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Official Defiant 2 F.A.Q.

What is the Defiant 2?
-The Defiant 2 or (D2) is the newest (as of summer 2005) marker from Bob Long

How much does it weigh?
-The Defiant 2 weighs in at just over 2 lbs. With the barrel and regulator. A Ripper 2 weighs 2.088 pounds without the barrel.
EDIT: I have found the Defiant 2 weighs in at only 1 pound 13 oz. without the barrel.

How does it operate?
-It operates in a way somewhat similar to the Impulse or AKA markers as far as the ram movement since the ram is kept in a self contained ram housing. The Defiant 2 is special though as the ram/hammer itself (not just the ram housing) can be removed out the back with minimal effort. The valve unlike other Bob Long guns is also removable. The LPR is significantly smaller than Intimidator markers. Overall though the Defiant 2 operates very much like an Intimidator and still has the battery, board, and solenoid inside of the grip frame.

Where can I get one?
-;sid=9SooRYr2gZYoUsnxE97o7YBQyxl3TRH0m7k=?Cat egoryName=paintball or just about any other online paintball shop.

Do I need a low pressure (LP) tank?
-No, you can use low pressure (LP) or high pressure (HP) tanks with a D2

What should I do once I get one?
-You should lube all the o-rings and put some tri-flow on the bolt. This will keep your o-rings from tearing and leaks occuring. You dont know how well the marker was lubed from the factory.

Is it fast?
-With the LED Frenzy 127.4 and ramping the marker is electronically and mechanically capable of speeds faster than any loader can currently feed.

What upgrades are currently available?
-Violent Products will soon be coming out with an adapter that will enable you to use any type of regulator you choose. As of now the only reg. You can use is the torpedo regulator that comes with the marker since the threads are different from other regs.
-Tadao technologies and Advantage PB have the newest aftermarket boards for the 2k5 style Intimidator markers. Any board that can fit into a newer style Intimidator can fit into a Defiant 2. You can also get an LCD Frenzy board and use it in your Defiant 2.
-Violent Products has nice derlin pistons for your HPR which give you better consistency.
-Aftermarket trigger for the 2k5 timmies will fit the Defiant 2.
-Intimidator detents will fit in a Defiant 2.
-2k5 style adjustable/bumperless ram caps will fit in a Defiant 2.
-.45 frame grips will fit on a Defiant 2.
-Alias/2k2 feednecks will fit on a Defiant 2.
-Intimidator adjustable ramcaps will work on a Defiant 2.
-Autococker threaded barrels will work.
-The Hybrid hyperflow hose kit will fit.

How hard is the marker to maintain?
-Not hard at all. The manual recommends using Dow 55 only on your marker. You should lube the ram every 5,000 shots, and the regulator (HP and LP) o-rings every 10,000 shots. Just lube any o-rings that you mess with.

Does the Defiant 2 have eyes and if so are they breakbeam or reflective eyes?
-Yes the Defiant 2 utilizes dual breakbeam eyes.

Is there an online manual?
-Yes right here.

How does the Defiant 2 compare to an Intimidator?
-Well first off you have to realize that the Defiant 2 is priced far below any Intimidator. That being said the board that comes with the D2 is not nearly as nice as the LCD Frenzy 127.4 board. The modes just arenít as customizable. The marker weight goes to the Defiant 2. The kick is almost the same from what I hear from some people and what I believe myself. The choice is yours. Some people say the Defiant 2 is just too small or too light for them. Go with what you feel more comfortable with.

Is it reliable?
-With proper maintenance, yes.

Are there any modifications that can be done?
-Yes the T-chop mod which is polishing your ram/hammer and the Skinny bolt chop mod I will also be personally adding another mod which you will all see in due time.

Is there an owners group page?
-Yes Its still developing but is looking pretty good.

Can I see a video?

Can I get pics?
-Of course
If any of my Defiant 2 parts get damaged or lost where can I get more?
-Call B.L.A.S.T. (Bob Long customer service) at 925-625-7929

Are there any reviews of the product?
-Yes here here and here

Will there be additional upgrades in the future?
-Probably yes. I see new bolts, valves, etc. being released in the future. There are not many available now since the Defiant 2 is a newer marker

How does a Defiant look when taken nearly completely apart?
See for yourself.

What does the LPR look like disassembled?

How does a Defiant 2 frame compare to a Timmy í05 frame?

How does a Defiant 2 body compare to a newer style Timmy body?
(Note both of the bodies were in the same position. The camera angle was just adjusted)

-Updated weight of D2 without barrel.
-Updated timmy ramcap will work on a D2.
-added what should i do once i get one.

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This thread is to store information that is useful to a new owner of a Defiant 2. If you have something that you wish to post here feel free, but keep all questions and useless posts out of this thread.
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Violent products adapter

Also, you may want to add a question "How do I replace the eyes? I can't find any like the stock one other than from BLAST."

Answer: You have to buy a 4 pin to 2 socket adapter... like this

You also need a pair of eyes, such as these

I also am pretty sure that the d2 uses an an alias style poppet in case someone needed to replace theirs.

That's all for now... good job
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