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Old 10-28-2012, 08:16 AM #1
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'Cockers Rule!!!

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to shoot a plain mech cocker. Mine has sat in my gearbox largely collecting dust for the last three years, as I've been playing a lot more pump and then alternating between my MQ'd E-cocker and Pneumag (sold that, unfortunately).

Anyway, yesterday my brother-in-law and I went out to a big game at the local field. His entire gearbag had been stolen (Dye DM8, tank, EVERYTHING) a few weeks prior so I had to set him up with my mech cocker. I put my Rotor on top of it since my Prophecy wouldn't fit and I've always been able to out-shoot my Revvys on the thing.

To make a long story short, we dominated the field all day! We traded guns about halfway through and I was amazed at how much fun a quality mech is to shoot! We both received numerous "complaints" about our guns' accuracy and firepower. Some people thought both of those guns were fully automatic, lol, yet there were several at the field that were indeed using ramp mode on Egos, DP guns, etc.

Now, I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, and really didn't have much of a point in posting this. But we could start this off by sharing your personal tales of Autococker domination....
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Dont recall how long ago this was, but Electros were just starting to come down in price, as most of the field still had mechs and low-end electros, so 07ish? I was rocking my trusty 02 STO at an all day scenario game. There were 3 other guys with mech cockers. They also happened to be on my team.
After a long morning into mid afternoon we began to get called 'yo cockers' usually by a team mate who needed some 'surgical shooting' as cockers were still known for accuracy. We were pulled all over the field to help dig out entrenched enemys.
Into the early evening as the game was coming to a close, one of my favorite shots of the event happened. We were on the final push to capture the oppositions base and there was a guy between two bunkers and in very tall grass, laying in such a way that he had clear shots at us but shooting back was very difficult. We didnt know where the shots were coming from and could not see him at all. 'Yo Cockers!' was called out and I came running up to the window in the bunker. The guy there told me where he thought the other guy was. I popped off ONE shot. It split the two bunkers (the field was being played sideways) and dropped right on the guys face mask, "HIT" and he walked off. That one guy was keeping our side from swinging around and flanking the oppositions base.
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Old 10-29-2012, 10:04 AM #3
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I just posted this a few weeks ago on CC. A friend of mine had met a group of people that were planning a day at skirmish. my friend knowingy love for pb invited me. I invited a fellow player who I knew could hang and off we went.

it was a private group that we were playing in and out of 28 or so people more than half were guys and the rest females. We split up evenly, and after the splitting was done, two of the male tema members from the other teams dr a comment how they were going to destroy is all day blah blah blah. They were fully camoed out with tactical gear out the wazoo.

halfway thru the day our ref asks me and my friend to rechrino. He made an announcement to all people with their own guns to do it. Well me and my friend get to the chrono station and its just me am him. I my head I'm like why aren't the other guys rechronoing?

I had left my friend use my Factory I while I played w my mech Evo. our chrono results were exactly the same as the morning. Evemtually the ref explains that the two tactical army fatigued big boys started complaining that we were shooting hot.

We weren't , and we destroyed them all day long. They coulndnt understand why their 16 inch barrels weren't hitting us w paint. I felt no need to explain either.

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