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Old 08-12-2004, 08:04 PM #1
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Spyder Upgrades (revised)

This thread is under construction right now, please bare with us...

If you'd like to see an item added to the list, shoot me a PM.


Devilstar, Trooper, MVP, Nero



Orginally posted by The Trooper

Quoted from Clevelandballer:

I've noticed tons of threads in regards to spyder and spyder lookalike upgrades. Maybe we can get a sticky going with some help from everybody so we can clear up these upgrade posts.

1) Accuracy Upgrades: Many of you ask about how to make your marker more accurate. This can be achieved somewhat in many ways. Before we go over the various ways, we should consider what it is that makes your spyder or lookalike fire. The following link explains it in detail and includes diagrams link
Basically all spyders and lookalikes fire in a very similar fashion. It is a sear trip blowback system which is the standard for most entry level markers. Increasing accuracy can be achieved by one or more of the following:

1A) An Aftermarket barrel or barrel system. Barrel systems with variable bore sizes are debated regarding legitamacy but the majority agree that having a system that conforms to your paintball size will be more efficient and accurate than single barrels. Most aftermarket barrels will increase accuracy and make your marker more quiet. I've noticed that beginers believe that if they get a longer barrel their marker will become more accurate. This is true and false. You shouldn't purchase a barrel longer than 14 inches. The reason for this is that the ball will lose velocity the more time it spends in a barrel. If you lose velocity you have to turn your velocity up. When you turn your velocity up you use more gas and become less efficiant. On the other hand your barrel should be at least 10 inches in my opinion to achieve the accuracy you want.

1B) Another way to increase accuracy is the use of an N2/Compressed air system or "Nitro" as it has been dubbed. Nitrogen or actually compressed air has a few key advantages over CO2. One of them is that fact that compressed air is already a gas in the tank and not a liquid. When you have a filled CO2 tank the CO2 inside is a liquid, and it is very cold. A problem that you can run into with CO2 when you play is your gun "going liquid". This happens when your marker siphons then liquid CO2 out of the tank and into the gun creating a very cold and high- pressure environment. When this happen your gun will most likely fire full auto until it warms up or the tank is removed. This is why many people have expansion chambers on their markers. That way the liquid can expand into a gas before entering the gun. When using compressed air though you never have to worry about such a problem. Once your tank is on and flowing all you have to do is adjust your regulators and your done. Another clear advantage is the fact that compressed air is not affected by temperature like CO2. During cold weather CO2 will have a harder time expanding into a gas before entering the gun. Compressed air on the other hand will stay at the constant input pressure set by the regulator.

The main point is that besides the above two and some minor changes that won't affect accuracy much such as a new bolt can only do so much for your blowback's accuracy. The reason many higher end markers are so accurate is that they feature different style internals that differ significantly from your spyder or lookalike's blowback setup. Feel free to post on your marker's internals. My personal marker is of the blow-forward style featured in automags. There is the spool style featured in new shockers. These are just a few examples of internal setups.

2) Speed/Rate of Fire (ROF)
Increasing the rate of fire for your blowback marker is done several ways. First, you should identify they type of blowback you own; mechanical or electronic. Mechanical blowbacks can be altered by replacing trigger frames or done various makeshift ways. I am not an expert on increasing ROF for blowbacks so you may want to share your knowledge on this.

If you own an electronic blowback, you most likely posess a faster than average marker which can reach high rates of fire. You are most likely satisfied with your electro's rate of fire, but if you aren't, I think there is a way to help with this. If you own a marker with a small button protruding from where your trigger comes into final contact you may be able to eleminate the space betewwn your trigger and this button. If your trigger is just barely touching this button after a trigger modification you may experience a shorter trigger pull and higher rates of fire. Beware of your manufacturer's warrenty as you may void it by tampering with these various things.

3) Asthetic and functional add-ons

You may have seen a pro paintballer or an experienced one and see that their tank is moved forward on their gun by a metal piece extending from the bottom of the grip. Most of you might know this but for thos of you who don't know this is called a drop forward and is used to move the tank forward to balance the marker and allow for a marker position that is closer to the body. These can run you anywhere from $20-$80 or more. Some feature intigrated on/offs that can be used to detatch your tank without the hissing and loss of gas.

