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Old 01-15-2013, 03:39 PM #1
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Banning Paintball Markers

Had to grab the headline to get your attention. Hasn't happened YET.

Bound to happen somewhere soon after all these shootings.

Blaming Holywood, Video Games, America's Love Affair with Guns, Why not Paintball? Afterall, they found a paintball poster in one of the shooters homes. That MUST be the cause of why it did it. Look at all the simulated military style paintball "GUNS". M-16, AKs, Tecs. They even have Full Auto GUNS" A sport that teaches our kids to shoot assault weapons at other kids is JUST WRONG! We should ban it. Any responsible parent has no business buying their kid a paintball GUN.

Our Sport will have to endure this knee jerk, over reaction, to recent events.
There will be fall out here and there. It will suck.

I worked in a paintball store a while and when the hesitant mother verbalizes the gun thing, I said this. In a few years your kid will be interested in fast cars, fast girls or fast paintball markers. See to it that he can't afford all three. Which would you rather he spend his money on and know where he is and what he is doing. Paintball. Worked sometimes....

My kids got me into the sport. I turned them into my personal slaves in exchage for taking them to play paintball. They learned to cook, do laundry, clean gutters, cut grass, and many other domestic activities. They got snatched up right away and we got them married off. Those hesitant Moms liked that idea too. Get help around the house, drop them off at 9 Saturday, Pick them up at 4. Time for myself. Cost $50. Cheaper than hiring a maid and it is good parenting developing life skills.

The vast majority of us know what paintball is and isn't. We will have conversations about it and when you open your mouth to defend your Sport, you need to do it well.

First, delete the words "GUN" "SHOOT" "KILL" and any other NOW politically incorrect words when discussing paintball. Substitute, MARKER, TAG, and so forth. Think about the words you current use and hear. List them here with an appropriate substitute. All of us need to change how we talk about paintball now. Especially you KIDS with parents funding your recreational time.

To the over 50 group. It is a game of tag like you did playing Cowboys and Indians when you were a kid. But it is not politically correct to go around tagging "indians" anymore. We choose sides and tag each other. Tag, Your out! Kids in every culture, every religion, on every continent, play TAG. Paintball is a game of tag. They cannot legitimately connect the dots between paintball and gun violence.

Hollywood, video games, the same. The Good Guys Win. The Bad Guys die in a gory mess. Good guys, bad guys, white hats, black hats. Yes, for whatever reason it is part of our culture going back GENERATIONS and the past generations didn't go out and pretend shoot people any more or less than back then than now.

Avoid the real gun discussion. First, you won't change anybody's mind and second, the more you say, the more they will associate paintball with the gun issues.

You might want to argue that people should not connect the dots directly between paintball and gun violence. You need a good FACT to support that. Here is one anyone can call their area recuiting office and verify.

You never go to a paintball event and see the recuiters from the US Armed Forces. You would think that 18-30 year old warrior wanna be event would be fertile ground for recuiters. They tried it decades ago and decided it was a waste of money and effort. The paintball community does not want to sign up for combat MOS jobs. They tend to want the technical and support MOS jobs. The armed forces spend their recuiting dollars for those jobs at the technical schools and colleges. I talked to the St. Louis regional guy that holds the purse strings for recuiting dollars myself. That is what he told me and NO they won't sponsor a local recuiters Humvee that says Go Army on each side that we adapt with a turret, twin 50 cals and rocket launcher for our paintball war games... Nice try......

Speculation from my 30 years in the sport is that the first thing a paintball player learns is simply that the guy you didn't see is the one that gets you... Markers have a 35 yard functional range with lousy accuracy. Give a kid a high powered rifle and a little range time and he can hit you from every hiding place within 200 yards of you. Oh yeah! I want to play paintball with REAL bullets ---- NOT!!!!! I LIKE Do Overs....

