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Old 08-26-2014, 11:11 PM #85
Want to play paint war??
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No matter how many ****ing times I tell the young children not to take of their masks, take a guess what they do...i once had a splatmaster party with a group of 8 year olds, needless to say that day was a ****storm. Once the kids would get out they'd flip their masks off and all the kids who were out would get in a group and converse. Every ****in kid who was still in decided to turn and start shooting the kids without masks on.

Let me explain that so you understand. Its me, a 16 year old ref to whom most normal adult players just quietly tell me to **** off whenever i reprimand something, and another ref who just sat in the background and blazed. The parents were playing but they obviously were ****ing born yesterday or adopted those kids yesterday because they had no ****ing clue how to tell their kids to listen to me.

Let this little story be a basis for something: yes they were younger kids but I get it all the time with normal paintballers, and hence this I believe the age requirement at most fields in the US should be 13. A lot of 10 year olds who come down to my field are ****ing narcotic and have no clue that when they lift that mask for a split second they face permanent blindness or death.

I understand that for every 100,000 players there's something like 20 injuries but it takes older kids to understand the responsibilities and hazards of play. Just my 2 cents guys, if you've actually read all this thanks for paying attention haha.


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Old 09-14-2014, 07:20 PM #86
Zach Traylor
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Originally Posted by mrpresident2107 View Post
My number one most annoying thing is when a new player asks for a paint check on their mask. I come over to check it and he or she points to a giant splat of paint right in the middle of their lens and asks if it broke...
Originally Posted by feidler View Post
That's just retarded! Lol.
I hate it most when people take their mask off durning games after you warned them twice. I try to give them some slack but come on. Your going to get kicked off for a while if you keep doing it.
You'd be surprised... This happens a lot, including in tournaments. Tournaments are of course more people trying to get a referee to call them clean rather than actually ask if it broke, but that's besides the point.

Originally Posted by Bmxwright View Post
When rec ball players go try hard against the new players. Also when people don't tip, I essentially get paid nothing so tips are very nice.
Then go get a real job.
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Old 01-20-2015, 04:16 PM #87
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I'm not a ref, but the one thing that has been awful lately at my local field is people talking while the refs are trying to explain which field/ game type we're going to play. Literally half of the walk on players last Sunday were having to ask the refs repeatedly all day while actually walking to said field.

Also another problem the refs were talking about last weekend.... litter. How hard is it for people to clean up after themselves. I personally picked up 2 empty boxes, 3 bottles and probably 10 empty paint bags on Sunday.

We ended up only running about 4 games all day bc the refs were getting so pissed about the trash. Having to walk around after each game to remind people.
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Old 01-27-2015, 10:28 PM #88
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I hated when a rec player came up to me and said...
Rec-player:" ai yo ref fix my gun!"
Me: "I see that marker doesn't belong to us, also it is an old one (sypder rodeo)."
Rec-player: "So you gonn' fix it?!?"
Me: "Sorry sir I do not know how it works but you seeing how it belongs to you, you should know how it works."
I turn to the group behind me and I ask if everyone knows how their markers worked. All of them said yes.
Rec-player: *Feels dumb and offended in three, two, and one...*
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Old 01-28-2015, 12:24 AM #89
Washington Wizards
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This thread should be called "what not to do when you go paintballing".
Yes, paintball is a sport.
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Old 02-06-2015, 12:30 AM #90
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I love it when kids say "can I be a sniper".....sure, sit at the back of the field and get flanked hard as ****.

People that play woodsball in full speedball garb just to scare the rec ballers.
(ive actually payed one of the regulars to **** 2 of those kids up...and I made sure they knew why......dont talk **** to 10 year a birthday party....when their parents are watching them try to have fun. Also, dont get pissed when I say that Im going to play a game because im "pro" not, but im better than you...and your going to be the only person i shoot) Im a dick.

I dont mind parents taking pictures and stuff....I even offer to get in close for the action shots. Why not. I also dont mind if they stand by me while I ref.... Its always cool to socialize with the parents. Keeps them coming back. Plus they are usually cool anyways. I mean hell, they are letting their kids shoot people. DUH.

When renters ask if they can use my gun because its their

Paint grenades....oh joy.

Full BDU kids who are in high school ROTC....and think they are ****ing navy seals. Hand signals, Night vision goggles. Badass Tippman. Canteen/Camelback, Compression gear, bouie knife, face paint. Giving orders like a drill sgt, trying to do full battle formations with a bunch of 12 year old kids who could care less... Those are fun. "did you see my badass roll? I totally knife killed that guy".....yup.

"Can we respawn?"

"So is it search and destroy or team deathmatch?"

Kids who hold their gun sideways and wonder why no paintballs are coming out.....smh

I could do on for days. Most of the stuff is funny most of the time. I just try to have fun with it.
Dayton, Ohio Free Agent
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