Many of you may consider an expansion chamber or wonder what it is. This is a tool used to help get rid of alot of that liquid co2 that is bad for your marker. Liquid CO2 inside your tank needs heat to turn into a gas, which powers your paintball gun. The readiest source of heat is the air around you (it may sometimes feel cold, but it is way warmer than liquid CO2.) Expansion chambers allow that heat transfer to occur. The space inside the expansion chamber provides room for CO2 to expand and supply your gun with enough gas volume. This decreases the ‘spiking’ that can cause the velocity of your paint to jump up and down, and allows your gun to perform better. Any liquid CO2 that gets into a vertical expansion chamber just drains safely down to the bottom, instead of entering your gun where it can freeze and damage internal parts.

4) Hoppers

You may see experienced players with cool looking hoppers featuring spinners and batteries and such. The purpose for these is to feed paintballs into your marker faster. If you find yourself breaking paintballs while you are shooting often this can be related to jammed or improperly feeding paintballs. A typical "revy" loader such as the viewloader revolution features a spinning agitator that continously stirrs the paintballs preventing jams and the like. Even though these often feed faster than non electric loaders they are still reliant on gravity. The problem with gravity is that it can only feed paintballs so fast (around 9-12 balls per second). If you find yourself outshooting these loaders which is highly unlikely while using a spyder type marker than you may want to consider shooting slower (yeah right) or upgrading to a force fed loader. Examples force fed loaders include the Halo B and Viewloader Evolution II or "EGG2" These allow many paintballs to fall into a larger area in the hopper where they are pushed into your marker. Once the loader detects that it needs not push any more paintballs through it stops. These type loaders can feed from 13-22 or more paintballs per second (if you do more than 22 per second on a spyder email me. ).

Online Retailer List

Additional retailers: umber=1

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Old 08-12-2004, 08:05 PM #2
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
Devilstar2k2 is a Supporting Member
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Shocktech - Shocktech has always made some of the best aftermarket accessories available, and this bolt is no different. Made of high quality delrin for super smooth operation and improved range and accuracy, this bolt will give you what you need. (available for most, if not all Spyders) RETAIL - $34.99 to $39.99

APM Tigershark -
CNC machined from Nylatron
Self lubricating material
Maintenance free (no 'o' rings to oil or break)
Smoother action (no scuffing in the chamber)
Lighter in weight than stock bolt
Open face giving maximum air flow
Better fit in the chamber creating more air efficiency
One piece design
Cheaper than stock bolt
Reduced ball breakage
Quieter than stock bolt
Reduced kick back
The cheapest effective upgrade for your marker
RETAIL - $15 to $17

NDZ Delrin - New Designz to the rescue, giving you a top quality delrin bolt that will fit all Side Cocking Spyders. (also in top cocking) RETAIL - $35.95

32 Degrees Venturi - Get a venturi bolt for your Spyder and increase accuracy while decreasing ball breakage. The multi-porting design directs the gas evenly over the surface of the paintball instead of blasting it in one place. RETAIL $11.95

Bandit - This bolt is made from a nylon-like material and is lighter than the delrin. The velocity increases due to less force used to move the bolt (made for most Spyders) RETAIL - $50 (HP or LP)

Spudnukl/Blair Nylatron or Delrin - New Features:
Nylatron-- Nylon and solid lubricante combined
Premium Food Grade Delrin
Milled ball detent groove
Slicker Surface
Greater self lubricating properties.
Highly resistance to oils, which means no swelling!
Anti-Ball paintball "hop" design
Low and High pressure bolts.
Oring grooves to control blowback (if necessary) RETAIL $30 (HP or LP)

Category 5 (long) - Great upgrade bolt for your rear-cocking spyder. This delrin bolt will deliver super smooth operation and flawless performance. Don't buy this bolt unless you want to seriously improve the performance of your rear cocking spyder. RETAIL - $17.95

