lawyer’s advice using a free consultation and then go from there.
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Old 08-30-2005, 02:01 PM #12
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You also need to understand Maddy's situation.

About 4 months ago they moved out of their old home in snowflake, AZ to a new loaction about 20 minutes outside of Phoenix, AZ. Their new home did not have power, or phone when they moved in some Mike had to rig up a generator just to get the machines online, this they had to do one machine at a time as the generator could only power one item at a time.

About 2 months ago they finally got their satellite receiver installed to receive TV, phone and internet. Yet not a week after Arizona was hit with some serious weather that destroyed the receiver dish and knocked out power on their grid. So they once again went back to the generator (which they had just finished uninstalling about 3 days earlier)

During this whole mess Mike was in a car accident and was left up in the hospital for 3 weeks, and a nice fat legal battle over responcability. To this day I do not know how it turned out.

Lastly Mike use to run the spring kits off a friends machine, a friend of his back in Snowflake. As a gesture of good will Maddyman products shipped out a bunch of extra spring kits to dealers who had old orders with them. However they still received some orders for kits (their mistake on that part) and now Mike has to drive 3 hours to borrow a friends machine in order to make kits.

Mike and Maddy ran a good business and they are good people. They've just had about the WORST luck anyone could have, and they are slightly embarrased about the delays their personal lives have caused.
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Old 08-31-2005, 09:03 PM #13
SPPS Products
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well let me tell you, that's a real soap opera of a story there bud but what does all that have to do with taking my money for a product that never reached my door for going on 3 months now? amof that sounds exactly like the similar excuses i've been given continually by maddy all this time. if i didn't know any better, these stories were so numerous it seemed after a while that it may be possible that a greater portion of them had been fabricated.

btw, they moved last year not 4 months ago so it even has the same undermined deceiving overtones. that's what they told everybody anyways. that was supposedly why tons of their customers did not receive their products for 6 months last year. some made orders in june and never saw product til around christmas.

the worse part of it is that i'm not even a stranger to them. i have been communicating with them for some time before i made that order. if she had just been truthfull in the first place and said, "hey, we don't have the valves now but will some time in the future" none of this would have come about. i e-mailed her 4 times trying to make sure i would get my order right away before sending the funds. i even stated if they didn't have them at that time i would just wait to make my order. every answer was an affirmative and she made absolutely sure that the address was posted in each correspondence "send it here". i'm even starting to think that they needed money so they just tell people to send the bucks and once they get it put orders off as long as possible til the authorities are contacted. now as an added bonus, they're trying to pay it all back in installments. now it seems i'm in the banking business as well with 0% interest.

i could bore you with my tear jerker story of the past few years of my life but i would never treat my customers in such a deceiving stagnant manner because of personal concerns. if i don't have a product, you will not see it available on my site. i don't even take back orders because of the negative ramifications that could occur with pissing customers off as a result.

thanks to all that submitted the possible legal advice and i will be contacting a lawyer and checking that out in the near future. just don't want to see any others sucked into this money vacuum situation as i have let myself be manipulated into since they only sell to dealers now.

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