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Old 03-01-2008, 04:50 PM #1
Straight shooter with upper management written all over him.
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Nearby Events - post out of State events here:

Have an event in another state that you'd like to let people know about? This is the thread to do it in.

The Rules
This thread is something new we're trying out. Do not abuse the rules of this thread, or the forum in general.
  • The events listed in this thread must be in a state adjacent to this one. That means the two states share a border. No exceptions.
  • You must link to a PbNation thread about the event. If you do not have a thread, create one before posting in this thread. The thread must be in the state forum where the event is being held.
  • You are limited to one post (in this thread) per event.
  • Do not use any text tricks to attract attention to your post. This includes, but is not limited to: Unnecessary text, ASCII characters, and text formatting.

How To Format Your Post
You must follow this format. If you do not follow this format, your post may be edited or removed without warning.
  • Date -- City and State
  • Name Of Event
  • Location of event
  • Link to thread

No other info should be included. Users will find the rest of the details about the event by clicking on the link to your thread. By keeping the information simple, it will be easier for users to find events that they might be interested in. Think of this as a calendar of events.

Please report posts for events that are passes so a mod can delete them.
Your questions are answered in the PbNation FAQ. Ask a Mod.
We deserve better villains.
"I have not seen an automag shot in anger in 10 years." Tom Cole
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Old 01-18-2013, 10:42 AM #2
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Constant Updates over in the NY section
Cousins Paintball Retail Manager
Planet Eclipse Certified Tech
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Feathery Gypsy Rider
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Alright here we go... I am Ryan and I am raising an army to fight by my side in order to defeat the evil king Longshanks and his overly feminine son whose name escapes me right now.... SO IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE MAN/WOMAN/ TRANSGENDER ENOUGH I CALL UPON YOU TO STAND UP AND DEFEND FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and here are the details

For more information the thread can be found when you search under CCZ Braveheart Scenario Scottland

Capital Combat Zone
99 Farrell Road, Brunswick, New York 12198

Saturday March 2nd

$25 entry
this is a BYOP event HOWEVER... there will be paint and vendors on site

8am - gates open
8:30am - regestration opens
9am - air and chrono opens
9:30am - rules and safety
Game Starts at 10:00 am sharp

William Wallace is to be played by Ryan "Feathers" Baring
XO Hamish Campbell will be played by Josh Jewski Sirlin
This just in guns dont kill people they defend us from people with smaller guns...he he

proud member 518th Brigade/Rubber Duckies

Gravity League Kilts of a Feather: Team Nudist

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Old 07-08-2013, 10:39 AM #4
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waynepaintspecialist supports Team VICIOUS

NAPL E4 is coming up soon and we have spots available
Only $250 a team and $50 a case for GI 3 Star

Keep an eye on this thread for more info such as hotel rates, layout, and anything else

Timm Burlee
Operations Manager of NVP Syracuse
Murder Machine NPPL OSC 2008 Manhatten Kids WXL 2009 NYC Motion WXL 2010 Roc City Assassins NYPL 10 Empire StateManiacal R&M 2011 FSU Kids NAPL 2011Batavia Smoke USPA 2012 Rochester Assassins RMXL 2013 Watertown Brutality RMXL 2014Rochester Assassins RMXL 2015
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Old 07-31-2013, 09:52 AM #5
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Syracuse Rhythm is putting together a PSP camp for 2014 for D1, D2 and D3, the D1 team will also be competing in the 2013 PSP World Cup.

This team will be ran professionally with winning in mind and hard work will be rewarded. That means if you make the D2 team and after the first couple practices you're outplaying the person that plays your position on the D1 team, you bump up, they bump down. Same goes for the other divisions.

This is going to be a very competitive camp, and we are proud to be supporting it!