Check-It Products Full Force Ice Pick - New Full Force Bolt made from Delrin. Smoother than the stock aluminum bolt. Prevents scarring found in guns using stock parts. Rides on two o-rings around the air inlet, to prevent any air loss. Open face design is great for low pressure operation. Allows the air to flow freely, instead of impeding air flow like the stock venturi design. Installation requires transfer of stock bolt lug and set screw to new bolt.
Fits on: Spyder TL Plus, Spyder Xtra, Spyder Shutter, Spyder E99, Spyder Flash, Spyder Aggressor, Black Dragun Compact, Black Dragun Standard, Black Dragun LCD, Black Dragun Sniper, Black Dragun Patriot. RETAIL - $34.99 to $39.99

JAM Bolts - The JAM Anti-Chop Bolt for the Spyder. Currently available in rear-cocking and snap-back variants. The JAM Spyder bolt will recock even when it "catches" a ball. Others are soon to follow, so if you don't see yours here, check back often.

JAM Bolts will fit these markers:




RETAIL: $55.00

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Old 08-12-2004, 08:05 PM #3
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Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
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ACP Slasher - The ACP Slasher is the only trigger on the market that combines three possible techniques to fire the marker. Usually, triggers are either made to walk, made to rake, or made just to be a trigger. With the Slasher, we have combined these different functions in to one universal trigger. You can rake; you can walk; and you can fan. The Slasher is 3-point adjustable. You can adjust the front slack, back slack, and the tilt of the trigger. The Slasher also eliminates side-side slack, so not only is your trigger pull very short, but it feels like a very quality trigger pull not expected on a Spyder. You would expect to see something like this on a Viking. Do not be surprised to start shooting 18+ BPS bursts (with the Kinetic board, the Kingman stock board cannot handle ROF more than 13 or 14 BPS, depending on the marker). RETAIL $22.50

ACP Lexblade - The Lexblade trigger was designed for the best trigger pull available for Kingman E-frames. Built from Lexan, which is used for racecar winsheilds and other special applications where a rigid, lightweight, and most importantly, high strength material is needed... bulletproof glass on the armored trucks, for example. The rigidity of Lexan, coupled with its light weight, makes it the perfect trigger material. The Lexblade trigger has 3 precision set-screws, for very accurate trigger adjustment. A pull of 1/32" or less is easy to get. These triggers are extremely easy to walk, making 13 balls per second just too easy. RETAIL $20 to $25

Check-It Products Sweet Spot - Same style sweet spot trigger that we produced for the black dragon now being produced for the Spyder electronic guns and electronic frames. Make your trigger pull super light, super short and super fast. Second set screw to prevent all "slop". This replacement trigger allows precise tuning of your gun and shortens the trigger pull up to 80%. People who have tried these triggers say thats it is "Angel Like". Flat front surface adds a diffrent feel to gun. "Walking" your trigger has never been easier. Will fit new Kingman Electronic Frames except AMG. RETAIL $17.95

Shocktech - Not alot of info available on this trigger. RETAIL $19.99

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Scenario Dreams T-Board - The T-Board is a substitute control board for all electronic Spyders*. The T-Board has a maximum fire rate of 36 bps (if you fingers can move that fast) and includes an optional eye. If the eye is installed, it can be disabled at anytime by holding down the trigger for two sec.

T-Board Specs:
36bps firing rate
Tournement legal (Semi-auto only)
Breakbeam or bouncebeam eye option Breakbeam vs. Bouncebeam
Eye can be disabled on the fly (i.e. during play)
1 million trigger pull checks per second
Software debounce
Fully adjustable dwell times What is Dwell?
Fully adjustable eye delay
Saves settings when turned off
Setting to align eye during installation Eye Alignment Tool?
Upgradable Microcontroller
Uses stock charging plug
120 day (4 month) limited warranty against defects
30 day money back guarantee

The IR eye is availiable in both breakbeam and bouncebeam. It is recommended that the eye be installed by a certified airsmith or someone familiar with the operation of the marker. There is also a setting that will aid you with aligning the eye.

The T-board checks for trigger pulls 2.4 million times per second and has built-in debounce programming.

Comes with instructions and 120 day limited warranty.

NOTES 1: The Breakbeam and Bouncebeam eyes have different programming. They are NOT interchangable. Make sure you note the type of board you are buying.
NOTES 2: The stock Spyder board will shoot between 4000-7000 balls*, the T-Board w/o the eye will shoot 4000-7000 balls and w/ eye will shoot 3800-6600 balls)

*Not Compatible with the older 4-pin Spyder Flash LCD.

