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Old 07-17-2011, 12:43 AM #85
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Originally Posted by Loochy88 View Post
rumor is that its a .43 cal mag... i'll find the link...

a damn .43 mag...

Has anyone received shipping notice on their tacamo kits yet? These were supposed to start shipping early this month... the phenom and 98 kits should be on the ground already.

These mag kits must be coming from the same people who brought us "Duke Nukem Forever". Hopefully they suck less.
I think the .43 cal reference was directed toward the previous post about the RAP47 mags not the D-Mags - least that's how I took it.

Also a member on X7OG received hit kit in the mail a day or two ago.
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Old 07-22-2011, 04:37 PM #86
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Okay so i got my kit today and had a few issues!

1.) I was missing two important parts! The meat hook and cover for the breach. I called RAP4- spoke with John and he is sending me the two missing parts (i requested they send them overnight and he said they will)
UPDATE: someone screwed up and sent them Priority mail! I sent them a pretty disgusted message we will see what they say! I called RAP4 directly, and referred me back to John, he was in a meeting and end up writing me an e-mail stating that there must have been some "miscommunication" with shipping dept. So basically they screwed up, big surprise! John did offer me free shipping and a free t-shirt (big whoop!) Not going to help me out this weekend! So I would suggest everyone check over the parts list with the parts you got very carefully!

2.) The pressure gauge plug was really hard to get in (compared to the X7 phenom stock body) I had to use a rubber mallet to get it in. I also contacted John about this and he said it is an issue they know about and the first run will have this issue and hope to fix it next batch. You can see that the hole in the body is off a little. With the plug installed you can see it does not sit stright and is tilted a little.

3.) The nut for the magazine well had some left over metal in it and made it just enough not able to get the nut to sit all the way down, causing the magwell not to line up corretly for the push pin. Had to use the dremel and small sanding cylinder to get the extra metal out of there. Works good, may go at it again to make it better!

UPDATE: Sanded more and it is much easier to put on and off now!

Since i did not have the covers to actually shoot any paintballs i am not sure how well it shoots yet. Also i noticed the mag they sent me does not release all the way, unlike my other 20 rnd mag i already had. I will open it up and see it there is something getting stuck someplace!

UPDATE: The mag they sent me for some reason the winder was sticking out past the mag just a little bit and would get caught on the side of the magazine well (since the mag wells are much tighter). I just sanded the winder a little down and now it works perfect!

Update 7/23/2011: i got my missing parts today! I was able to put 2 mags through it and it shoots great semi and full auto- 13bps! I tried PMI premium (about 3 months old) and cryptic paintballs (about 1 month old) both shot great with no breaks! I have another brand of paint (not sure the brand but it was in a local pb store box). I think it is a little more brittle than the Pmi premium paint, will see how it shoots!

Check out the video review also:

Here is a picture of it almost assembled:
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Old 08-22-2011, 11:00 AM #87
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This is my short review on the RAP4 Box magazine Gen6.

I was able to use my box magazine and my conversion kit this weekend. I am happy to say that i did not have any breaks in the marker or in the box magazine! I had my doubts before i strated and had my stock phenom body and cyclone ready just in case!

I played 6 hours and about 11 games with this setup, temp was around 70 with high humidty and on/off rain showers! I was using RPS premium paint (best paint to use IMO). My marker setup is as follows:
TechT BK bolt
RAP4 Tacamo MK7P conversion kit
RAP4 250 rnd Box magazine Generation 6 (newest model out)
TechT Ifit kit with .685 insert- shooting at a steady 275 fps-280 fps
Flasc 6" Barrel w/ Deluax apex adater and Apex 2
Using semi only (its what the field allows)

Now onto the review part.
I had my doubts about using the box mag and mag kit, but after the first game the doubts disappeared really fast! I was impressed with the box mag it kept up when i really laid down the paint! As for the size it is not too bad of a size wasn't over bulky where it got in my way or interfered with me aiming and shooting.

I only have two negitives with the box mag:
First was reloading it, why would you put in a small rectangular hole when all the pods out there are round! It was a pain to reload and i lost alot more paint on the ground than i wanted too! I think i may modify it somehow to use a pod or old hopper to relod it! Also the door flaps dont like to stay open, not sure how many times when i was reloading the door would shut on me! They should have add some sort of spring to keep it open while reloading.

Second con is a two part- first the box magazine forces the paint into the breach causing two paintballs to be loaded, sometimes i would shoot two paintballs at once (no breaks though). But this may be due to the fact i had a cut detent in there, I will install a new detent (uncut or modded) and see if that does any better. I think it will stop the couble feeding.

Overall i am happy with the Box mag and conversion kit, just need to fix the reloadin issue or find some square pods...LOL

Will post a link to some vids of that day using the mag kit and box mag!
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Old 08-24-2011, 01:31 PM #88
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My review of the conversion kit.....

I as some of the guys above me had some issues with the kit. All the parts did come with the kit and i even got a piece of paper with a diagram. All good so far...

On the initial attempt to install the kit i ran across the same issue of pressure gauge pin holes not be lined up correctly and the mag well bolt/screw/pin not fitting correctly due to excess metal on the body. A little sanding took care of this problem. I understand they have fixed this issue now.

I was shooting some old DXS Blaze (now called bronze i belive). with the 20 round mags and the box mag i had a bunch of breaks in the chamber and also double and tripple feeding of the balls! This issue was quickly fixed by putting the detent in (it goes on top now, and im an idiot for forgeting) once installed i fired mag after mag (20 round) and several full 250 round mags without any issues.

Over all i am pretty happy with the kit, i do wish the instructions were a little better, fit and finish could have been better considering how long i had to wait to get it. But oh well, it works and i like it!

2 out of 7 of the 20 round mags do not work right, they wount feed the last 3-4 balls so ill have to return them.

The box mag fill ports are tiny and make it incredibly hard to reload during a game and under fire!

Also, some of the barrel shrouds i have will not fit with the kit installed, and had to be modified......

Phenom X7
E trigger
HH Battlestix w/dishka tip
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Old 08-26-2011, 03:05 PM #89
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HI I'd like to know if anyone has gotten this kit for the carver one yet? I'm thinking of getting a kit but I'd like to know what it loks like and how well it works with the carver one. If anyone can help me out on this I would love to hear back. I'd love to get the kit before the TIPPMANN WORLD CHALLENGE this year.
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