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Old 06-28-2014, 07:21 PM #1
Ty Man
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Coolest Paintball moment

What was the coolest thing that you ever saw/did while paintballing.
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Midwest Whiteout
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team_xile supports DLX Technology
Making it to Sunday at my first PSP event ever
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Shooting someone in the face with a pump.
pumpin aint easy, Texas forever
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Wow, it is blue.
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Lets see....

Must have been 15 years ago, 5 on 5 all pump game at an old indoor field. Using my PGP I fired 6 shots, first shot hit but bounced, the other 5 shots broke on each of the 5 opposing players. Haven't had a perfect shot to hit ratio since.

Reffing at that same field, I was in charge of a 50 on 50 speedball game. Of course speedball fields were bigger back then (about twice as big as most today), but it was still crowded. Even though 90% of the players were using rentals there was enough paint in the air that it started to get noticeably shady in the middle of the field.

Those Zen moments when you turn a corner or round a bunker and see someone aiming right at you. Time slows down and you drop like a sack of potatoes and get down just in time to see a ball fly right where your chest would have been.

Local 3 on 3 tournament series. Last tournament of the season, I'm not in the mood so I'm manning the local shop's booth. A friend had his team fall apart just before this last tournament, even though they were leading in the series. His "team" just has to participate in this last tournament and would come in first for the series, so the organizer had already signed him up. He started playing by himself, 1 on 3, and it was going as was expected. Started messing up the points in the round robin, so the organizer said he could grab anyone he could find (of appropriate division or lower of course). So I jump in with him. We were of course still one player short, so while we were waiting for our turn we start asking everyone who was watching the matches. Two kids about 11 volunteered, but the head ref said they weren't up to dress code, one had shorts, the other a t-shirt. So they traded pants right there next to the field while we tried to scrounge up some gear. Somehow we found a mask and a pack, but we couldn't find a gun before it was our turn. So we hit the field, two experienced players and one kid who had maybe 4 days of speedball total, with no gun. So I told him, at the whistle run as far forward as he could, only taking a bunker when balls started to whiz past his head, and once he got there to start yelling player locations as loud as he possibly could while staying tucked up against that bunker as tight as he could. So he did, and the other team totally focused on him, and only him. Made it easy as pie for us other two to work up the sides and sweep the field. Made sure the kid did the winning flag hang as well.
David Johnson, AKA Fubarius.

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A Grim and...
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This happened like ~19 years ago, so details are a bit fuzzy. In a woodsball game (5 vs. 5), everyone on my team got eliminated except for me. The other team was hunting me down like an escaped convict. They were not beginners, either. Anyway, I escaped their detection and recuperated, coming up with a plan. I ended up disappearing into a ravine, quickly ran up it, circling around them unseen. Then, I methodically crept down the hill on them as they searched for me. This was on a huge field full of large granite boulders as well as trees, so game play was a bit like speedball in that you could advance on people using objects to block their vision of you. I ended up shooting 4 of them out one by one, usually in the back. I surrendered the last guy because I had crept up within 3 feet of him and he didn't have a clue.

So, TL/DR: I won a 5 vs. 1.

There have been many times where I have done that again and sometimes against even worse odds/or eliminated even more people, but that was the first time and has always stuck out in my mind.
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I was in a senario event. Maybe 100 people of every skill on each side. I was a medic so headshots only killed me. My team was getting swamped and we were running out of options. Our general wasnt very strategic so i convinced him to a foward attack to pull all the red team to the right of the fort. I sat in the woodline and watched people pull up and move. Knowing this was my chance i laid my marker on a log and told a ref i was gonna walk in. As i stepped in a young kid cane out of a building and literally ran me over. Im not sure if he saw my arm band or not but i said blue and pointed to a section of woods and he kept running. As i walked on i felt like i was walkin on egg shells. I got to a building with alot of yelling and knew i found their command. Waving a ref over i had him there for a reason. Busted through the door and tagged 4 guys who at first had no idea what happened. Ended up being shot in the back but ended 2 medics and their general. Lost the game due to points.
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Was playing rec/woodsball 10 v 10. Most of us on both teams had been eliminated and were outside the tape on a hill watching over the game.