*Fenix Owners: The Charger port will not line up on the New Fenix, a new hole must be drilled. And the Fenix is a slightly smaller frame, so the T-Board is a very tight fit.

RETAIL - $74.95 w/T-Switch, $64.95 without

XSF Advantage Kit - Unlimited rate of fire (limited only by the feed rate of your hopper)
- User Selectable Firing Modes (Semi-Auto, Full-Auto)
- Break Beam Eyes
- 50 gram Snap Switch
- Fully Adjustable Cycle Delay
- Fully Adjustable Solenoid Dwell
- Fully Adjustable Loader Delay
- On Board Tournament Lock
- Aluminum Eye Covers (IS/T Board Owners click here)
- User program settings remain stored even with battery removed.

RETAIL - $124.95



25g - This switch is available at most electronic stores and is often sold on eBay as well. Most do require soldering. RETAIL $3 to $12

50g - This switch is available at most electronic stores and is often sold on eBay as well. Most do require soldering. RETAIL $3 to $12

Scenario Dreams T-Switch - The T-Switch is an aftermarket trigger switch that replaces the stock trigger switch in any ESP frame. The stock trigger switch has a push weight of 250g. The T-Switch decreases this weight to either 50g or 25g allowing for much faster walking and raking, i.e. higher bps (balls per second). It comes soldered and ready to be installed. NOTE: 25g will be avail Sept 2004, 50g are avail NOW. RETAIL $11.95

XSF Advantage Switch - The XSF Advantage Spyder Kit includes a lighter/faster 50 gram Snap Switch to increase rate of fire over stock trigger switches. Less than 1/3 the pressure required to actuate. These same switches ARE available seperately from XSF. Simple installation. RETAIL ???

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Dye single trigger - Not a whole lot of info available on this frame. I think that it may be discontinued. RETAIL (sale) $19.95


Kingman ESP - Includes battery, charger, striker & spare parts kit. Features semi auto, full auto, three shot burst and six shot burst. RETAIL $89.95

32 Degree's Electronic - New electronic trigger grip frame for your Spyder. Aluminum design with molded rubber grips. This electronic frame features a 4 function LCD (Semi Auto, 3 Round Burst, Reactive, and Full Auto). Nows your chance to go electric. Only has standard bottomline hole pattern, which means it will not accept any of the Spyder off set bottomlines or dropforwards. You can use a Spyder Tuctite to adapt this trigger frame onto your stock spyder bottomline. RETAIL $69.95

Mako E-LCD Spyder Grip Frame - Electronic trigger frame for Spyders, Inferno. Features include:2-12 Shot Burst Mode, Full Auto,Semi-Auto, Turbo Modes, LCD Display, Aluminum Trigger Frame and Adjustable Trigger Stroke. RETAIL $159.95

The Rock'n Grip - The Rock'n Grip (Temporary name) is an aftermarket grip for all Spyder markers that are compatible with ESP grips. The Rock'n Grip is comes with the dual trigger and safety switch wiring harness, however, customers must transfer over their solenoid and sear (and stock board if not purchasing a T-Board). The Rock'n Grip is avail in two versions. Version one has only the grip and 5-pin wiring harness. Version two comes with a T-Board and eyes. The Rock'n Grip also comes with groves inside the grip for easier eye installation. And is avail in two colors: Silver and Black. RETAIL $129.95

The One Kit by Dragun - The One kit will change your markers operation from blowblack sear tripper, to an air assisted ram system (similar to the operation of the Intimidator). Parts include: Front Block, Low pressure regulator, Front dragun reg, Grip frame, drop forward, and Ram assembly. RETAIL $199.97

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Check-It Products slip on - Get rid of the flimsy plastic sleeve. This aluminum feed adapter slips over the feed tube and secures using a set screw. No need to tighten or loosen anything, the loader fits snugly in place. RETAIL $9.95

