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Old 03-17-2014, 09:32 PM #1
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Drills for the backyard

I found out that I am able to fire my paintball marker in my backyard. It is not huge. Would say around 50x50'.

I just need to make sure my fire stays in my backyard. I have a fence and my yard slops down. So at least that is a good thing to help out.

I mostly play woods ball with a lot of big games. What I would like to get down are some things to do in my backyard. Not all of them have to be firing my marker. I just want to get my skills down better. Even with now living 10min from a paintball field that is BYOP I can not afford to go every weekend. Wife would kill me.

Thanks for any help or tips.
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One of the easier drills would be firing from your off hand. I try to fire on my left side as much as I can when out on the field. I am not very good at it yet, but practicing it helps get your muscles used to that side.

If you have any trees or buildings in your yard, you could work on posting up on bunkers and sweeping corners for CQB stuff. My field has forts and castles with lots of CQB opportunities. Knowing to keep your gun up as you sweep a corner can help keep you in the game.
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Old 04-28-2014, 11:48 PM #3
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What I personally like to do to prepare myself for woodsball is, like.the comment above mentioned, shoot uncomfortable. I don't just shoot offhand though, I try to shoot on my knees or sometimes half laying down. I'm not all that great of a woodsball player but I always seem to find myself shooting from a stance I ridiculous haha, really it's up to you. Whatever you really notice you do in a game is what you should work on. With a nice and spacey yard like yours you could work on a lot. You could always just work on improving you physical shape by doing Runs and pull ups or pushups.

I hope this helps (:
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Old 06-03-2014, 07:27 AM #4
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Honestly, what I've found that makes me 10x better at paintball to simply be to get in shape. One of the most important muscles is the one on the front of your legs that allows you to stand in an "air chair" for long periods of time, however you want strong leg muscles all around so that you can move easily without wearing out.
You could also consider some jogs and sprints, you may not notice it from all the adrenaline, but as you get tired you slow down and your reactions and movements suffer, so you want to be able to keep going as long as possible.

Now, onto your original question: the best thing to practice would be acquiring and shooting a target as quickly as possible. Compared to that, snap shooting is rather easy. With snap shooting you can keep the gun up and ready so you're pretty much focused on the target as soon as you come out. However, you want to work on getting a bead on a target as quickly as possible.
So, you want a wall that blocks off your view, then you want a target, you can set up some sort of apparatus that makes the target move, however you'll most likely have to resort to the other method.

Get a target that is flat and sturdy, probably something around 2 feet in diameter to account for the fact that paintball's suck at accuracy. Something that can survive repeated blows, then draw the standard target circles on it. After that, place a pole that will let you move the target around, so you can stick it in the ground to hold it up, but easily pull it up letting you move it around to change where the target is.

After that, you begin your practice.
At first, start off slow, you want to work on your muscle memory and technique, then slowly speed it up. So, when you first start, simply step outside and take your time, line up the shot so you hit it. Then come back in, turn around(not too fast, just enough so your body doesn't remember where it is) and point the gun at the ground, then come back out, aim at the target and shoot it. Remember: you want accuracy and precision THEN move onto speed and technique, not the other way around.

Why I recommend this exercise: I've been playing paintball for 10 years, over that time I became pretty decent at snap shooting with a semi. Then I moved onto a rock-n-cock stock class phantom. At that point, I discovered even with my experience shooting a paintball gun, I still had trouble hitting the target on the first try in the fraction of a second afforded to me. Once I tilted my gun down to cock it and reload a ball, I lost where the target was and I was slow to actually reaim the paintball and hit it on the first try.

If you do this exercise, your first paintball will be much more accurate and you'll spend less time correcting your stream and you'll be able to fire a stream dead on from the first paintball.
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