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Old 11-19-2012, 08:00 PM #1
c5low13 (Banned)
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Dye DAM vs used Ego/Geo/DM/NT, etc...


I could use some help in deciding what to get. I'm looking to get back into Paintball after not playing for a few years.

I want something fun, easy to use, very little tuning needing, and reliable.
I plan to play recreationally, maybe once every 1-2 months.

Part of me wants to get the DAM, because I like the milsim look and I plan on playing recreationally and more-so in the woodsball settings and scenarios.
I like the mag and hopper fed option, I would use the FS...but it's not a deal breaker for's just a nice have.

The down side is the price. For $1300, is it worth it?

I mean I can get a used Ego11, GEO, DM, NT, etc... for $600-800. They will do the exact same job for me as the DAM, except for the FS capability which isn't a deal breaker for me.

I like the DAM, because it fits the look of the type of paintball I will be playing. I can run a remote line, which I'd prefer.

Or getting one of the other guns - they are cheaper and arguably more versatile in being able to use it both in woodsball/rec play and speedball. The downside is that it doesn't fit the profile of a milsim woodsball player and it's rare to ever see one of these running a remote line.

Looking for some opinions/pros/cons, etc....anything to help me make my decision.
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Old 11-19-2012, 09:10 PM #2
Clickety screeeee
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The first question is how much do you want to spend? If you have the money and don't mind spending it, then go get what you really want. The DAM is the latest and the greatest with a lot of cool features.

If you're looking to economize, I'd suggest getting something of the likes of the Tippmann X7 Phenom, the Empire BT TM7 or TM15 or the Planet Eclipse etha with the EMC kit. All of those will have the milsim look and get the job done at a lower price.

Good luck with your search.

"Always buy the biggest bottle."

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Old 11-19-2012, 10:16 PM #3
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If you're only playing once every 2 months... forget even spending 500... just buy a used marker under 300$ and call it a day. Hell, if you bought the DAM.... by the time you used it 6 times (6x2=12), it'd already be a year old and probably worth around 750-800$... so in that 6 times of use you already lost 500$ in worth.

I wouldnt even consider a $400 gun if thats how often i was planning to play.

The guns Calvman suggested would be perfect for you.... and then spend the money you saved on playing more often.
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Old 11-20-2012, 12:56 AM #4
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^i agree. theres no need to drop that much money on a gun thats going to be barely used. go to a local shop, hold some guns, see what u like and how they feel in your hands, do some some research aka check the review forums on here for said guns u like then go from there. but i wouldnt drop anything over $400 for just a gun thats only going to be used here n there.
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Old 11-20-2012, 09:16 AM #5
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Dont listen to people telling you not to spend the money. If you have it, and you want to spend it, go for it!

I owned a dam and it was impressive. The trigger frame is incredibly comfortable. I was less than enthralled by it only having a single finger trigger. It is amazingly comfortable but that limits the capability to me. The gun shot great and it has tons of awesome features, the feel of the gun is the most solid milsim I have ever held. You can also remove the stock, slap a tank on there and, while not ideal, it could certainly be used on a speed ball field. Some downsides were having to remove the shroud to take the barrel off but if you have an exalt barrel maid or another swab like that you should be alright. If I had the money, I would absolutely have a dam in my gearbag but it is a pricey gun. You do get the dm13 internals basically and many other cool features.
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Old 11-20-2012, 11:33 AM #6
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are you guys ****ing kidding me? Why do you think america is so ****ed in terms of credit card debt? "Oh, i have a credit limit of 10k, i could easily buy this $3k LED tv although a $500 one is all i really need".

Just because i have 100 grand doesnt mean i should go and buy a $95,000 car... Especially if i was only going to drive it 1/4 of the year.

He could buy the DAM, enjoy it a couple times, then something comes up in his life where he really wishes he could have had an extra 900$ in his pocket... Its called prioritizing... ever hear of it?

If he had the money, and was planning to play every week at least once... then that'd be one thing, and obviously paintball is high on his priority list. Buying a $1300 marker to use it maybe once every 1-2 months... thats just silly.

OP - Its your money, do what you want... but this is coming from someone who has watched tons and tons of people saying they are getting back into paintball and want to play once a week... then months later i hear back from them saying, "I wish i didnt buy a $1000 gun, i barely have time to play more than twice a month"... Then when they need the money, the realize how much money they lost on the gun they bought a year before.