That's my theory. So in a strange way, I say, paintball promotes world peace. So far I have had no luck inviting Miss America candidates to play paintball. So I may be wrong with that theory.


We need to keep a LOW PROFILE. Put your markers in a case, Pillow case if you have to. In the trunk for transport. WAY in the back of the van. NOT visible to inquiring eyes of a thief, cops, or school security guard. Keep them away from work, school, restaurants, etc. Just common sense things. Refrain from shooting your marker at your house unless you are WAY out in the country. People are real nervious right now.

Walking from your car to the paintball store with an uncased marker could get you killed by some conceal and carry nut looking to be the "good guy" that killed the "bad guy".

Be sensitive to the public's mood right now.

Now I have another theory being a former parent of two boys. This is it, "The IQ of your son at any point in time is divided by the number of boys his age in the group."

Mine did incredibly stupid things with his buddies that he would never even think of much less actually do by himself. I recall a few things when I was that age. Back when cops had a sense of humor for harmless mischief.

Point is, if you happen to be in a group and you see somebody getting STUPID with paintball stuff, JUMP HIS ASP! verbally and as needed to stop him. It also might be a good idea for things other than paintball as well.

Another point we need to make in our conversations. The world is simply getting smaller. Back in the 60s, the shootings in LA did not make the evening news. Childrens were abducted, women raped and so on in other towns and cities that we simply didn't hear about. IF it was in the paper, it was way back on page 8 if it was out of town. With all the instant media, everyone walking around with a cell phone camera, etc. it is BIG NEWS! that gets network ratings. Also feed any agenda, any group has.

Natural disasters, earthquakes, happen all the time. Have happened all the time in the past too. The apocolypse is not just around the corner - AGAIN! It is just the NEWs reporting that has made the world SMALLER. Your generation is not going to the dogs. Nor my generation which my parents were sure of at the time. Nor the generation before. Bad Stuff Happens.... We do the best we can to minimize it. The news makes many people more fearful than they should be. People are naturally nice with a few bad apples thrown in.

Another theory, "The reason God created Aspholes is so we don't take the good people around us for granted". Think that thought the next time your boss is chewing you out for somebody else's screw up. Turn around, smile, and walk away in that order. It's God's way.

Think about WHY you want one of those MilSim markers. If you think it looks cool, fine. It may not be so cool right now. If you want to be a better paintball player, you need to rethink that Mil-sim. I still use a spyder compact on a remote. Those LONG markers are a bear to handle in the brush much less point. You can't crawl with one without making a LOT of noise. The longer it is, the longer it takes to point it in the right direction even without brush. Paintball is a close engagment. The tool of choice is short, compact, light, quick to point with a 180 round hopper with compressed air on a remote.. It takes PRACTICE to point a marker where you want the ball to hit. Everytime you upgrade your marker, you have to retrain you brain to point it where the ball will hit. The weight is different, the balance, swing rate, etc. It just feels different. You don't have TIME to line up a pair of sights on a mil-sim. Not against any experienced player that can point and shoot. Just my bias. Mil Sim markers are mostly COSMETIC and do not make you a better player. And I own one. Like I say, I play with my Spyder Compact. It hits where I point it. All I need. Hopefully, I can make the transition to the BT but so far, it is simply a rec field toy for having fun rather than competitive scenario play.

So lets go play paintball and have some fun. Introduce your friends to your local field. Invite DAD to go along and foot the bill by reminding him that it is the only LEGAL way he can put bruises on you.

Use your heads out there and keep our sport's record good.
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......

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Old 01-16-2013, 07:45 AM #2
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It is getting kind of obtuse how people think they could have prevented those shootings by making guns harder to get ahold of. The shooters were bat**** nuts and no law was going to stop them. Just like weed and cocaine, illegal guns are easy to get ahold of so the only ones who are going to obey the law are law abiding citizens.