Check-It Products Sure Fit - Make sure that loader fits and it fits tight. No more loose loaders moving around with this part. Constructed of durable aircraft aluminum. Will fit VL Revolution, VL Evolution, VL Evolution 2, all Ricochets, and even the Halo B Loaders without shaving the loader neck or extra work.
Far superior to hand turn twist systems that put undue pressure on your hand and feed neck. Allows you to secure your loader lightly or permanently. Once you set it once, you will not have to set it again. RETAIL $17.95

NDZ clamping low rise - Not only did New Designz put the low in lo rize, they added full adjustability, great stability while adding lots of added grip and support using 4 o-rings. What's this mean to you? It brings your hopper much lower to make you and your marker less of a target. Ideal for all players. These fully adjustable clamping feednecks will grip onto what ever you may have. Easily adjusts from Revi to Halo and everything in between within seconds. Features:Fully adjustable top collar Very low, 1 1/4 inches shorter than stock and only 1 1/4 inched high. Weighs only 21.3 g and is only 1.57 inches long - in some cases, well over 1" shorter than stock. 4 spaced out o-rings provides lots of added support to the hopper. In addition this provides an awesome fit and eliminates any side to side wobble. Includes and milled for 4 o-rings for more extra positive holding force. (hole and no hole styles available) RETAIL $34.99

CCM slip on - The concept has fast become a necessity in the tournament world today. When your marker is equipped with a CCM Feedneck you just feel better and when you feel better you play better. Now you can run, jump, and slide into your bunker without that ever-nagging feeling of losing your paint supply. Many have tried but nobody has topped the Trademark CCM Clamping Feedneck, so if you want your performance to be the best it can be, a CCM Feedneck should be your next upgrade! (available in midrise only) RETAIL $35

LAPCO - The Lapco Spyder Feed Neck slides over the existing vertical feed tube and set screws itself securely in place. These feed necks will decrease the profile of your gun and eliminate the need for an elbow.
Securely hold every hopper on the market including the Halo without sanding. (hole and no hole styles available) RETAIL $21.00

Vaporworks - Replaces stock feed tube on Black Dragun and ALL Kingman Vert Feed markers!
No more plastic elbow!
Oring loader retention system holds hoppers tight
Windowed to reduce blowback for faster feeding
Models available to fit all versions of vertical feed spyder RETAIL ?


NDZ Impulse to Spyder - Spyder aluminium feedneck adapters with Impulse style threading. Get rid of that weak plastic adapter which can break causing damage to your expensive hopper if it falls. Now you can get with the times and firmly attach any Impulse threaded low or high rise without any worries. Be able to benefit from using the latest low rises designed for Revis', Evolution or Halos' including any locking versions. For use on these markers:
32* Icon LED
Spyder Aggressor
Spyder Aggressor XT
Spyder AMG Classic
Spyder E99 Avant
Spyder Electra Deluxe & Basic
Spyder Esprit
Spyder Imagine
Spyder Victor & Victor II
RETAIL $19.95 to $21.95

Check-It Products Impulse to Spyder - Feed Port Adapter that allows you to use a Impulse Screw in type feed port. (no hole style only) RETAIL $14.95

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Bob Long Millenium - Only fits old school spyders like spyder 1's and pre-2000 compacts. (fatty strikers) RETAIL $69.88

Kingman bodies -
Spyder $45.00
One $45.00
Compact $45.00
Elite $45.00
Aggressor $45.00
Imagine $50.00
Esprit $50.00
SE $50.00
E99 $50.00
2000 $50.00
Xtra $50.00
Shutter $55.00
Electra $65.00
Flash $75.00
AMG $85.00
EM1 $95.00
The Hammer $25.00

Many thanks to Orbital for the Kingman price list

FBM - Available in Gothic, Rayzor, and Tear-drop styles.

