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Old 06-25-2005, 07:09 PM #1
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Exclamation Flipside/ downside tournament


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Old 06-27-2005, 01:31 AM #2
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Time to set the record straight:
1. Your right, turnout was not what was expected,but 1st place was still going to receive $500.00 in cash whether this team in question was playing or not. Honestly would one more team make it that much of a better turn out? NO.....
2. Again, wrong info. while the "employees" were out playing a FlipSide team member was helping THEM out by running the store.
3. A 6-3 record..... I wouldn't call "rolling over everyone" so i guess those three teams that beat the "employees" just got lucky??
4. Now the guns...The refs took the first ramping gun out during play and warned the player that he needed to fix the ramping problem before his next game, which the "employee" did. A few games later another player, same team, was caught ramping with another gun, or in your lingo "ACTING WEIRD". In my lingo we call this ramping. After the second gun was caught the ultimate ref gave the "employees" their final warning, if caught a third time their team would be DISQUALIFIED. Guess what??? The same gun as the first time was caught yet again. Now in my opinion, two warnings and three strikes your out.
5. Now the issue of a ref. talking to a team on the field. Upon hearing of this all refs. were talked to about this issue but the "employee" team was unable to point the ref. out. Hmmmm..... Aren't refs. supposed to talk on the
field??? I think thats their job.
6. Again, for the second time your are correct, there will be another Tournament. Teams that show up with illegal guns will get their warnings and in extreme cases, DQ'd. So for all those teams who are looking for a fair, legit, and cash prize tournament you are more than welcome and those CHEATERS just stay home. So look for flyers in regards to the upcoming Aug. 6th tournament. Thanks and have a nice day.
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Old 06-27-2005, 11:57 PM #3
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i was there at the tourney and found it strange that the winners ended up being flipsides buddy's,Dont really know what really went on about the so called ramping/bouncing gun wich I found hard to believe it was ramping myself.I think it was just an excuse for them to disquify the first place team so their buddy's could take first.I heard one of the refs say when he shot that gun it shot faster than he ever shot.maybe some guns are faster than others(or time to get a better gun) and it doesnt have to be on cheater mode.My opinion is the tourney was rigged.they had to call a couple of refs to look at the gun because they couldnt get it to ramp or bounce(like they where trying so hard to make it do something)and then the ultimate ref decided it was bouncing??????Sounds like they where picking on them to me.Just my opinion
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Old 06-28-2005, 01:02 AM #4
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Originally Posted by dopey01
Dont really know what really went on about the so called ramping/bouncing gun wich I found hard to believe it was ramping myself.
I was playing in the tournament (our team had a fun day) and the gun in question was "ramping." Check out the next Adrenaline Force Tournament Series (at Redlands) and you'll get to see and hear plenty of ramping guns (that series allows 15 bps PSP ramping, BTW). Once you hear the hyper-consistent sound of 15 (or more) bps generated by a programmed ramping mode, you'll be a believer.

Hey, by the way, since you were at the tournament did you happen to see the "dead" player on the DQ'd team (the Adrenaline employee wearing the yellow jersey) who yelled out to his last remaining live teammate that all the opponents were dead, so the live guy should grab the flag and hang it? Yeah, that happened in the game while the ramping gun was being pulled. Everyone was distracted by the commotion surrounding the gun, so unfortnately the "dead man talking" didn't get penalized (should have been a 1 for 1). "Dead" player talking to his live teammate. Kinda lame. But
that's just my opinion.
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Old 06-28-2005, 01:32 AM #5
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I was there on Frantic Fury...Our team had lots of fun thanks to FlipSide, they hosted a great tournament. I think they did the right thing, they went by the rules...i mean the guy with the ramping DM4 was playing with that gun most of the time...and the 05 speed was caught twice with ramping...its just all fair and games. Those guys were good players, they didnt need to cheat...but o well.
Txs Storm Timmy
(WAS 2.7 DB!, Techna, Cp reg, Uni, lots a hybrid)
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Old 06-28-2005, 12:29 PM #6
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Thumbs up Great Job FlipSide

I am glad to see Referees doing what their there to do, ENFORCE THE RULES.....Excellent Call FlipSide!!
I am sick and tired of playing in tournaments where a team is clearly CHEATING and the refs do nothing about it........ AND THESE CHEATERS WORK THERE? I wonder what the owner of the store thinks about its fine employees? Better count that inventory!!
Anyway I am sure everyone will agree that cheating is a problem and its nice to see good refs willing to make the calls necessary to have a fair and honest tournament. We are all there to have fun, lets let the teams talent decide who wins the game and not the CHEATING.
GOOD JOB FlipSide, Keep it Up.

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