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Old 09-25-2013, 04:35 PM #22
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Originally Posted by iboomalot View Post
From a field design point of view what would you suggest?

Wild west , WW1 , WW2 , CQB , ??
All 4, if possible

Don't do WWI. Although its original, trench warfare is very boring. It could be a cool part of a field, but don't make most of the field like that.

I love both WWII and CQB, but a Wild West one would be original, and rarely done. I've lots of WWII and CQB, never seen anything like Shootout at the OK Corral. However, you would have to offer Crosman 3357's as rentals.
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Old 09-25-2013, 09:42 PM #23
Blind Eye
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Depends, what do you mean by wild west exactly?
If you mean this...

...with two sets of buildings (or more) with a thoroughfare in the middle, then yes. That would awesome! The problem is I'm sure this would cost 50-60 grand to complete so I would just do a killhouse style CQB.

Or if you have an excavator I like the WWI theme and would be the easiest and cheapest. Trench warfare could be really really fun for paintball depending on how you set it up and what type of games you run. Scenario games with objectives, guys using smoke, this is what comes to mind.

Just an example of a possible game play. 10v10 everyone has either pumps, magfed's (no high cap box mags), or hopper fed with 10-20 round tubes only. Now allow for each side to have a full auto or speedball gun with whatever hopper they choose. Make it to where they can only move if another player has a hand on there back and only that player can shoot (his limited capacity gun) while moving. Once in place the full auto guy must stay at that cover unless moved in the fashion just described.

Basically it mimics a big heavy MG on a bipod that uses a 2 man crew to operate. I can see it now, people scurrying through trenches trying to duck "MG" fire. Risk vs reward do you take the short cut accross the top in no mans land to reach the objective using limited cover on top or do you stick to the trenches methodically moving your way through. I could see a lot of potential.

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Old 09-26-2013, 09:27 AM #24
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^ Agree completely. Trench fighting could be amazing. Even with speedball gear, as you would only really have to disallow blind firing over the top. Teams would have to work together to successfully attack or defend. The only other outcome is 2 teams of babies who sit back and run out of ammo. Find some creative ways to avoid that and you're set.

No-man's land would have to have varied terrain and obstacles. An open, flat field would be neither fun nor realistic. Dig out some impact craters, very shallow trenches and dips, and pile up a few small hills and berms. Throw in some hedgehogs, simulated barbed wire fences, and maybe a disabled tank or something. Basically, give players options when attacking, but make it emphasize tactical movement skills.

Tons of potential...
Speedball and Woodsball... It's all paintball, and it's all fun.
"Originally posted by BurningPlaydoh: Speedball vs woodsball is a human distinction and the gear doesnt care where its being used."
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Old 09-27-2013, 02:38 PM #25
Blind Eye
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I dont think blind fire would be an issue. I think it would hurt more than help to do so. If the trenches are more of an interconnective network of multiple trenches crisscrossing with bends and angles on either side and not just a very basic uniform design mirrored on both sides. Then trying to blind fire woundnt do you a great deal of good especially if you use gun hits.

I've never really thought about it but the more I do I would really like to play at a trench style course. I agree whih whitey, some mock concertina wire would be too cool! Grey cordage strung up between posts to where it could certainly tangle you up if you tried to go through it. Serving the same purpose just with less damage. Even have spots where you cut holes in it for people to pass through, or just have it cut down low so you have to crawl to get under it.

Another scenario play could be instead of having one gun on each team use a full auto gun have one from each team use a hammer7 with first strike rounds as a sniper.
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