You will need to register Online for the tryout:
1: Go to ""
2: Click on Reserve (for more information click the info button under Syracuse Rhythm Tryouts)

(if you do not have a CC or a paypal account you can come into any of our locations and pay and we will sign you up online)

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Old 12-14-2013, 09:41 PM #6
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Capital Combat Zone
100 farrell rd. Brunswick ny 12182

Jan. 18, 2014
Entry - $25
Rental - $50(inculudes entry and 500 paintballs)

there will be valken paint for sale on site
there will be a food vendor on site
there will be a proshop on site

Game Layout
1. There will be 2 factions in this game. Each Faction Territory will be clearly
Labeled on the map. The territories will not be marked by tape on
2. Throughout the day players will seek out quests in each area of the map, while guarding there own "turf".
3. These quests will not only give teams points upon completion….but they will also have a monetary reward as well.
4. The monetary value may be spent at the Crimson Caravan.

⦁ There will be items available for purchase that will allow players certain
Abilities / perks for the game. Generally these will be one-time use and may require the assistance of a referee to use.
⦁ There may be role-players on the field at points during the game. You may want to shoot them, but you cannot.
⦁ Some Missions may require special items to complete them. These will be purchasable from the crimson caravan.
⦁ Props will be scattered around the field and distributed throughout gameplay to allow players to trade.
⦁ These items can also be bartered for at the Crimson Caravan.
⦁ Currency may be found on-field, or distributed through other creative means. Currency is NOT Worth points. Currency may be spent at the Crimson Caravan.
⦁ Anyone can barter with the Caravan based on who can get there safely, however each team will have “supply clerk” who has safe passage.
⦁ Item price may vary based on supply & demand.
⦁ Crimson Caravan Territory is a no-fire zone, but still GOGGLES ON.


In the years following the Great War, the United States devolved into a post-apocalyptic environment commonly dubbed "the Wasteland". The War and subsequent nuclear fallout severely depopulated the country, leaving large expanses of property decaying from neglect. In addition, virtually all food and water is irradiated and radiation exposure, combined with a mutagenic bioweapon that was accidentally released into the atmosphere during the War, have caused mutation in nearly all forms of life. With a large portion of the country's infrastructure in ruins, basic necessities are scarce. Barter is the common method of exchange, with bottlecaps providing a more conventional form of currency. Most cities and towns are empty, having been looted and deserted in favor of smaller, makeshift communities scattered around the Wasteland.
That is why Gustavus Alaska, was thought to be the perfect place to go to escape, Gustavus is a peninsula, with Glacier Bay National Park surrounding the town from the landside, THERE ARE NO ROADS THAT WILL GET YOU HERE. That's part of the magic of this community...
There is, however, a small and simple "road system" in Gustavus. It basically consists of one main road that goes from the old ncr barracks to the lodge headquarters at The south end of town, with several smaller roads branching off. Like any other town there is always a power srtuggle, in this town there are two factions struggling for control. They are led by to formittable advisaries......
An angry russian man...a remanent of the old ways...with strong beliefs in weapons stock piles and ground control his name is Nicholia "The Blue Barron" stratasloff.
The other an old school survivalist from the nevada coast.....although he understands the need for weapons defense, he knows that his factions survival depends on not only ground control but also the hoarding of valuable rations and medical supplies. his name is Red "ranting" Robertson.
These Two factions struggle to contol every distict in town, through a mix of ground control and "favors" for the local residents.
Play time for this event will run from 10:30 to 1:00 PM. There will ne a 45 minute lunch break. The game will resume at 2:15 and run until all objectives are complete or 4:15 PM.
In true fallout fashion there will be an ammo cap on the field, players will be limited to just their hopper. No pod packs, tubes or any other devices to store paint will be allowed on the field. Players will be allowed to exit the playing area and reload at any time.

I am the Red General. Come play with me and the rest of the 518 Ninja Squad if you want to win!
-matt jones
THE 518th Brigade
'16 Reffing: NXL PRO, CFOA , NCPA, internationally and more.
*need a PRO referee for your local tournament? PM me.
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Old 04-03-2014, 08:59 AM #7
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TSSOC.PROFESSOR has achieved Level 1 in PbNation Pursuit
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Tri-State Special Operations Command Scenario Paintball Team, partnered with OXCC Paintball in Chesapeake City, MD, is pleased to announce their upcoming production of REDSTAR: UPRISING - a scenario paintball game, on Saturday, September 13th, 2014.