Gothic raw $130, one color $200
Rayzor raw $90, one color $160
Tear-drop raw $90, one color $160

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ACP Magnum AP - Designed with perfect blowback operation in mind, the Magnum strikers are engineered for maximum efficiency and minimal recoil. The 7068 Zinc/Aluminum core reduces weight over 50% compared to titanium strikers*. Our strikers weigh 15.7 grams. That's just over ½ ounce! Compare this to the stock striker at 64.9 grams (just over 2¼ ounce) and you can see the difference our striker will make. The increased surface area of the rear face allows for improved recoil distribution on the buffer, softening the kick further, as well as lessening wear on the buffer. Our innovative design incorporates a self lubricating Nylatron sleeve. This sleeve reduces wear, reduces noise, and provides an improved seal by creating a tighter fit. The Nylatron sleeve is extremely durable and will not swell with humidity or contact with oil. The volumized face increases valve dwell for a considerable increase in velocity. The sear catches on the Zinc/Aluminum core instead of the Nylatron to provide a durable surface for years of use. RETAIL $42.50 (not yet available)

Check-It Products LP Power striker - Get the lowest possible pressure out of your spyder consistently! Low pressure problems are generally caused my not enough of the air being able to be utilized during the blowback process. Power Striker features a smoother surface and a new U-cup seal to utilize all the air. Reduces sputtering. U cup design virtually eliminates expensive common striker O-ring repairs caused by cracks and breaks. A must have for low pressure spyders and field owners using spyders and clones as rentals. Will fit guns with smaller style strikers. RETAIL $29.95 (not yet available)

Dark Horizon Titanium slim striker - All Slim Strikers are now sold with the OtterSC Modification at no extra cost. Item #1004A is a stock standard replacement. If your gun has an electronic grip, order Item #1004B. Overall Hammer length is 2-1/8" long and the body diameter is 5/8". This is a direct stock replacement — no drilling or machining is required. Since our striker is 56% the weight of the stock steel part, you may have to adjust your valve and/or main spring. Spyder/Java Titanium hammer is 56% the weight of the stock steel hammer. This is a direct stock hammer replacement — no drilling or machining required. The titanium surface is almost as slick as the surface of a non-stick skillet. The lighter hammer weight reduces cycle noise and kick at the same time increases gas efficiency, accuracy and cycle rate. Our hammer costs less and weighs less; the surface is slicker and more resistant to rust than plated stainless steel replacement hammers. Why pay more? RETAIL $39.95

Dark Horizon Titanium fatty striker - Now available, in response to consumer demand, to fit older "wide body" Spyders and Bob Long Millennium guns. Overall length is 1-15/16", body diameter is 3/4", and bolt pin hole diameter is 1/4". This is a direct stock replacement — no drilling or machining required. The Fatty Hammer is machined from solid titanium stock. Weight is 1.6 ounces. RETAIL $49.95

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Maddman Rocket Valve - Maddman rockets valves are unquestionably the highest flowing valve available. Instead of 1 port from the valve to the bolt, the Maddman gives you 4! Additionally, the Maddman features other innovative technology by actually moving the valve spring to the hammer side of the valve! If you're looking to achieve the ULTIMATE in low pressure then this is your valve. Maddman reports that typical operating pressures are between 125 and 150 psi. Awesome!
RETAIL - $34.95

NDZ Spyder HF Valve - Features:
The HP valve stem has slots on top and bottom. This provides uniform airflow and pressure on the valve stem to the valve body during firing. The HP valve stem cup seal is tapered for improved air flow. Fully CNC machined from stainless steel with a replaceable Delrin valve stem cup seal. The HP valve stem has an undercut section that leads to a 30 degree angle which directs the air into the exhaust side of the valve during firing
The inlet port has a leading edge that is angled to further enhance airflow. Common increases average around 47fps, however its not uncommon to see 54+fps using this valve
With such chronograph or FPS increases, the use of lower pressure springs will help reduce kick and offer less fatigue and wear on marker components. Markers with inline regulators will be able to significantly reduce the input pressure
Increases efficiency.NOTE: The addition of a low tension spring or spring kit may be necessary to achieve below 300fps operation. As a baseline, markers with inline regulators should be able to drop input pressures around 100psi. RETAIL - $22.95

AKA Tornado Valve - Tired of running out of air? The Tornado valve increases your efficiency (on order of 2200-2500 shoots per 20oz co2 tank.) It can be used on Co2, Nitrogen or compressed air (must use regulator.) Low pressure, 250-300 psi input (average of 280 psi at 300 FPS.) Manufactured of high-quality heat-treated stainless steel. Lifetime warranty RETAIL- $69.95

