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Hammer 7, a pump noobs review


Backyard review originally posted here with pics
Tossed around the idea of trying some pump play recently,althought I've been playing since '95 Ive never played with a pump.My 11 yr old nephew has started playing with me and I've found myself playing at public fields more so Ive decided to challenge myself by changing my game up abit not to mention I'm his "paint sponser" and thought I could cut cost abit also.I've also been curious about a FS platform,Ive seen them in action and was very impressed

Enter the Hammer 7.FS,pump,mag or hopper fed and affordable.All in one package.Think I was sold on it at 1st glance.Now I have one and so far its lived up to my expectations in my backyard tests.This is the 1st marker i've bought new since '07 when i bought a PMR and Ions(s)and really the only marker thats caught my eye in that time

Since I'm a pump newb heres my impression
The Good
Great size and build quality,I was expecting it to be alot bigger from pics I've seen,I shot a photo to compare it with my nephews mech Ion for comparison.Im not bothered by the composite material its made of,the pump action is solid with very little play even with the barrel removed
Ball detent,easily accessed by rotating the barrel.A big +,seems rollouts on old pumps were common
Mags have a nice feel,didnt find it to be loose or tight fitting.I tried to dislodge paint out of the mag when off the gun by hitting it againts my hand,balls stayed firmly in their place dispite my efforts.I also test fit an on/off ASA,solid there also(see pic),feedneck is low profile,solid and clamping,something we often pay extra for even on high end guns
Shot a hopperload consistant out of the box @275+/-10 fps with rec grade Valken paint that was a little underbored with air,blame the paint more than the gun,I also wonder if there isnt a break in period
It came with FS rounds.Wow,thanks Kingman
A new gun with all that for the price!?!You could spend more on a hopper or barrel,etc!!
Updates and question answered before release here by Imartin,awesome customer service before release,you really sold me there !

The Bad
Really only on gripe and I feel its very minor
Switching from mag to hopper is easy to do but i found even with a jewelers screwdriver it was a little difficult to access the philips screws(see pic)
A few minutes with a rattail file and fixed.Think it might help to use allen screws instead with a ball head wrench,but I was inpatient so..

Potential mods
Heat shrink tube on adjusting allen wrech.I did this to prevent scratching the inside of the barrel(see pic)Also added mircoline on the T end.probably could use some fuel hoses etc for this
instead but i had some around
Thumbscrew\pullpin for mag to hopper barrel switch switch.See someone has already done this with theirs
Air thru stock.Wish I hadnt traded away my old one I used on my 'Mag now
Raised site rail.Althought it seems fine when I tested it with my Flex 8 gogs on using the back bottle adapter a sight rail might be an improvement
Airthru grip\ASA.I know someone will do this eventually.At this pricepoint it can't be cost effective
Extended pump arms to cover exposed bolt(see pic)Dont know if they'd get in the way,could help keep paint and dirt out of the bolt section

Overall I'm overly impressed without any field time,really looking forward to "Hammer" out some rounds at my local public field and start a new pump paintball experience.If you'd have told me in '95 you could get so much for so little $ I think i would've laughed.Thanks Kingman for putting quality and variety in one package.
1st field time post review
Had my 1st field test today and was very excited to try my 1st whole day of pump play,I even left my spares at home so not to tempt myself.I play outlaw and woodsball mostly where groups allow any fire modes and crono to 300fps so I expected a challange being a total pump newb
Rain all morning untill we started playing then cleared,was about 50 deg most of the day,turnout was good at about 20-25 players.I was shooting some Valken Infinity rec grade paint that was smallish.first several crono shots were over 320 with air!Quick fix and got a consitant 285 +/-5fps.I was using my 68/45 and trusty Revy Ive had since the 90s
1st game,got bold,1st player out
2nd game,managed to crawl midfield on the tapeline trench.Got a confirmed gog shot at around 50-60 feet thru a slat in a pallet.Got another player from the same position sson after.Tried a little autotrigger and got a few double feeds,probably user error.used about 2/3 or a hopper
3rd game I switched to magfed paintballs,cronoed a consistantly again,brought 2 10 round tubes.managed to make it thru a mag and one reload before I was shot out.
Field reload wasnt too tough but now I know magfed is worth buying more mags
4th game,We defended,switched to FS rounds,The hometeam'the Jokers teammated donated 20 FS strike rounds,thanks Frodo!!brought a tube of FS rounds extra + my 2 10 rounders.Found the FS rounds dificult to chamber,realy requires you to cock the gun carefully all the way back,I wonder if adjusting the pump rod would help?Missed my nephews head and cameraman by a few feet with a FS,they both said it had a noticable sound,hopefully its on film
My field review as a pump noob with a new gun
Pump play,I'm hooked,knew I would be ,kind of why I waited to buy one.definately a learning curve and yes I tried to fire it without cocking it 1st a few times
Hammer 7.As this is the 1st pump Ive owned and I never played a full day with one
I may be biased.Felt good and stable in my hands,pump was smooth,easy to sight down with a mask and bottomline,NO BREAKS!I did only shoot about 200 rounds but I wish I could say that about my 2 other guns I bought new ,a 07 PMR and Gen 1 Ion I still have.
Paintball magfed had no issues,I even managed a reload with tubes a few times
FS I did have some issues with,there may be an adjustment I can make,it worked about 1/2 the time,I still have a few extras so ill do some more tests.
Acuracy seemed above average for smallbore recball paint,though it was fresh and undimpled.I did have some doublefeeds on autotrigger but I really dont expect to use it much,seems to me this would be common with any pump
Did I mention no breaks.And I only shot 200ish rounds,and used maybe 1k of my 4500?
And the Hammer cost under $150?Do I love it,how couldnt I.I could see playing all day with a half dozen mags and a 13/3 tank
The Jokers were filming today,they caught a little video of some Hammer time
on my link above
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Our teams home field PBN thread
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nice review man,very helpfull im glad to see Spyder moving to the right direction. Dont forget to write your review at the reviews sector
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