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Old 09-19-2004, 10:40 AM #1
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Tried to give the run around for me to paypal him $20s for doing some referal sign-ups. (see my thread

Had this convo:

Brackis W: did you read my thead and meet all the requirements?
AznThugyCamBoi: YEp
AznThugyCamBoi: i got cc
AznThugyCamBoi: im 19

Fastforward to after he says he completed the things I asked him to......

Brackis W: whats your email addy I should send the "rewards" to
AznThugyCamBoi: what rewards
Brackis W: payday ;-)
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: okay what now
Brackis W: that is all :-)
Brackis W: if you want you can now go on and refer friends and get the free stuff too
Brackis W: but no tying to scam them and sign yourself up
Brackis W: they check IPs and addresses
Brackis W: and will block ya :-)
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: so....
AznThugyCamBoi: what do i do now
AznThugyCamBoi: where is my 20
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
Brackis W: it is gonna be sent to your email like I said
AznThugyCamBoi: ok...
Brackis W: now just go harrass your friends and get them to sign-up under you link for a free ipod :-)
AznThugyCamBoi: LOL

Brackis W: I have to go get something to eat...lata
AznThugyCamBoi: did u sent the email yet
AznThugyCamBoi: hello

Auto response from Brackis W: fooding it up

AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: hey
AznThugyCamBoi: u there
Brackis W: yes
AznThugyCamBoi: the gmail didnt work for me
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
Brackis W: well I sent it to you, I don't know why it wouldn't work
AznThugyCamBoi: is there any way i can do gmail
AznThugyCamBoi: without dl ****
Brackis W: you don't have to download stuff, you click the link, register and get an account
AznThugyCamBoi: link plz
Brackis W: it was in the invite i sent you
AznThugyCamBoi: well i delete
AznThugyCamBoi: it
AznThugyCamBoi: think it was a scam
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
Brackis W: yeah....
Brackis W: its in your trashcan then
AznThugyCamBoi: oh
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: and when i chick on it
AznThugyCamBoi: it did somthing really fast
AznThugyCamBoi: yeah
AznThugyCamBoi: im was thinking its a scam
AznThugyCamBoi: and it is
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: i bet u got my cc number
Brackis W: listen, I know you aren't 19 and you don't have a credit card, so why don't we just go our seperate ways
AznThugyCamBoi: i want my gmail
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
Brackis W: no
AznThugyCamBoi: dam
AznThugyCamBoi: this is a scam
Brackis W: you tried to givew me the run around thinking I would send you 20 bucks
Brackis W: when you aren't 18, and you have no credit card
AznThugyCamBoi: yep i dd
AznThugyCamBoi: yep i did
AznThugyCamBoi: i had my moms card
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
Brackis W: and it didn't work im guessing
AznThugyCamBoi: yeah
Brackis W: or you didn't know what to put in
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: yep
AznThugyCamBoi: i use paypal
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: u noob
Brackis W: get a life man
AznThugyCamBoi: i will when i get my gmail
AznThugyCamBoi: or 1 dollor
AznThugyCamBoi: paypal
Brackis W: hmmm... no
Brackis W: i sent you the gmail invite already
AznThugyCamBoi: a scam one
Brackis W:
AznThugyCamBoi: that did one really fast
AznThugyCamBoi: yep
Brackis W: no, it was quite legit
Brackis W: the more you talk the deeper you dig your hole
Brackis W: so why dont we just leave it at that
AznThugyCamBoi: ok
AznThugyCamBoi: u noe what
AznThugyCamBoi: im not giving my cc number
AznThugyCamBoi: no more
Brackis W: you don't have a credit card, get over it
AznThugyCamBoi: Yeah mine moms
AznThugyCamBoi: its from us bank
Brackis W: and your mom could have you arrested for using it
Brackis W: so quit it
AznThugyCamBoi: no
AznThugyCamBoi: lo
AznThugyCamBoi: lol
AznThugyCamBoi: she lets me use it
AznThugyCamBoi: lol

From a search I found he is 13, and that he has had priot bad trading experiences and quarrels on this site with othe members. AVOID

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Old 09-27-2004, 06:40 PM #3
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Old 10-03-2004, 09:09 AM #4
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HAHAHAAHA who the scamer for my moms cc and all ur dumb thread is ****in gone u ***** HAHAHA
my feedback:
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