It ends up 2v1, with the 1 being a guy who was playing for the first time. Guy tries to bunker him just as he comes out of cover shooting. He hits the guy about to bunker him, but that guy trips trying to stop himself when he saw the guy pop out. The dead player can't stop himself and ends up kicking the guys gun out of his hand. Hopper pops off from impact.

Now it's 1v1 but the new player is trying to figure out how to get the hopper back on. Eventually gets it back on but his gun is jamming. He fires into the ground, one ball, no ball, no ball, one ball, no ball, etc. The gun is simply not firing like it should. At this point the other guy starts moving up using cover unnoticed.

The new player sort of gives up and starts walking to the sideline, towards his friend who owns the gear he borrowed. He keeps trying to fire a ball but it won't fire. He turns the hopper on and off and fires and nothing. He keeps walking and fires again and one ball fires. He then points the gun away from him, back towards the field as he nears the tape, imagine the way you would fire off a round casually as you walk off the field before degassing or after degassing to make sure you are empty. Well he fires and one ball shoots and you hear "HIT!" his opponent waves his hand, stands up and has a hit right on his lens. The ball the guy fired "blindly" made it through a softball sized hole where his opponent was peeking.
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Was playing my second game of paintball, first organized game. The Invasion Of Normandy scenario at Skrimish in 2010, 2000+ players per team.

My best friend and I end up getting pinned down on two trees by a tank and its backup. It's just us left after a minute of firing. We keep shooting to keep backup at bay but the tank continues to advances on us. We try to fall back to a bunker for cover but just before we move two rockets come out of no where and take the tank out. We then make a run all the way up to the next town, hold it with our new group, and take the points.

That moment is 2nd only to the same person and I both winning a 3v1 in one speed ball match.
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killed em all
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I've had a few. I think one of the coolest though was at 2006 OK D-Day. On Sunday we had the big final battle and the field it was played on was kind of unique. It was a big hyperball field ringed by hay bales, then a road, then a few more hay bales, some earthen berms and other obsticals before you hit the woods. German forces were inside the hyperball field while the Allied forces started on the other side of the road. To win, the Allies had to hit a plunger in the middle of the Hyperball field to "blow up" the "German CP in the city" while the Germans just had to prevent the Allied victory.

My buddy and I had gotten off to a late start that morning and by the time we arrive the battle was already well underway. I was an Anti-Tank gunner with my big "Barrett" style Warsensor playing the role of Boys Anti-Tank Rifle with a 6 round feed tube and a Pistol for AP work. My partner was my protection for the most part though.

The situation when we got there though was going something like this. The Allies would respawn and surge across the road from the south of the hyperball field. The Allied forces were mainly focused in the 3 O'Clock to 5:30 O'Clock area of the field. Taking cover from the German players inside the ring of hay bales, the Allied players would quickly get shot out by the 4-5 German tanks that were driving around the road. The Allied players behind the hay bales were easy pickings for the German tanks. Everytime the Allies would respawn and rush across the road, the German tanks would wipe them out seconds later. The battle had been going on for a good 30-40 minutes and this happened time and time again.

The tanks were driving in a counter clockwise direction on the road so they'd hit the strong point of the Allied position at the 5:30 O'clock area and sweep them up to the 2:30 O'clock position.

When My friend and I got there and enter the field from the 4:30 positon, he told me "I know this perfect little place up here where you can have a clear shot from cover on the German armor." and pointed to a spot up around the 2:30 positon. I shook my head no.

"We need to hit the lead German tank down there to our left...before they get to our guys crossing the road. If we can stop a tank there and block the road it may give our guys enough time to get past those hay bales, into the 'city' and blow it up."

