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Old 02-07-2013, 04:13 AM #22
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Originally Posted by ASAT Ninja View Post
Nobody builds a REAL sniper rifle. The T9.1 is just a well dressed pistol and a rifled barrel on a marker DONT make it a sniper rifle. Also, no one makes a Dragunov paintball gun. mebbe you could address both issues?
True, which is why I will try to address the various weapon platforms which will include the scope-precision rifle (i.e., sniper rifle) based setup with emphasis for the First Strike round

Originally Posted by Bigjoe11 View Post
^ that's because people rarely snipe in paintball. It just doesn't work like airsoft or in real life. I would like to see a progressively rifled barrel in paintball though, the rpm's might actually get high enough to do something. It's like why you don't see hybrid pickup trucks, it just doesn't work well right now.
Also true, but with the introduction of the First Strike round, paintball becomes a little bit more scary because we can quite literally be picked off from extended distances with utterly ridiculous accuracy! Who knows what future advances lie ahead

Picture update! Now I know that this marker concept doesn't look like much so far, it's only what I can show for now. Remember, this is still a concept, there is much much more on the drawing board. Let me know what you think!

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Old 02-08-2013, 09:18 PM #23
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I like the concept so far. I've got three things I would change though that aren't too major.

The first are the rails. Many people that like the tactical play and such won't like only having rails on the top. It'd be a good idea to put rails on the sides and underneath so you can attach a handle, bi-pod, flashlight, laser, etc., on the gun. Two options would be to put permanent rails in those places, or leave the rails off but have holes drilled so you can attach rails there if you want (kind of like on the SP1).

The second is the stock bit. With a mask on it is hard to pull the marker in tight to aim down the sights, and I'm worried that if the dark tan part on the picture is too high then you couldn't aim down the sights unless you get a riser rail attachment. Taking that into account when designing the stock is a good idea.

The third thing is mostly just my personal preference and not that big of a deal. I'm not a fan of trigger frames that have a sloping angle. I like them more vertical. I drew two options of my preferred style (the red is subtle, the blue is more dramatic). Whether the frame stays how it is or changes, I still really like how the asa is integrated into the frame, it looks sleek.

Another four questions:
1. Are you taking into account the different diameters and lengths of tanks when designing the stock? Most people play with a 68 or 45 cubic inch tank, but there may be the out-of-the-norm person that plays with an 88 cubic inch tank or CO2 tank that are longer/wider than other tanks and may not fit if the stock made to closely fit the size of smalled tanks.
2. Are you planning on designing and selling your own mags that are unique to your marker, or would you make it compatible to work with other mags on the marker (like the DAM, Spyder, or possibly RAP4 magazines)?
3. Have you thought about a dual loading system like the Spyder guns? I am sure they have a patent on the idea and such, but I'm sure you could make something similar, yet different, that accomplsihes the same thing.
4. What is the circle and line thing above the grip? Is it a select fire system to switch between semi and automatic?

Other than my nit-pickyness, the concept looks like it's coming along nicely. I'm glad to continue sharing my ideas and critiques if you want to hear them, haha. I've always wanted to design a mil-sim marker, but I don't have any machinery or tools to make any of my ideas come to fruition.
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Old 02-09-2013, 12:40 AM #24
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Yes sir, this marker will come standard with detachable rails which are installed and held in place with secondary mounting rails that are clamped with set screws. These detachable rails are located at the top monolithic receiver rail, underneath the handguard (forearm) as well as the sides, and all other spots where rails could be needed

The stock is going to be fully adjustable to accommodate the user's preferences. Additionally, the stock will include interchangeable cheek rests that are also adjustable themselves. There could quite possibly be adapters to use the stocks of various other weapon platforms as well

I am currently working on a frame/grip design that allows the use of existing AR15 style grips in conjunction to the marker's tank-in-grip feature. A vertical grip such as the Magpul MOE-K?

1. Yes sir, the marker will be adaptable to any pretty much any conventional air system size (e.g., 88ci, 12gram, 9oz, 68ci, 48ci, remote, etc)
2. That certainly is a possibility to include various adapters to use existing paintball magazines
3. Dual-loading, meaning that you are able to easily switch from magazine-fed to hopper-fed and vice versa? If so, then yes!
4. Yes sir, that is the safety selector. The option for selective-fire is still in the works!

You are giving me some very good critiques and it is none at all "nit-picky"! Each player will have his or her own preferences, so it's good to get them out in the open because after all, I am creating a marker for the players so it might as well be based on what they want, am I right? It is so awesome to have a collaboration of ideas in this boiling pot of.. pure epic'ness! I really appreciate what you have posted and please feel free to add on anything else!

I would like to also state in general that the image that I have posted is merely an render of the major components/concepts that I have in mind and it doesn't necessarily mean that this will be the actual end product!