However, if we don't stick our neck out and make ourselves known and get people to understand the sport then they are going to lop our heads off because they won't understand and will just think its a violent game of shoot people that only socially maladjusted wanna-be criminals partake in because that seems to be the only time it comes up in conversation.

You never see the small business owner, blue collar worker, or successful businessman playing paintball because they keep it secret like some guilty pleasure. The only time it seems to come up in the news is when they find a paintball gun in a serial killers house. So, it's the natural reaction of the mob to assume the two are connected.

We need to stand up and say: "look at us, we are law abiding citizens and positive contributors to society and we play paintball!"

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Old 02-14-2013, 09:57 AM #3
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I have gotten so many strange looks from people, especially anti-gun people when I tell them I play paintball. But after I explain PSP or NPPL to them, it really opens their eyes to the fact that paintball is not training for terrorists (yes, people have asked me that), but is a safe, professional sport.

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Old 02-25-2013, 11:06 AM #4
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This has been an on going issue well before these mass shootings and probably will be for as long as paintball is around.

I remember when I started playing in 20 years ago ('93) people were running around in the woods and that's all there was. Then the concept of the non-wooded field came about.

First it was old oil drums, large cable spools. Then it morphed in the hyperball fields made out of the plastic irrigation piping, then the first air filled bunkers came out.

There was a push by JT, Smart Parts, and other people who made pants and jerseys to get away from the camouflage and wear more brightly colored outfits.

Names of the guns was changed to "markers", kills was referred to as "elimination" and the paintball markers were anodized, painted, or powder coated into a nearly limitless color combinations - markers were no longer just black anymore.

Like the firearms industry, paintball will have it's detractors and 9 times out of 10 - it's people who have zero knowledge of what they are talking about.

Unfortunately paintball may serve as a convenient excuse for those who want to blame these mass shootings on something rather than put blame squarely on the shoulders of person who did it. That would be too easy and if someone does something so horrible - surely they must have something wrong with them.

Sure they pulled the trigger but SOMETHING must have cause them to act this way. They will ask - maybe the person wasn't hugged enough when they were a child, maybe they were picked on when they were a child. Here's a possibility - maybe they just hated life and hated people and they just wanted to make someone else as miserable as they were.

As someone else said, no law in the world is going to stop someone from killing another person so knee-jerk, quick to act - slow to think, "solutions" may end up with some unforeseen consequences.

I do blame the media on this as well - the sensationalism that comes with them. The news outlets (All of them CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Headline News) are all trying to outdo one another - so if that means interviewing a classmate of a kid who was killed an hour ago and getting the grizzly details - so be it.
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Old 02-27-2013, 11:46 AM #5
Boom Master
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After the first World Trade Center bombing, they didn't ban Cargo Vans.

After the OK City Federal Building booming, they didn't ban Trucks.

It DID occur to them to make access to explosive materials a lot harder.

That is the basic discussion we are having about taking the assault weapons out of the civilian population. Access.

Considering how much 'training' I got for my concealed handgun permit, and they didn't ask for any PROOF for my reason for needing a permit. (carrying cash bank deposits) I am having difficulty agreeing with the justifications I hear for assault weapons.

Even the military does not issue ammunition and weapons to soldiers to possess unless they are in a combat environment. And they have a LOT of training on target identification, marksmanship, weapon maintainence, etc. They go postal on occasion too.

Today the headline was a shooting in Switzerland. I was surprised to read they have very liberal gun laws and it is usual and customary for the men to keep their rifles after the mandatory military service. Their weapon crime rate per 100,000 people is 10% of the US rate. What does that say?

The culture? the military training and discipline? Economics? Standard of Living? Educational Levels? Child rearing? Don't they have video games and movies there too? Those might be the better questions. See what works and evaluate what doesn't.

The pendulem will swing here in America from one exteme to another. One knee jerk after another. But finnally it will settle in the middle where it probably belongs in the first place.