We moved to our left and when we finally got to an area that was suitable for our plan, we found the only cover we had was a 3' high, 10' around concrete "water tank" looking structure. As we got up to the concrete structure, a German tank appeared coming around the road again. Three players were already behind the bunker so my friend and I joined them. All of us kept the bunker between us and the tank as the tank unloaded paintballs against the far side and top of the bunker. We stayed low and soon the tank's gunners moved on to try and shoot easier targets.

That's when I stepped out into the road behind the tank. In '06 (and every year since) to eliminate a tank you had to hit it in one of four targets with a special colored paintball. To reflect the difference in armor protection a tank would have based on where you're aiming, there was a 3" target on the front, 5" targets on the sides, and a big 7" target that I was putting in the center of my red dot sight on the rear. I quickly lined up the shot, fired, and was rewarded with a big purple hit dead center in the rear target.

I ran up to the tank telling them they were out and to stop firing. The refferee that traveled with the tank got out, came around to the rear, verified the hit, then verified my anti-tanker role card. He wipped off the hit, then helped to get the tank off the field. By this time, the other German tanks had stopped behind the "destroyed" tank. As this tank was moving off the field, I turned to run back to cover and the other German tanks were going to start rolling. Before I could even move off the road, a big explosion went up from the middle of the Hyperball field. The Allied forces, no longer getting decimated by the German tanks at their backs, managed to breach the hay bales and take the objective. At the moment, I felt like I had made a difference but wouldn't realize how much of one until later that year.

Action Pursuit Games Magazine (APG) was a paintball magazine back in those days and they did a multipage cover story for OK D-Day. As I'm reading about the action of the weekend, I get to the part about Sunday's fight. While the article didn't mention me by name, it mentioned Allied Anti-tank gunners stopping the German armor and that this act allowed for the Allied forces to obtain the victory. It was kind of cool to read about what you knew you had done and that one guy made a difference in a game of 3400 people.
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Taking out four guys in less than two seconds in the woods after jumping off the narrow path into the bushes and laying on my back shooting over my knees.
Gogged all four of them from about 20-30 feet, they could not see me even after elimination and almost stepping on my feet. Had a good laugh after.
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Timebomb Generation
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The first time I ever played airball and the first time I used my then newly-assembled Mini Cocker, I did a run-through up the left tape and eliminated the entire opposing team (around ten), most of whom were very experienced. The game was over in less than 25 seconds. I was on cloud nine the rest of the day. I'm a pretty good front player, but I've never been able to repeat that.
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Years ago we went to a field and were playing a walk on Attack and defend. I had played with the owner and a few employees for years prior to a long hiatus. One of the employees (cooter) decided he was going to play with me and my buddies for old time sakes.

The teams were set at about 30 each. Cooter approached the ref and told him he should move about 8 of our team to the other team to make it fair. The ref laughed at him and said yeah right the other team started in as well. But Cooter insisted. So they adjusted the teams.

The field is set with the defenders fort on top of a hill surrounded by woods with several clear lanes and bunkers to move up from the base of the hill to the out skirts of the fort. We started out defending. I usually play with a pump but for this i switched to my bright red autococker. On the whistle the attackers break to try to surround and wipe out all of the defenders.

On the whistle I unleash a barrage of paint down hill toward the attackers breakout point. I hit 8 player just on the break. We preceded to destroy the attacking team. Out of the 4 pods I carried I only had one left and an almost empty hopper. After that we switched sides and attacked.

On the break most of our team moved to the left and worked their way up to the fort. Myself, Cooter and 3 others went to the right. we walked all the way around to the back side of the fort. I stopped and the other continued to about 3/4 of the way all the way around since most of the action was happening on the other side of the fort there was almost no one defending the back side where I was.

