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Advanced Frontman Tatics

Before I leave paintball altogether (the price of gas as well as me being the under class) I might as well post my thoughts on being a frontman. The difference between a real frontman and one that is forced to be in that position is the state of mind. Too many times I see teams put the tall guy switched from the front to the back position just because he is er, a bigger target. They put the smaller guy in the front and sometimes he wimps out from ever turning the game around.

I think it's all about the other team not being able to control where you are at at a given time. The newbie player will see you take a bunker and then "save your appearance" in his mind and think that you will always stay in the same bunker. As soon as he focuses and deprives all his senses as to where your position is at, is the time to move to a different position. The shock comes when you aren't where he saved your position to be. When he turns around you moved outside of his conciousness to behind his back. To him it's like you teleported. People always telling me that I do impossible moves, but it's only because they deprived themselves of the knowledge of my position in 3-10 seconds of time. This gives me a window outside of thier thinking plan to move. The more athletic and the more quicker you can percieve the time window you can move a farther distance in this time plane outside of his conciousness as to where you will be. Yesterday I was at work and I was standing on top of this pallet of dog food and my coworker walks by and says "Hi." I am eyeing this piece of furniture I can't get to because there is too many pallets in the way so I jump down and follow him around to the other side of the pallets. When he turns around he says, "What the heck?!!!!, I thought I saw you on the pallets and now you are here, how did you do that?" Well what happened was that I wasn't in his perception for 20 seconds and it seemed to him that I teleported to a postition behind him. It is like how scientists draw an atom and save it's position in space, but it's not really an accurate drawing. The reason? As soon as they try to mark where an electrons position is located it's not there anymore.

The team that consistently wins games like team dynasty will change the field more than the other team can, outside of the opposing teams own thought processes. In order to be more aware of course is to look out on all sides of the bunker as fast as you can. Which is the difference between a pro and a rookie. A pro is more aware of thier surroundings than a rookie is. They don't hug the bunker as much because they need to see both sides of the opposing players bunker so it doesn't give the frontman an opportunity to run out the other side of it. X-ball kind of destroyed the stealth concept but it just means that now you have to move faster than it takes the coach to communicate your position to the players. I'll write more later but for now I go to work.

This is why tourney teams need alot of paint. The backman isn't trying get anyone out, he's trying to deny the other team the awareness of his frontman's location. It is obvious why you need a high bps now. The more paint that is flying in the direction of the opposing player's bunker, the less time he has to get information as to where your location is. This will increase the time the other team is deprived of thier sense of your location.

I can usually tell the other guy is not going to be looking my direction anytime soon as he fires his first shot at someone else. That is usually the start time that I have a chance to change the field. I immediately wrap around my bunker and if no player is even looking in my direction, I am a totally invisible player. As far as the other team is concerned I am not even on my team. This is when you can bunker the guy you were focusing on, that started firing at someone else, without any of his team knowing you did it or move to a new bunker farther up the field and start eliminating people with angles. Before they know there player is out try to eliminate as many people as you can before they are aware that they need to fill in the gap their eliminated player just left. This is the key to finishing off the game in 30 seconds to 1 minute. The faster and longer you move outside of thier knowledge the more (stealth) the game is going to change to your favor. As a frontman you should at least have the guts to continue to keep moving after you eliminated your first man. If the bunker you just took compromises everyone, then just keep it and watch everyone try to adjust to your angle but get eliminated by your teamates.

The edge of a bunker that a player is occupying (he's not looking out of the edge but he neglected to look out of that side.) You can decrease the distance you need to cover before he looks out of that edge by finding a bunker that blocks his view (well it's called treewalking or terrainmapping or something else that somebody I don't know calls it). Sometimes when fieldwalking you can find a spot where all the bunkers block all the opposing players view from your position. It's almost like a free pass to the 60. It takes a while to find this blind spot, but if you can it's really a game changer. Usually the bunkers are 10 feet in every direction at this spot, but each bunker covers the view of the backplayers. If the frontplayers are occupied with your backplayers you can move into this spot and take out the mid. Bah I lost the computer again. I'll write more later.

Actually I am not going to write anymore until I play paintball again.
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