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Old 02-09-2013, 02:19 AM #25
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That's good to know you've already got in mind what I'm asking for, haha.

I'm very glad to hear you're designing the gun around possibly being able to attach already produced AR-15 accessories to it rather than parts specifically made for paintball.

About the mags...Seeing as how you'll need multiple mags to play, the cost of them can really add up. For some markers (Tippmann pistols, Tiberius pistols, and the Hammer 7) the cost of just a few magazines will cost the same as the marker itself. If you decide to make an adapter for existing magazines I would suggest the DAM mags. They sell them in 2 packs for 20 dollars (10 round) or 25 dollars (20 round). Where as Spyder sells just one mag for 22 dollars (10 round).

By dual loading I mean exactly what you mentioned. Once again, good to know you're already thinking about it.

Are you planning on making the trigger adjustable? As in a lighter/heavier pull and shorter/longer pull.

I know it's early on in the design process, but what price point were you wanting to ballpark around?

And about weight...Were you wanting to make as much of it out of aluminum as possible, or were you thinking about making some of it out of some other materials to save weight? I know the Etha is mostly made of glass reinforced nylon and the Hammer 7 and Trracer use a high impact polymer plastic that is really durable. I'm not sure on the price comparison between aluminum and those materials, but the latter sure would make for a lighter marker.
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Old 02-10-2013, 10:34 PM #26
Wow, it is blue.
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Originally Posted by tgs-killer View Post
The stock is going to be fully adjustable to accommodate the user's preferences. Additionally, the stock will include interchangeable cheek rests that are also adjustable themselves.
Ok, stop right there.


We wear masks, masks go over cheeks, cheek rests push the masks against the cheeks throwing everything out of alignment.

Make a mock up (out of wood or cardboard, whatever), test it with the biggest, hard bottomed mask you can find. You'll quickly find we want the opposite of a cheek rest, we need a cheek cutout.

I am currently working on a frame/grip design that allows the use of existing AR15 style grips in conjunction to the marker's tank-in-grip feature.
Yeah, tank-in-grip isn't a feature, it's more the current style trend, and not a very good one in my opinion. So not adaptable at all. Not too long ago a design like that would be something you'd buy upgrades to fix to a more proper universal bottom-line setup and a more adaptable external hose.
David Johnson, AKA Fubarius.

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Old 02-12-2013, 07:18 PM #27
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-What should not be done for a tactical type of marker?
1. the 1 screw design like the tippman alpha black
(make the stock and fore-grip very stable with no wobble)
2. no halving of shells, (easy maintenance)

-Preference on loading configuration (e.g., top-horizontal loading, bottom-vertical loading, bottom-horizontal loading, etc)?
1. have options for both mag and hopper at a low price if not included
2. make mags cheap and with high capacity and low capacity options (drum?)

-Preference on air system configuration (e.g., tank on rear, tank on front, remote line only, small tank only, or expandable to large and small tanks with being slightly offset from center of barrel)?
1. have a normal bottomline with upgrade-ability to an air through stock or air in stock

-Preference on top sight plane (i.e., 'complete' monolithic flat top, or flattop receiver with offset stock to compensate for goggle slack)?
1. stock lowered a bit to compensate googles

-If unsure of above, what type of firearm concept would you like the marker to be based off of (e.g., FS90, Bullpup, AR, etc?)
1. bulpup would be cool but something like the x-7 with many cosmetic paths to take

-If unsure of above, above, then what type of firearm category would you like the marker to be based off of (e.g., shotgun, long-rifle, cqb-rifle, smg, etc)?
1. multiple options

-Anything else that you think would be considered "out there", please share it!
1. it would be cool if you could fit like a small 3 round pistol inside the mag well if you chose to play with a hopper
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Old 03-31-2013, 07:55 PM #28
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I agree with 99bps tactical should be practical for paintball. So it has to be milsim or tactical.I personally wouldn't want anything from a real firearm on my marker but im sure I am in a small group there.
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Old 04-12-2013, 11:12 AM #29
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I have a few ideas

allow it to be both magazine and hopper fed

and first strike compatible

also make it compatible with the u shaped first strike ready mags scarab arms are making

and the drum mag tacamo is planing to release

also make it switch ammo like the DYE DAM or maybe even find another way of doing it so you don't have to move your hands maybe a button next to the trigger like a normal magazine ejector

a optional small LCD screen on the back with important info like how much ammo you have left in your mag how long the game has been going on for how long is left what time is it maybe even a compass for big games

use a bull pup design

allow the removal of all extra parts that are unwanted like the barrel shroud

try to make its firing mechanism similar to the GOG ENMEY from what i have heard its unique trigger system makes it so you can get very high fire rated in semi auto

make it out of light wight materials like glass reinforced nylon.

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