Just because you have the ability to buy something, doesnt mean you should. There are COUNTLESS guns in the 300$ range that would do everything you need when playing recball.

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Agree with zippin35 in regards to spending money. If money was a concern that a life-altering event can sway one's decision, then you wouldn't be getting into paintball period.
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Old 11-20-2012, 10:17 PM #8
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Originally Posted by c5low13 View Post
Again, my question is more geared towards, You have the money and are going to either buy a DAM or a EGO11, GEO2, NT11, DM, etc... Which would you get and why...if you were a rec player, who likes the milsim look, would you spend the extra money for the DAM or just get the cheaper gun that has the same capabilities.

If my original post came off the other way in starting a debate whether I should be spending that much money on a gun I will only use 6 times a year...that wasn't my if possible, I'd love everyones opinions still but please stay on topic.
Ok well since you seem to be willing to buy a more high end gun my first piece of advice is to try and hold each one of them. It makes a huge difference how you feel about it. But regardless I have shot and played with every gun you have listed except the DAM, so ill run you through my opinion of each and let you decide what you want. I hope this helps:

Personally I like the dm12 the best out of all of those; hence that is why I own one. However I'm not blind to its faults or dyes':
I think its the best shooting gun on the market once finely tuned with the smoothest shot (and I swear if someone makes one stupid comment on my OPINION and how its wrong you will have a REAL argument on your hands... its an opinion...), but it does not have an OLED and does have the worst resale value of any gun out there. So if you buy it make sure you like it first and then buy it and keep it. Don't buy a dm13 they are identical and you gain nothing by grabbing one over a 12. Also it requires a little more love and maintenance to keep it shooting great but if you take care of it it is very reliable.
Note: a dm9 is similar to a 12 in shot quality, but doesn't come with some of the nice features of a 12, but its cheaper. Your call

NT 10-11: Please don't buy this even if its 200. I have seen and dealt with 5 or 6 of these and every single one is a paint blender. Maybe someone can tune them right but they are worth more trouble then they are worth.

Ego 11: Great gun, reliable, efficient, but pretty loud. Requires little maintenance or babying, but has a rough shot and personally I didn't like it at all. However alot of people do and there is a reason. Look into this gun. Decide if you like poppets or spools.

GEO 2: I didnt like this at all, and I would just get a DM if you want a spool. They have the negatives of spool guns (poor efficiency more maintenance ) and lack a smooth shot relative to other spool guns. This does not include the geo 3, which is a vast improvement over its predecessors. However it is outside your price range, so I didn't include it. If your set on a GEO, spend the extra $$ and buy a used GEO 3, they run about $1000.

Any of these guns is more than sufficient for rec play and obviously are top of the line and tournament ready. You have my recommendation and another thing on the DM: you can buy it in dyecam for your mil-slim, woods-like look. Problem with mil-slim is the guns look great until you add the hopper and the tank... then not as much. The DAM im sure is great and will shoot like a DM, but probably not worth the price over the other guns used and mil-slim is something overrated unless you want to be really hardcore with it.
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Old 11-20-2012, 11:49 PM #9
Nutz behind the trigger!
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Wow messiest thread ever!
On the issue raised by the OP, my OPINION is to have a look around and lay your hands on a few of the markers out there. The Ego line are amazingly reliable markers and the 11 with the D.A.R.T. kit is a huge improvement in the line and thus imo worth the price of entry. The Geo 3.0 is really the only Geo worth looking at. They take a bit more maintenance but some players like the sound and smoothness of the spoolies.
A buddy has an Axe and for a mid-range marker it is truly amazing, if you decide to save a little $$ this is the way I would go.
Personally I'm not a Dye guy (unless it's a Rotor!). They seem to require more maintenance than other markers and another buddy (who is still a Dye guy) has had a nightmare of a time dealing with factory warranty support on both his DM and his NT.

After looking at and playing with multiple markers (all above and then some) I decided on the Bob Long 2012 G6R with a LP poppet and a Techt Hush bolt. This setup is almost as quiet as a spool valve, more efficient than any other marker on the market, and as smooth as all but the best (Luxe, Clone GT, Vapor) spools. It shoots great regardless of the weather conditions, is fairly easy to maintain, and gets looks and comments every weekend when I hit the field.
Just my. 02
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Old 11-21-2012, 07:43 PM #10
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You "grown ups" are ridiculous this is another example of a thread gone off track
on another not op the dam is nice but not worth it IN MY OPINOIN if u dont play very much
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