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Old 07-04-2002, 01:59 AM #127
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I think I need to use a freak so I can have an opinion about it! Cool concept, but it's so hard to believe anything about something someone's trying to sell you until you use it. Until I play in some extreme conditions and crap paint(read: tourney!) I guess I'll stick with my stock RT barrel.

EDIT: I love my warp feed! I bet it's not so good on a vert feed setup, though.
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Old 07-04-2002, 03:35 AM #128
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less pressure with a step-bore? Not quite. The gas typically would be expanding for 8-10 inches, if there was no porting. It's that expansion that causes the ball to accelerate. If that gas escapes prematurely (via porting or around the ball in a step-bore barrel), it requires more air to get it to the same velocity, as not all the air released is used to accelerate the ball. That means either a larger volume of air, or a higher pressure at the same volume.

That's reason #1 why I hate step-bore barrels, heh.
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Old 07-04-2002, 09:18 AM #129
Hatchet Ryda
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Originally posted by angel3169
really,...pros use the freak,.b/c i could have sworn i seen boomys on their guns,....i dont care wut pros use,....i use wut i like ,..and if u dont like it come to our feild and get ur @$$ lit up by those 6 inch barrels w/ a 8inch muzzel break! ,...peace OUT!

I was more referring to all step bore barrels not just the freak

like I said six inch barrels are not totally useless

I don't care what YOU use, this thread started as a "what's your opinion about over rated gear"

bring it on, but you have to come all they way up here, I'm not paying for the plane ticket to shoot some kid up
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Re: jet storm 66

Originally posted by regulatorz21
i do not see any pros useing a freek kit they use boomsticks and jt 2 peaces now what are u going to say about that u freekin n00bified ***
what do I say?


u funny teenager

thanx man I needed that
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Old 07-04-2002, 09:54 PM #131
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Who uses Freaks?

All Americans
Jax Warriors
Bad Company

Who uses Boomers?

SC Ironmen

Who uses JTs?


Don't tell me pros don't use freaks....They do.

Personally, I don't think freaks are overrated. Although I use only 2-3 inserts, they are far from overrated. I have an Angel and Bm2k, and Cocker, it was far cheaper for me to get 2 Freak backs, a insert case, and 3 tips anoed to match than to buy about half a dozen Boomsticks...
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Old 07-04-2002, 11:10 PM #132
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Freaks are not overrated, they are one of the most economical ways to have a complete set of barrels. Diversity is where it shines. And plenty of pro teams use them...I don't know where you pulled that one out of that they didn't.

Angels are not overrated. If you want the best in quality, technology, reliability, and cosmetic appearance, you get an Angel. If you have the extra cash, why not?
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