32 Degree's Magnaport - Adds flow and lowers pressure with a convertable valve and thin valve pin. RETAIL - $10.95

Bandit - This valve is made from 304 stainless steel. They have been milled out for high easy flow to enhance performance. These particular valves have been made for the Spyder line, to easily replace your stock valve. They do work with your other valve parts. Take pride in our USA made products. RETAIL - $20

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Maddman - This Kit works with all Spyder,Piranha Models,Special edition,STS,Ext,Javas,Compacts, and just about every blow back marker there is. The Spyder kits have every spring for your marker. 3 Striker ,1 Lighter Trigger return,1 sear spring And 3 valve springs to make it work for your marker. RETAIL - $11

32 Degree's - Spring Kit works with Spyders, Black Draguns and other spyder clones. Includes soft, medium, and hard springs for your full size or compact Spyder. Valve springs included. RETAIL - $11

Shocktech - Four springs of graduated tensions to assure the gun owner of having the proper way to achieve the appropriate velocity - from indoor speeds to cold weather adjustments.
Red= Heavy
Gold= Med./Heavy
Green= Medium
Silver= Light.

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Shocktech Shim Kit - Perhaps a better way than changing springs to increase or lower your Spyder or Piranha's velocity is to simply swap the shim. Shocktech is introducing the Shim Kit which will allow Spyder and Piranha owners to adjust their velocity in 10 fps intervals just adding a different colored shim. The shim kit provides 6 color coded shims, or spring guides. Each colored shim can be matched with the provided chart to see roughly how your guns velocity will be affected. An inexpensive way to drop or raise your guns velocity instantly. RETAIL $19.99

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KAPP Delrin - Replacement cup seal made out of a more durable self lubricating Delrin. RETAIL - $2

NW Black Magic - If you put a Black Magic Seal in your gun, its the last seal you will ever need. Comes with a 2 year warranty. - $10

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PMI - At last, an inexpensive secondary regulator. Ideal for use with any gun, screws directly into a standard vertical bottle adapter. Output is adjustable from 200 to 800 psi. RETAIL $29.95


Bob Long Torpedo - In stock This low pressure regulator will give you the consistency and adjustability that you are looking for. Comes standard on all intimidators, if it's good for them it's definitely good enough for you. 200-600 psi is consistent operating pressure. RETAIL - $55

*Also be sure to check out Violent Products Violent Delrin Piston for the Tordedo regulator.

AKA Sidewinder - One of the keys to efficient low pressure is a free-flowing, consistent air supply. The Sidewinder regulator is designed for low-pressure operation. The Sidewinder (R) features a 360 degree, swiveling bottom cap, allowing the regulator to be set up in virtually any configuration. The Sidewinder (R) also features three sizes of top caps. RETAIL - $89.95

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ACP AMG V/A - If you're looking to install a vertical regulator or expansion chamber on your Spyder AMG, you will need one of these vertical adapters. Built from aircraft grade aluminum, and designed for maximum flow, for improved low pressure operation. So stylish, Bad Company got them immidiately for their AMGs. RETAIL - $35

Check-It Products 15 Degree Assault Block - Check It Products 15 degree Asault Block Kit. Dual Full pressure ported design. This part allows for higher flow and is set at a 15 degree angle for a better feel. Includes Check It Torpedo Tube for that custom look and feel. All edges are radiused and polished for absolute comfort. Ported for gauge. Micro Gauge not included. Will fit most newer style Spyders, Black Draguns, Icons, Rebels, Piranhas and spyder clones. RETAIL $39.95

Check-It Products EM1 V/A - Switch from the stock bottomline to a more consistent inline regulator of your choice. Also has a gauge port to view operating pressure. Available in Black or Silver. RETAIL $34.95

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Reservoir Plug - This will eliminate the LPC entirely from your Spyder. RETAIL - $10.90

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Shocktech - This adapter will convert your 1/8" threaded hose into the metric threading used on your Spyder paintball gun. RETAIL - $5.99

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32 Degrees -

Planet Eclipse -


Promark -



Check-It Speedy Drop Forward - New sleek drop forward assembly. Features include an EZ turn On/Off assembly. Multiple hole patterns allow you to mount to diffrent grip hole patterns.
Mounting hardware for offset hole patterns commonly found on Spyders included. RETAIL - $49.95

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