Since I'm used to playing pump movement is always my strong suite. I waited until the last 5 min. of the game and then started to work my way up. I reached the last bit of cover between me and the fort without firing a shot and without being noticed. As I was about to make the final sprint to their perimeter one defender stepped out to look for me I raised my gun and fired 1 ball right to his goggles and sprinted to their fort before anyone noticed. He gave me a thumbs up as he passed me on the way to the dead box. I walked into their fort unnoticed and started 1 balling everyone on the other team in the back.

As the players started to walk out of the fort in droves toward the dead box one of my buddies who had been shot out earlier asked if the game was over and the player responder saying "pretty much, some guy with a red gun came in and is 1 balling everyone". At that point my buddy started laughing because he knew it was me. I cleared the whole fort and still had about 1 1/2 min on the clock and 3/4 a hopper.

After that game they moved an additional 4 players to the other team and it was fairly even the rest of the day. This was one of the best games I have ever played.

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Coolest for me personally is probably what happened this past weekend.

Playing in a 3-man tournament I was playing dorito side. A teammate was shot off the break and the other was shot out shortly after making it into his bunker. Being left in a 3 on 1, one player from the other team played a bit too aggressively and left himself open for me to shoot him. I then moved up the tape and bunkered out the guy playing dorito side. I didn't know where the third guy was at the time and he shot me after I shot the dorito player.

Not only was it my first tournament in almost 10 years, it was also the closest I've ever been to closing out a 3 on 1. Even got a "Nice move!" from the field owner. And the first half of this tournament I was using a slide trigger autococker because my angel was giving me fits.

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A Lover and a Poet
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I have a few.

First one was when I was playing with a borrowed Tippmann A5 with an e-grip set to 3-round burst. It was 5 on 5 on the largest field (6-7 acres) at my local place. Well, right off the break, I rush hard left. The first two people never had a chance. With two 3-round bursts I took them both down and started working through the trenches. Less than a minute after I took the first two down, I was drawing a bead on my sister and my then-girlfriend. One trigger squeeze and they were both down with headshots. The last guy was pinned down by the rest of my team, who was still in awe that I had just taken down four people in less than two minutes. I reached our skirmish line and saw the last guy snap out. Zen moment. All three balls broke on him.
It was a glorious victory.

My second one was a 1 on 2 with my T8 pistol before I got rid of it. It was a manhunt-style game, and so I had one minute to hide on the field in an ambush position while they swept for me. I hid right near the entrance in a corner, thinking they would overlook me. Nope. I heard footsteps to my right and unsafed my pistol right as the first guy rounded the corner. He fired twice and missed me, beating a hasty retreat. I popped up slightly to the left of where I was and over the piece of cover and fired once, hitting him square between the eyes. The second guy was about 100 feet away, pulling security, and saw his buddy go down. He had an X7 Phenom, clearly superior in firepower to my T8, and so he started running towards me. Feeling crafty I slipped fifteen feet to my left, snapped out, and fired. I hit him in the knee with a perfect break.

2 shots, 2 kills. Like Fubarius, haven't had a perfect kill-shot ratio since.

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Arctic Wolf
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Two on seven. Took them all down. "You sure you only want one guy, he's a little kid?"
"Yeah I am sure man."
Couldn't play on the field the rest of the day. They were really scared of me. This is when I started adopting the pretend to be no one strategy. Let the teams be uneven without protest. If the teams were even the other team would need 5 more guys than us. The refs know. The other team doesn't understand what is going on when the ref dumps more people onto their team.

I walk onto this field for the first time. No one knows me, so I have to beg to get into a game. 10 vs 10 I eliminate almost everyone running up the middle after taking out the only two guys that had the angle on me. It happens so fast, that both teams don't know what happened. They both think they won. My team, who didn't know who I was, camped in the back leaving me to take most down alone. The ref who called the game was the only one that knew what happened. He told me there was better competition elsewhere, if I was looking for it. Both teams were in confusion as to why the ref called the game. My team didn't know everyone was gone. Finally I said I eliminated them all to one person. He didn't believe me. That's alright with me, whatever.