The discussions will rage on for some time. We will try this and that as the political winds blow with public sentiment. This is fundamentally GOOD in my opinion even if it is a hassle.
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......
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Old 03-14-2013, 06:36 PM #6
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The best protection is getting on TV. People ban that which they are afraid of, and people are afraid of that which they do not know. Put it on TV, make it popular, and it would be like trying to ban hockey.
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Old 02-13-2014, 09:13 PM #7
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Glue guns are also called guns.... they are now dangerous and must be destroyed! So are squirt guns...
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Old 02-15-2014, 08:47 AM #8
Dark Warrior
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Originally Posted by Boom Master View Post
Invite DAD to go along and foot the bill by reminding him that it is the only LEGAL way he can put bruises on you.

Use your heads out there and keep our sport's record good.
It was all going well until you added this sentence - Too much emphasis is put on the bruises or "welts" in Paintball. Last thing parents want to see is injuries like that.
It is not a badge of honor, it's a sign of inconsiderate play.
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Old 02-15-2014, 06:58 PM #9
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How is it inconsiderate play? Most every hit leaves a welt or a bruise?

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Old 04-02-2014, 08:24 AM #10
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Originally Posted by Dark Warrior View Post
It was all going well until you added this sentence - Too much emphasis is put on the bruises or "welts" in Paintball. Last thing parents want to see is injuries like that.
It is not a badge of honor, it's a sign of inconsiderate play.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes home and secretly admires my collection of welts and bruises! I even proudly show off them off to my lady. When the bruises start to fade, I know its time for me to head back out to the field and collect some more, and hopefully leave my fair share in return.

I would rather have my bruises than the torn ligaments or concussions you see in other sports!
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Old 04-03-2014, 10:40 AM #11
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When the guys start showing off their bruises at the field, I have a lot of fun asking them to take off their shirt and show me their back. Everybody collects them on their front side. No Bruises on their back and they get a 'good job'.
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......
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Old 04-29-2014, 04:47 PM #12
Dark Cloud
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On the bruises issue...

I have gotten much worse injuries playing traditional sports (Baseball, Hockey, Soccer), and friends of mine who played other contact sports (Football and men's lacrosse?) came away with far worse injuries than me. Perhaps that comparison is not completely fair since the probability of you getting a bruise in paintball is somewhat higher because the entire game involves flying projectiles. Even fields that meticulously regulate velocity cannot guarantee you will come away with absolutely no bruises. As long as the act was committed without malice I along with many players gladly accept the risk (bonus balling is a whole other discussion).

Something else though. I remember a few times when local legislatures decided to "go after" paintball fields / stores arguing they did not want them in the community for whatever reason. They failed in most cases because the field would bring together their supporters (kids and families from the area) who are upstanding citizens and see the good in paintball.

While I agree in the US the public and government can be very emotional, there are also people who have common sense. People recognize the distinctions between paintball, actual firearms ownership, and actual violent acts.
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Old 04-29-2014, 05:24 PM #13
Boom Master
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Well, since I started this post, The police in California shot and killed a 12 year old carrying a mil sim air soft or paintball marker. He had removed the Red Tip so I assume it was airsoft.

When the officer yelled at him to put the weapon down, he turned around to face the police officer thus pointing it at the officer.

It was ruled a 'justified' shooting by the police.

Too bad the kid or his parents didn't read my original post about walking around with a marker when NOT on a paintball field. He would still be alive today.
Carefully planned irresponsibility is the KEY to mental health.

If you haven't grown up by age 50........

You don't have to......
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Old 12-06-2014, 08:00 PM #14
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Yeah he was 13 an cops will shoot anyone for anything. I think all airsoft gun tips should be orange an the sb 798 is way out of context . that is silly. yet it is legal to have a real gun neon colored wow that needs to stop. cops will still shoot kids with neon colored airsoft guns an they'll say i thought it was their moms pink glock. laws being made backwards . an they will attack paintball its a mater of time
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