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Old 02-13-2013, 12:25 AM #1
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Will good music ever return to the charts?

That question above ^

After hearing Bridgit Mendler - Ready or not. It forced me to write this post, I was waiting for a video on youtube to load and it came up on an advert.... it burnt what was left of my soul.

What good is, is subjective,
But what i am talking about is how much florider, rhianna, david getta, wiliam (not spelling his name how he wants), pitbull, taylor swift, conor maynard, rita ora, and so on etc is the music charts able to take. Or my ears?

Ed Simons recently said when talking about Swedish house mafia -Don't You Worry Child "this post modern everything's ok attitude is killing interesting dance music, it's an awful awful record, that's all" .. I agree.

In the early 2000's late 90's there was a few years of strange and different chart music, groove armada, daft punk, the avalanches etc

What happened? Is it now because music is downloadable from online stores that it is a throw away commodity; for example you can simply just download and delete a track compared to actually going out buying something physical and having an object you have bought? Therefore the artists have become a throw away commodity therefore they just release terrible music? e.g. Bridgit Mendler - ready or not.... ahhh its bad so bad, but it is pumped on adverts for itunes there fore it will be popular

I have completely different tastes to chart music, we all have different tastes in music and I know i'll probably get shouted down about it by some 13 yr old pop evangelist who likes pitbull even though Im sure he has had a stroke and can only rap out of the corner of his mouth ... but does any one think we will ever get any intelligent music in the charts? I have to admit the recent Dizzee Rascal, Bassline Junkie is not a great tune but its plain and simple and just different therefore its good.

So what is intelligent music? Not florider, rhianna, david getta, wiliam (not spelling his name how he wants), pitbull, taylor swift, conor maynard, rita ora, etc etc etc..

What i have written above makes no sense but blame Bridgit Mendler.. its her fault and also being im related to Simon Cowell on my dads side of the family I'm allowed a rant.... its his fault...

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DJ Bob (Banned)
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don't you talk bad about my girl taylor
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Music is a reflection of culture. What sells is what the culture is attracted to. This culture is shaped by an almost infinite amount of things, but suffice to say, people have been caring less and less about the nature of things and more and more about what the product brings them. In an age of instant gratification via the internet, television, and the like, the culture in this country is using music as a tool to an end rather than positioning it as an art which it used to be (and still is to some).

There is nothing inherently wrong with this; it's merely a byproduct of an internal movement. You have nothing to worry about nor anything to ***** about. The people who make good music will still make good music (as subjective as that is to you or me) whether they get accrue millions of dollars or not. Intelligent music has always been sourced by a strong passion for the art and self-expression. Not one single thing about today's popular music" defies that.

Sure, you and I hold a belief that intelligent music deserves more respect and therefore more recognition and pay, but that's just not how the world goes. I have absolutely no problem finding a vast abundance of music I still thoroughly enjoy. I prefer to pay for these people's music because I support their art. Few others do.

Don't blame the music for being popular. Don't blame the people for being attracted to it. Blame the core values and ideas that are being instilled in to your area's culture that is driving this behavior that you don't agree with.

Even with that being said, there is still plenty of pop music that I do enjoy. There's an level of complexity in the simplicity of it that one comes to appreciate. Today's artists are little different than a modern-day Beatles.
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