I would say, putting the other team's foot in their mouths would be the coolest moment. You have to finish them off fast or they will stop the game and accuse you of cheating. You see, you aren't supposed to win. You aren't supposed to destroy them, because they are the best. It would be a cool moment, if there wasn't a shouting match that gets close to a fist fight afterwards.

3 on 7 starting in the fort. The other team doesn't move to within range of our paint. I tell my team to just run out the front gate. I take most of them down, some of my teammates take one or two.

It's hard to be outnumbered nowadays. Now it's "Dude, you must be some insane good player aren't you?" They know right off the bat that I am someone to be feared. My casual calm whatever attitude to being outnumbered really scares people. The millennial generation isn't as cocky as my generation was. There is a bunch of hope for them.

Scenario game some team tries to draw us into a trap at night, drawing us (34 man team) to their location with glow in the dark paint. My old school paintball vet teammate at the time (10 years ago he was a 15 year veteran) used their spotlight against them and mowed them down before the other section of their team could trap us. (Some of us were taken out) We go completely dark. All of our spotlights and high powered flashlights turn off. We heard them coming, but as my old school vet friend tries to crawl up the hill, his vertigo get's him and he doesn't know which way is up. He stumbles onto the trail and falls down. The other 20 man team sees him and decides to capture him not knowing that we have completely surrounded them. Someone with a high powered spotlight on our team shines it right into the middle of them, illuminating everyone on their team. Our paintball markers mold into one big roar, you don't hear the sound of any paintball gun discharge, it's just a rush of air. The other team huddles around each other and try to escape, but every side of the trail is cut off and they are stuck up against a fence. They all pile into one big ball trying to hide behind their teammate's bodies from the fury of paint. In the middle this woman was screaming. It was kind of funny, but brutal. But all you could see was this mass of humanity that was their team in the light, where the rest of the woods dropped off into black abyss. Their whole team was taken out probably in the first 30 seconds.

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Originally Posted by Subterfuge View Post
... The other team huddles around each other and try to escape, but every side of the trail is cut off and they are stuck up against a fence. They all pile into one big ball trying to hide behind their teammate's bodies from the fury of paint. In the middle this woman was screaming. It was kind of funny, but brutal...
I think I was there and remember this moment. I was in the stroller:
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Arctic Wolf
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Yeah the mech autococker was still tourney viable back then.

1vs1 on a field I didn't know, some kid with a maxed out everything marker who is unloading tons of paint in the chrono area max ROF, trying to show off, sizes me up and decides that I would be an easy dude to eliminate. I guess he saw me smirking at him. I say, "ok." He becomes startled at my reaction, with no pause to weigh the options, not even the slightest kernel of intimidation. He starts to hesitate and looks at me sideways. Sup air ball field at the start of the game I fire a few shots so he locks down on me stupidly with his unregulated ramping like I expected. I run down the other side of the field, using the strong mid bunkers, not stopping and bunker him in 15 seconds from the game start in the back bunker while he was still hosing down the bunker he thought I was in.

I said, "That was fun. Want to go again?" He started to have problems with his marker which is typical.
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My story isn't all that amazing, but for whatever reason it still sticks out in my mind lol. It was my first local 5 man tournament at Splatterpark and I was using my 03 BKO. Our team was playing a man down the whole time too. Anyways, the field layout had the big center X laying down on it's side and I was over in the doritios. One of the players on the other team was in the x, I knew he was there so was keeping him in by putting shots right over the top of the x crevice he was in. After a couple seconds he did a head check right in to where I was placing my shots. It was one of those moments where everything went in to slow motion and I watched my shot go straight in to his lens! We ended up doing ok in the tournament and like I said it wasn't that special but I still remember that and it was quite a while ago haha
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