They came. Just like they came to every frontier mankind has ever known. For the settlers of Mars, it was no different. Men, women and children left the safety of Earth for a hostile, alien world. They came for a new life… opportunity... a chance to strike it rich. For fifteen generations, the iron fist of the UNITED EARTH AUTHORITY, the powerful, planet-spanning government of humanity’s homeworld, has molded and shaped Mars to fit its own needs: Terraforming the planet, establishing cities, plundering its natural resources and establishing the MARS COLONIAL MILITIA to impose and maintain their hold over the people of Mars. Under their watch, Mars has become a backwater mining colony of the UEA, with most of its mineral wealth benefiting the people of Earth.

Until the explosion…

It happened without warning. Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars, was obliterated in a fireball that lit up the Martian sky. The debris from the moon devastated the surface of Mars, killing millions and shattering cities, with desperate survivors fleeing underground to seek shelter from the destruction above. Opportunity, however, often comes even in the wake of great tragedy, for within the very rocks that wrought so much suffering and pain upon Mars lay the very key to its restoration. Not long after the first meteors fell to the surface, it was discovered that the rocks contained an element of immense power. Designated “Phobosium” by Martian scientists, the power of this element has the potential to revolutionize human space travel. As such, Phobosium is extremely valuable, and thus, highly sought-after, and news of its incredible power has reached the farthest corners of the Solar System, and the highest echelons of the UEA.

The powers of Earth, however, will not be denied. By decree, the United Earth Authority has laid claim to all current and future Phobosium supplies, seeking to deprive the people of Mars their only hope of rebuilding their shattered world. With reports of United Earth Authority cruisers and transports, loaded with troops and equipment, en route to Mars to steal this priceless resource, the Mars Colonial Militia has mobilized to fight their former overseers and secure their planet’s newest and most precious commodity and preparing to fight for their very independence as yet another wave of Phobosium meteors approach the planet…


Commanding the United Earth Authority (UEA) will be James “Alpha” Graham of Ambush Alpha. Supporting Alpha in the Command Tent will be his chosen XO (to be announced), and United States Military Academy Cadet Patrick Bauk and other West Point cadets.

Commanding the Mars Colonial Militia (MCM) will be Todd Sullivan of the War Hounds. Supporting Todd in the Command Tent will be his chosen XO (to be announced), and United States Naval Academy Midshipman Jake Morris and other Annapolis midshipmen.

Pre-Registration Entry will be $45 (Pre-Reg opens on Saturday, June 7 and closes Friday, September 5 at midnight), Day of Event Registration will be $55.

Pre-reg Event Paint will be $55 per case and Day of Event Paint will be $65.

7:00 AM - Store, pre-registration and registration windows, compressed air, paint sales open
7:30 AM - Chrono open
9:00 AM - Safety Orientation and Game Rules (chrono and compressed air close during briefing)
4:30 PM - Stand down for final battle
5:00 PM - Final battle
5:45 PM - Awards and scores

Facebook Event page.

PbN Scenario Paintball and Big Game Discussion thread.

For more information, please visit
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Old 04-04-2014, 12:22 PM #8
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Talking NVP 5-MAN: 1st Place**5 LUXES 2.0's**

5-Man for Luxes.
Saturday April 26th at NVP Syracuse.

D1 Syracuse Rhythm will be reffing.
2014 MAO layout.
Must be ranked D2 or lower (appa)

Entry: $500 per team.
Paint is GI three star- $55/case

1st: 5 Luxe 2.0's
2nd: 5 Rail Maxxed's
3rd: 5 Dye Rotor's and 5 Dye i4's
4th: $500 Planet Eclipse voucher

15 Teams Required (Must pre-register by Monday April 21st)
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Old 04-25-2014, 09:01 AM #9
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NAPS Summer Series*** - Great Prizes!

