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I totally understand

Originally Posted by pballer332
finals were hectic for some players and the refs because it was a long day and i know every1 wanted 2 get out of there. it was alot of little things that built up to the final game between qs and the refs. alot of tension was high between the refs and us for numerous reasons. did we get out of hand with our language? yes we did because we were fustrated with wut was going on with that. i do apolgogize for the way my team acted its just wen ur playn for pirzes worth 5000 ur not goin 2 let things go. the final game our guy in the snake was pulled out and was called for a one for one. this is when everything happened. i was the player behind my snake player and i dont know wut happened but all i know is that there was some confusuoion with the refs one sayn that he was clean and one who initiated the one for one penalty. we needed this game to have any hope of a 1st or 2nd place finish or even 3rd so when the ref sed one for one he ran over to me and reached for my armband. i pulled away from im walking towards the dead box telling im to get off of me because i was mad at the call. thgis is when he pulled another one for one. when i pulled away from him he said i elbowed him in the face. this is when things got out of hand and things were over exxagerated. they called the tourny after this game. i do apologize for my other player who was out of line towards the head ref. me and him both apologized to him at the end of the tourny. but there was no assault on any of the refs
so this is the story and this is what went down. rumors have to stop cuz i dont want qs havn a bad rep
I carefully read this post. And most of it was basically true to form. To clarify for you exaclty what happen because yes i remember you were caught off guard. I made the call that your snake guy got the one crim player first. it was very close but i had to make a rule on it. he then moved up the snake and was subsquently hit on his left arm to be precise from their inside guy and i went to remove him for it. The ONLY reason i called a one for one was because he went off and fussed at me profusely. You werent quite aware of exactly why, you simply saw me coming for you out of nowhere. I tried to let you know why i was pulling you as i was trying to get your armband off. (at least give you a reason right?) I tried. Understandably so you reacted, wanted to get away from me and jerked backwards with your arm. I was hit in the mask as a result. At that moment and in the heat of the situation i wasnt afforded the luxury of trying to determine wether it was intentional or not, all i know is i was struck. I immediately turned around and eliminated your last guy because of that.

I had to do that to another team at the 3rd event. I wasnt proud of it, i felt really bad, and this time was no different.

Afterwards we were in each others faces. You for your reasons, me for my reasons. In the end we both buried the hatchet. unfortunately the results of the issue were detrimental to your finishings.

I was actually asked if i wanted to press charges. Apparently i wasnt the only one who saw this. I told them by all means no... (This is not the actions of one who wanted to screw you guys over.) I later thought about it and deemed it as an unfortunate accident. Personally i dont think you did it on purpose now. But to clear the record your back was to me when it happened, so to let you know i WAS elbowed, inadvertly maybe but none the less. Im fine, I wasnt hurt im not mad im not hatin or anything. Anyone that knows me well, knows im not an irrational or violent type of guy.

I dont mind giving repect when its due to teams out there.
Ive known qs for several years now and they can be a tuff team.

best of luck to ya in future events.

end of issue.
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