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Old 06-05-2002, 11:03 PM #1
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playing front

here's some more sound advice for you guys.

Originally posted by SpellDiver
A good front player? Just watch me play and you'll learn what to NOT do!!! But for real there are certain things that I find are common to most good front guys out there, they are...

Communication - Yes, front players, you, too, must learn how to communicate. After all, it does take at least 2 people to communicate, so don't hesitate to ask questions, or ask for favors from your back men (cover, etc.) But on the flipside, you gotta learn when to shut up, which is basically when you've made a move and haven't taken any heat yet. Shhh! They haven't seen you yet, and surprise is half the battle (and knowing is the other half!!!!!! j/k).

Perception - Okay, you just hit your bunker off the break, and chances are you're not going to see much other than the back of your bunker for awhile, open your ears to what's going on around you. Listen to your back men... listen to THEIR back men, listen to the paint that's hitting your bunker (or lackthereof) and determine where it's coming from (harder on sup' air), listen to the sound of people running, if you can, and also watch out for the movement of shadows, too. You never know if someone's coming to bunker you. You have to try to be able to know when they're coming, so you can pop out and surprise 'em.

Speed - Well, of course you have to be relatively fast to be able to hit the far bunkers off the break, but just keep in mind that you can't outrun a paintball, no matter who you are, and a good back man should be able to sweet spot Michael Johnson, if he had to. So, that in mind, you have to one, pick and choose your route carefully, so that the shooting lanes are minimal, and two, know how fast to run, when to pause, when to go full throttle, when to slow down, etc. This all sounds very complicated (and it is) but a lot of it is that self preservation that always calls to us =)

Tightness - Yes, I am from New York, but that's not slang in this example. I forget who said it, but he was dead accurate when he said that you should make love to your bunker, hold it, caress it, press up against it in ways that your significant other would be jealous of, because, it's the only thing keeping you in the game. That said, front guys should be rather flexible, and be able to shoot in awkward positions (VERY important to stretch before you start playing) accurately. This brings me to my next two points.

Snap Shooting - Yeah, I'm sure you don't feel very safe when people are hammering your bunker every which way, but sometimes it is advantageous to come out and pop a few shots every once in awhile, if only to get the opposition to think. Rules for snap shooting, only 2 to 3 shots at a time, minimize your exposure (elbow in, hopper overlapping mask, etc.), quickly out, and quickly in. Easy does it. How I practice snap shooting is I take a target, and when I pop out to look at it, I immediately use my spatial perception to visualize where that target is, like I'm seeing through my bunker. Come out with your gun lined up (if that's possible, even), and you don't have to waste precious split seconds aiming.

Ambidexterity - Now a lot of people say that you should be able to shoot with both hands, and I, personally, have developed this skill (to an extent), and I think it helps, especially in the front, where an extra inch could mean an elimination. However, if you think you can get used to it, by all means, shoot out of the opposite side of the bunker with your dominant hand. Some pro players that I know do that, and it (obviously) works for them. Just make sure that you can shoot equally as well from the left side and the right side of your bunker. Coming over the top really is a HUGE taboo, and should be done very sparingly.

Attitude - Now anybody can point a gun and shoot, and any old fool knows to keep his or her foot inside of a bunker (nobody wants to get hit!), but aside from the speed, tightness, and snap shooting skillz, there's a certain front player "mentality" that I find in many good players. They play, knowing that if they go to bunker somebody, or try to do a key move, and they bust open a game, then that's great, but if they don't, they know that their back line is going to pull it out anyway, so they have nothing to lose. This is where the agressive mentality of some of the most amazing players in the game comes from.

It's all about having an instinct, a feeling that a move is going to work, combined with all of the skills and logistics needed to recognize an opening, combined with athletic ability, along with the knowledge that your getting hit on the run is better than sitting, waiting for them to come to you. Now, I really don't have any of this, but I've seen it in others, and it works.

I'm sure there are a lot of things I missed, but this is certainly something to start with.
Originally posted by BMJoker
good points dude, you forgot one thing. Front guyz gotta stay cool, if you make your bunker, and then get all excited mistakes will be made..I do it all the time. It's best to just relax, and not be so anxious to win the game that you do some stupid ****.
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Old 06-06-2002, 06:47 PM #2
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holy ****ing ****

those are really good stuffs,,, where did u learn that all powerful jedi master,,,, maybe i can enroll,,,,
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as a front player in 5+ man tourneys, your job past the 5 min. mark for the most part should be over, in most cases you want to make a move that could impact the game for the better, youve always got mid players and other team mates in most cases to still win the game or fill in for you. At the 5+ min. mark go try to take that bunker that all their back guys wont be able to take their eye off of, or try that bunker, or double bunker move up the tape. Just do something if u play front, your job and impact in the game should be about over with, you should be able to make the call. And remember to all you new players, if you dont shoot your called a spectator. um... anyone wanna help me out with this if it doesnt make sence go ahead, its like 1 a.m. here.

And one more key thing- if your gun ever breaks down, or if you have a problem, NEVER call yourself out, you could always be a flag runner or grabber and get those 10 pnts to get you into finals, or hold that key bunker, the other team doesnt know if your gun works or not.
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Old 06-18-2002, 11:55 AM #4
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Re: playing front

Good stuff...

"You never know if someone's coming to bunker you. You have to try to be able to know when they're coming, so you can pop out and surprise 'em."

***if your a good team.. some one behind you should tell you if someone is coming to bunk you..***

"and also watch out for the movement of shadows"
***also... Looking at shadows.. most people dont have time to look on the ground for shadows.. you really just dont notice it.***

***Useally during a heavy game.. all you hear is paintballs hitting bunkers and your team communicating.***


"know how fast to run, when to pause, when to go full throttle, when to slow down, etc"

***just a little word advice from a front man... dont pause while your running.. your not trying to play dodge ball with paintballs flying at you. No matter what.. right off the whistle.. run as fast as you can to get to the bunker... run low and fast. and I suggest in lay downs or carrots... slide into the prop.***


***You should play your bunkers very tight... doesn't ever hurt to make love to your bunker during hardcore play(lol)***


***You should beable to shoot with both hands... have off hand practices.. were all practice you have to shoot with your off hand.. this is a skill that you wont regret. watching some pro's play.. they hold the gun with there left hand and shoot with there right.. this is just to get a better ROF ... learn to stay tight with your bunker while shooting of handed.***


***A good front player should have a good attitude ... they must be aggressive and trust there backmen. dont be afraid to make a move.. but make sure its not going to get you eliminated.***
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its better to stay in a very good bunker than to move to another very good bunker... dont risk the elim if you have nothing to gain
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