Mitch Karn - NVP Paintball

1046 University Ave- Rochester (585) 473-7529
3417 Walters Road - Syracuse (315) 453-7874
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Old 12-01-2014, 10:05 AM #10
RandM slave
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League info: 2015

Limited to 8 teams per division (8 east 8 west)
(Top 3 teams from each division plus 1 wild card team will make finals)

League fee: $1400

Deposit: $200 due by 12/31
Payment: $600 due by 2/28
Payment: $600 due 4/30

Finals Prize Money:
1st: $4000
2nd $2500
3rd $1500

WEST Dates/Locations:
Event 1: May GRC
Event 2: June Warriors
Event 3: July GRC
Event 4: Aug Warriors
Finals: Sept RandM

EAST Dates/Locations
Event 1: May LainWay
Event 2: June RandM
Event 3: July Lainway
Event 4: Aug RandM
Finals: Sept RandM

*Format: modified X-BALL
- run with a x-ball style time clock but at any point one team is leading by 7 points the game will end before the clock runs out.(example 9-2, 13-6 ect)

*Match time: 2 10 min half's, clock stops between points. (same clock as used in RMXL 2014)

*Reffing: refs will be a PSP crew

*Penalties: Major 2for1 miner 1for1

*ROF: 12.5

*Paint: $45-$50 FPO

*Roster size: 12 per event 16 for the season

- rosters will be locked the Monday before the event

- must play one event to be able to be rostered for finals

* Finals: Top 3 teams from each division and 1 wild card team will make finals

*League jerseys: Teams must all have matching jerseys. can be as simple as long sleeves or custom jerseys. (league jerseys will be available, more info to come)

**RMXL is an open level league**
Sponsored by:
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Old 02-24-2015, 04:19 PM #11
ACL tears are no bueno
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WP2015 is All In
West Point Paintball’s 2015 Spring Combat Classic
April 10-12, 2015 - West Point, NY
Link to our Thread

LOCAL PAINTBALL TEAMS – If you are part of a woodsball team seeking the ultimate scenario challenge or a speedball team looking to get some valuable practice in at an affordable price between events, check out the West Point Paintball 2015 Spring Combat Classic. The Combat Classic is a two day scenario event held on the training grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point. This year’s game will be played on what was the Bayonet Assault course, so there is so great terrain perfect for huge battles. In addition to the main event, we will be running a series of mini-games and challenges designed to provide a unique playing experience which promises something for everyone. We have driven down prices to make the event as affordable as possible for you! On top of all of that, we will be hosting a huge players’ party with food, drinks, and games for everyone. This year promises to be the biggest Combat Classic yet and we are well on our way to breaking the 1,000-player mark!

If you are interested, shoot me a PM and sign your team up today! Teams of 7 or more players get an even bigger discount off our already low prices!
Army Black Knights
West Point Paintball - Home of the Combat Classic
Check out our Facebook
Bring me ETACS or Skull Eflexes - PM Me
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Old 04-05-2016, 07:44 AM #12
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Johnnymac631 plays in the PSP
Johnnymac631 is an NCPA player
Johnnymac631 plays in the APPA D3 division
QSPL 5 man D4/5 with 1 D3 player allowed
Shamung, NJ

Entry - 250
Paint - ( valken ) 55-60

May 22,2016

Race -2

Prizes 1-3

1 place prize : 3000 to Planet Eclipse ,
5 medals
NXL Refs
Any questions feel free to contact me !
EC Rampage 👊🏻
Quickshot Paintball, Shamung NJ


The QSPL will return with amazing new additions for 2016 ! Dates released ! Sign up now !
631 Forever
East Coast Paintball Player
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Old 06-13-2016, 08:48 AM #13
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Johnnymac631 plays in the PSP
Johnnymac631 is an NCPA player
Johnnymac631 plays in the APPA D3 division
QSPL 3 man event 4

8/7/16 , same data as posted before .

EC Rampage 👊🏻
Quickshot Paintball, Shamung NJ


The QSPL will return with amazing new additions for 2016 ! Dates released ! Sign up now !
631 Forever
East Coast Paintball Player
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